Rare Horses on The Equinest

Most horse lovers know their breeds and can point out a Quarter Horse or an Arabian no problem, but what about a Georgian Grande Horse or a Kerry Bog Pony?

The Rarest Horse and Pony Breeds

If horses had been left in the wild they might be extinct by now, but sadly our domestication has put some breeds are dangerously close to that very fate. Here is a brief look at some of the rarest horse and pony breeds still hanging on. Many of them are protected by government and part of breeding programs to raise their total numbers.

Your handy guide to some of the rarest breeds on the planet.

The Horses

Rare Horses A – D | F – K | K – O | P – W

The Ponies

Rare Ponies A – E | F – K | N – W

Rare Horse Colors and Markings

Horses come in a rainbow of colors, and while most of us have seen a black horse and a pinto horse, not everyone has seen a chestnut brindle or a silver dapple. That said, there are rare horse colors and markings worth taking a look at too.

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