The Horse’s Foot and How it Goes Wrong

Click to see VideoNo matter what kind or breed of horse you ride, you have probably dealt with a foot problem of some sort. This short video shows a bit about the causes of laminitis in horses.

Feed Them Well

Professor Derek Knottenbelt from the University of Liverpool discusses the effects of laminitis on horses feet. Throughly demonstrating how insulin resistance can lead to the rotation of the pedal bone.

How is Your Horse’s Diet?

Make sure you feed them well folks, a healthy, natural diet helps to keep your animal healthy from head to toe.

One Comment on “The Horse’s Foot and How it Goes Wrong

  1. Hästbiten

    Nice Video!!! My horse was suffering with Laminitis few months back. I had asked my vet to take some radiographs (X-rays) of my horse’s feet to determine the degree of rotation of the pedal bone within the hoof. X-rays are really important as they show you a clear picture. I understand the importance of diet for a horse and so I used to feed my horse with only Hay until he was fully cured.

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