Quick Guide To Horse Leg Markings

Horse Leg

Image from Vince Garcia

It’s no secret that horse coat colors are a topic for passionate debate. Through selective breeding the domestic horse has come to be the most flamboyant & colorful member of the Equidae family.

Although the colors themselves are hotly debated, horse markings are a little more cut-and-dry in their definitions. Like fingerprints, no two horses will display the same white markings, lending even more unique character to your favorite horse. This week we’ll take a look at horse leg markings.

Here’s a quick cheat sheet covering leg markings. A fun way to learn for beginners & a quick brush-up for the old horse pros as well.

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Horse Leg Markings
Horse Leg Markings
Horse Leg Markings

Stay tuned, next week I’ll be sharing my cheat sheet for horse face markings.

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  1. Megann

    I believe my horse has the “ankle” one. Idk why it’s called that tho, they could’ve thought of a much better name, that’s just too obvious.

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