Rarest Ponies in the World F – K

Rare Ponies F-KThere are a lot of animals out there that carry low numbers and while I am concerned about them all, it’s the horse & pony breeds I worry about the most.

With that in mind I’ve been posting about rare equine breeds to help draw attention to these incredible animals & their contribution to society. The second installment of the rarest ponies in the world series, this post is dedicated to the Fell pony all the way to the Kerry Bog ponies.

Breeds You Don’t See Everyday

Fell Pony

Build – Small well formed head, sloping shoulder, strong back, muscular loins, round feet and clean legs.
Nature – A versatile, high energy pony, sturdy enough to carry adults and gentle enough to be good to more experienced children.
Colors – Black, bay and grey. Chestnuts, piebalds and skewbalds cannot be registered.
Origin – Their ancestors are said to have migrated to the British isles around 15,000 B.C. Due to a lack of grazing land the fell ponies numbers were cut back as agriculture began to rise. However breeding continued in isolated pockets and kept the breed alive.
More information – Fell Pony

Gotland Pony

Build – medium sized pony, with a straight profile, high crested neck, long, straight legs and a long lean body.
Nature – Even-tempered, highly adaptable and friendly.
Colors – Black, bay, buckskin and chestnut.
Origin – The only breed of pony native to Sweden is found on the Gotland Island. The Gotland pony is thought to be descendant from the ancient Tarpans.
More information – Gotland Pony

Hackney Pony

Build – Refined, alert head, long neck and powerful shoulders. Build straight for high movement.
Nature – Naturally exuberant and high energy.
Colors – Black, bay and chestnut
Origin – This breed began in Norfolk England, where Norfolk Trotter bloodlines were improved by foundation Thoroughbred influence. The first Hackney was foaled in 1760 and has developed since.
More information – Hackney Pony

Highland Pony

Build – Head has a broad muzzle and deep jowl, body is compact with a deep chest, legs are short and well shaped.
Nature – Strong and easily adaptable, these ponies have evolved over years of intense weather. They are friendly and hard workers.
Colors – Grey, black, bay, many shades of dun and silver dapple (rare).
Origin – One of two breeds native to the Scottish Highlands. Their bloodlines contain a mix of European horses and other pony breeds from G.B. However the highland remains the heaviest of the ponies native to G.B.
More information – Highland Pony

Kerry Bog Ponies

Build – A small pony built for draft with a strong, medium length neck, round shoulder, compact body and deep chest and powerful legs.
Nature – Kind, and easygoing, loyal and brave.
Colors – Chestnut, grey, black or bay, pintos are rare.
Origin – An Irish breed that has narrowly escaped extinction time and time again. Bloodlines go back centuries and have very little dilution due to small numbers.
More information – Kerry Bog Pony

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