Solve The Saddle Mystery

Saddle Mystery
Recently I had a reader send me photos of a saddle that she wanted to learn more about. Unfortunately I couldn’t help her, but I offered to put it to my readers and see if there are any tack experts out there who can help.

So Here Goes

Here are the pics she sent over and I sadly this is all I have to offer. Here is hoping that an enthusiast sees this and has an answer. If you can solve the mystery, please leave leave it in the comments below. Thanks!

Saddle Mystery

Saddle Mystery

Saddle Mystery

Saddle Mystery

Saddle Mystery

Saddle Mystery

Anyone, Anyone?

If you know something, speak up in the comments below. Now I’m as eager to learn the answer as the saddle’s owner. :)

6 Comments on “Solve The Saddle Mystery

  1. carrie

    My guess is that its for a detachable side saddle horn? If thats the right word…..the bit that the leg tucks under…..wild guess I know but I am very curious as to what it actually is now!

  2. Sherrel S.

    This is a neat saddle. Behind the cantle is a loop to hold a crupper and rings for tying on bedrolls etc. The brass hole on the pommel serves the same purpose but the strap is missing. The stirrup leathers are not attached to a safety catch as in modern english saddles which could imply military usage. It could be from India as I have a similar saddle and the stuffed panels and fittings are similar. Very interesting item.

  3. Leigh

    Looks more like a working saddle or distance saddle. Not sure what the question is about it or what the owner is trying to find out. It is old and hand made. Lots more padding that a hunt seat saddle so, I’m thinking endurance or working.

  4. Steph

    It looks military, perhaps designed with the brass slot in the seat for flag bearing, or maybe for ceremonial / parade drummer?

  5. Susan

    I would say military, and the saddle has the brass grommet to use as a pack saddle if necessary. probably had a t like on a horse blanket that fit in there. The raised cantle is interesting and would be really nice for a long haul. What country is it from?

  6. Zoe Bremer

    I have seen similar saddles used by distance riders in Australia but I agree that the most obvious answer is that it is for military use. Armies do not wish to waste money on different saddles for different purposes so use saddles that have the capacity to be converted to pack use and for saddlebags, water canteens, etc. as necessary. The British police use similar saddles, as, no doubt, would other police forces, to allow various items of equipment to be tied on, such as first aid kits.

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