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Isa and Eagle CallingName
Isa Kirk

Website & Places you can find my work online (horses)
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Where I am
I live in the Southern Black Hills of SD at Plenty Star Ranch since 1995 with my husband, our dogs, cats and Spanish Mustangs – before that, born and raised in Germany

Tell us a little about you, what is your background & where do you come from?
Drawing, especially portraits of horses has been one of my passions since early childhood.

Born and raised in Germany, I spent endless hours at home, in school, at art classes and later with a variety of personal teachers, improving my skills, if I was not sitting on a horse, that is. Not until I started using colored pastels in my early 30’s, I also began to accepted commissions for portraits.

For many years, I was perfecting my art of combining multiple photos of people, animals and landscapes to harmoniously merge in one painting

My workmanship gradually grew and expanded from producing mere representation of what is visible to the eye to feeling, embracing and magically expressing the very soul of the subjects being portrayed.

Spanish Mustangs in the Snow

Since moving to the Black Hills of South Dakota in 1995, I created several portraits of our horses, especially my favorite Spanish Mustangs. Descendents of the famous war horses of the Spanish Conquistadors, they were treasured by the Native American tribes and made the early pony express rides and cattle drives possible, due to their hardiness and endurance.

I simply love this breed for their smooth gates, surefootedness, intelligence and willingness to bond with us humans

In 2007, I was inspired to reach for another level of skill, in the form of an order for a very different custom portrait – an ascended spiritual teacher. History knows him as the Count de St. Germain, the “Wonder Man” of Europe. No known portraits of him exist from that time. The painting was to portray the Master in his favored robe and colors as well as to include ancient symbols of Earth and Spiritual Growth.

Research, channeled information, as well as my own visions brought forth this first painting for the emerging series of Spiritual Visions. When finished, the 32″ x 40″, full body portrait had the most surprising effect on the viewers: “I know this man, he looks so familiar”, they all said. This, I was told, surprising as it was to me at the time, is the very effect, the Masters of Light seem to have on all of humanity – consciously or not, our souls recognize them as our unconditionally loving guides to Enlightenment.

Count de St. Germain

I love to portrait all living beings, visible and invisible to the human eye, by capturing the very essence of their being. Next to new portraits of animals and people, commissioned from all over the world, I am also working on the next Spiritual Vision.

To read the story about how I simply packed my suitcase and my horse Djinni-Fee and moved to the United States. Find out more about our Spanish Mustangs and our beautiful ranch in the Black Hills at

When did you first start drawing horses?
The day I could hold a pen. I remember that my mom expected me to draw my family and trees and the sun as other todlers do, but I was drawing horses all the time, probably looked more like long legged mice then. The first real good pencil horse portraits emerged in third grade or so, color did not find its way into my art until I was in my 30’s.

They Are Coming

What is your favorite breed?
Most definitely Spanish & Sorraia Mustangs – intelligent, loyal, healthy, energetic, athletic and most of all very smooth to ride

Who are your main influences?
I really don’t have any one person – had lots of teachers over the years in different diciplines such as drawing and portrait art and various other. When I see a photo or several, the picture starts to merge in my inner eye and it is almost as if the animal tells his story, emits his energy and feelings.

I can tell the owner afterwards a lot about their animal, its personality and its history, most to their surprise

But then I have also been a practicing animal communicator for the last 20 or so years. The connection is not restricted to this earth plane, so the information flows even if the animal has passed on, sometimes even clearer.


Do you (or did you) have an animal that is the muse behind your work?
I think, all started with the portrait of my first cat Mietze. This picture and its intensity opened my eyes towards this inner unseen world of thoughts and emotional connnection and whenever I desire a closer connection with one of my own animals, a portrait of it helps us both tremendously.

Do you have any secret rituals you do to help you get in the zone for your art?
The day plan to start a new painting starts with visualizing it the night before, then I wake up with a wealth of information, ideas. Often a painting takes several weeks to accomplish a, but I make sure that I have nothing else pressing to attend to the very first day.

Free Jumping

Is there a particular place that brings you inspiration?
Not really a specific place, but my daily visualization time every morning brings about the most intense inspiration and motivation.

What effect do you think the Internet will have on art in general?
It is totally exciting – a new media in a brand new aera for mankind, interconnecting all humans on this planet in every corner of the world. It finally allows everyone to experience a multitde of art and art forms, completely free of judgement, and without having to go to endless exhibitions to see a small fraction of what is out there.

Not that exhibits don”t have a special place in the enjoyment of art, as nothing is ever as impressive and moving as standing in front of the original art work (other than art just for the internet).

Clown on Top Hat

Has it had an effect on yours?
Oh, yes. When I was asked to paint the ascendet master St. germain, the internet was a great source of inspiration to puzzle the details of the portrait together, and my inner vision became more and more focssed and clearer. There is no known picture of St. Germain as he appeared during the rein of Louis XIV, just stories told of the “Wonderman of Europe”.

I will lean heavily on the internet for inspiration and information for my next planed Spiritual Vision – the female Buddha Quan Yin

My web site opens a new window into the market of worldwide art and an accessible up close view into my custom portraits of animals, people, and the design of Spiritual Visions, all done with pastels.

My online gift shop offers high quality, personally signed, dated and certified Limited Edition Prints of my artwork. Some paintings inspired beautiful cards with seasonal greetings or words of wisdom.
Love and Light.


Which one is your personal favorite piece?
I seem to become better in my techniques and details with every painting, so I definitely would say always my my last – right now it is the portrait of St. Germain

Would you ever sell it?
Not this one, it was from the start planned to become a life long exhibition at the Rainbow Center in Lander, WY, but LE prints are available and of course other paintings and prints are for sale. Personal portrait orders belong to the person who ordered it, sometimes I ask for the right to produce prints or greeting cards from it, it depends on the portrait and the wish of the owner.

What else are you passionate about?
My life here in the beautiful Balck Hills, our Spanish Mustangs and other animals, but most of all, I am thrilled to be here during these exciting times on this planet – the Aquarian Age, the end of Maya.


Working on anything new?
Still collecting pictures and information as well as inspirations for the Spiritual Vision of Quan Yin – nothing on paper jet. Also in the near fture is a portrait of the Egyptian god and godess Isis and Osiris, also known as Seraphis Bay.

More to Come

Thanks to Isa for answering the interview and sharing her art. Be sure to check out her art website for updates about her latest works.

Also stay tuned for more interviews with horse artists and photographers.
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    I love the drawing of the cat… I think it is my favorite. I had to recreate it for an art project, and boy oh boy was it hard. You have a definite talent Mrs. Isa Kirk … I hope my comment gave you some hope to keep drawing. :)

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