The Wide World Of Horse Stables

Horse Stable

Image from LHOON

In my searches to find stables & barns for my barns in HDR post I ran across pictures of stables from all over the world. So I started collecting non-HDR images too, it’s interesting to see the variety of stables from such different places.

The flavor & personality of each one is unique, yet strangely all it takes is a warm animal to make it feel like home.


Horse Stable

Image from bigeoino
Mexico City

Horse Stable

Image from bithead

Horse Stable

Image from allspice1

Horse Stable

Image from Thisisit2

Horse Stable

Image from Steffe

Horse Stable

Image from origamidon

Horse Stable

Image from Jim Linwood

Horse Stable

Image from lewing

Just A Few More

There is more stables of the world to come so stay tuned.

8 Comments on “The Wide World Of Horse Stables

  1. Jaymie Ryman

    You have the most awesome, interesting subjects!!!!! I LOVE seeing the quaint stables!!!! Always so many varieties and styles!!! You’re facebook profile/postings are certainly my FAVORITE!!!!

  2. Dawn Mason

    Interesting – take a look at ours – my husband built them totally – we do natural horsemanship clinics and clients stay in a 400 yr old cortijo xxx absolutely fantastic

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