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Jamey Lee Balester Lopez

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Where I am
Inland Empire, Ca

Tell us a little about you, what is your background & where do you come from?
I grew up in Huntington Beach, Ca (Surf City), most of my life. I lived in the same house on 5th and Orange from birth to seventeen years old.

Lots of people knew of our house since it was the only house with the horse, ducks, chickens, goat, bee hive, and turkey in the backyard two blocks from the beach. My mom was called the goose lady

Growing up with all these animals around really made me have a love for animals, especially horses. I learned to ride our horse Rainbow when I was ten years old. People would see me riding her on the sidewalk down the street. I rode her in the local park too. You can’t get away with that today!


Rainbow and I were best buds. I did everything with her or on her. She is twenty-six years old now and out to pasture in Big Bear. My sister Sue takes care of her now.

I come from a very creative family, musically and artistically. I have tried to learn the saxophone and have recently started taking up piano too. My mother is a very good pianist and harpist.

On my father’s side of the family, there are also several musically and artistically inclined people. My uncle Tom Balester is a well known custom surfboard shaper who owns a company called, Balestar Designs.

A lot of my family members surf too. I was never really into surfing. I tried taking it up a bit, but I was too interested in my horse. Plus, surfing is hard work!

Living in my hometown, sometimes I felt like I didn’t fit in that little surf town, and I was meant to live on a ranch. I always loved being around horses and that is why draw them so much. I plan to have some more life-like representaions of horses on my site soon.

When did you first start drawing?
I think it was about five years old or earlier. I was very quiet as a child. If you gave me a pencil and some paper, I would sit in the corner and draw for hours. I mostly drew horses. I do remember drawing World War II Bombers for my mom’s boy friend.

Red Eyed Tree Frog

You draw more than just horses, what is your favorite subject?
Yes, I draw more than horses. Horses are my favorite and lions.

Many of my subjects include wildlife, musicians or instruments, and spiritual symbolism.

I mainly draw and paint, do some sculpture, and recently have taken up some photography.

Who are your main influences?
The Bible, Auguste Rodin, Salvador Dali, Franz Marc, Wassily Kandinsky, Music, Jazz -mainly.

Do you have a muse behind your work?
My inspiration comes from God and his handiwork. Life all around us reflect him. God is the first artist.


Do you have any secret rituals you do to help you get in the zone for your art?
I usually stay up late and need lots of quiet. Since I have two boys now, that time is scarce and I try to make the most of it. I do remember praying before I drew a marriage Katube for some friends. That was fun.

Is there a particular place that brings you inspiration?
Israel, the beach, the stables,and the outdoors.

What effect do you think the Internet will have on art in general?
I think it is a good way for unknown artists to get their work viewed. There is however, alot of competition in the art world. It depends on what viewers gravitate towards and how artists market themsleves.


Has it had an effect on yours?
Yes, definately in a positive way.

I just recently posted my work on the internet and many people from around the world have viewed my art. It is quite exciting to me.

Which one is your personal favorite piece?
“The Lion of Judah” drawing.

The Lion of Judah

Would you ever sell it?
Maybe. I do have prints available for sale, as well as other original artwork.

What else are you passionate about?
My faith in Christ and sharing it with other people.

Working on anything new?
Yes, I am working on a painting called, “Casting Lots”. It is a depiction of Christ on the cross, with three Roman soldiers gambling for Christ’s garments under his feet.

The view in the distance will be Jerusalem, since he was crucified outside of the city walls. It is still in the underpainting stages. I have it posted on my site.

Horse is Water

More to Come

Thanks to Jamey for answering the interview and sharing her art. Be sure to check out her art website periodically for updates about her latest works.

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