Horse Theft Resources

FingerprintThe idea of having a horse stolen from it’s stall or pasture isn’t often brought up until it happens. It’s unfortunate, but horses are stolen in a variety of circumstances more frequently than you might think.

Luckily there are a number of online services dedicated to helping owners find their animals and bring them home safely.

Here is a handy list that will help in your time of need should the unthinkable happen and your horse go missing. Be sure to bookmark it and share it with your horse friends.

The List

Short and to the point, here is a list of online horse theft resources with a brief description of each one.

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Equine Protection Network
Not just helping stolen animals, but the EPI works hard to save equines from slaughter. Their site is huge and filled with helpful resources and information.

Horse Data
This is an equine classifieds website, however they offer a place for people to list stolen or missing animals. Every little bit helps.

Horse Patrol
A registration service for those who have lost a horse or pony (created by someone who lost one). They have an alert network that includes auctioneers, tack shops & riding centers in the UK which is updated when you registered a newly missing horse.

Horse Previews
An equine classified site which offers a section for people to list missing or stolen animals.

Horse Trace Stolen Horse Database
This site isn’t specifically for stolen animals, but they provide a place for people to list missing horses.

Right Equine
A large classified site with a stolen section that allows owners to post profiles & pics of stolen or missing animals.

Stolen Horse International, Inc.
This site offers a comprehensive theft awareness program, is creating a global and alert network & provides education opportunities to improve public awareness.

Stolen Horse Register
This site is an official register of all horses, donkeys and ponies that are presumed stolen in the UK. Provided so trainers, buyers and potential owners can ensure they aren’t purchasing a stolen animal.

Stop Horse Theft
Founded by an owner who had a horse stolen, this site is dedicated to educating the public and horse owners about theft. They can be hired to aid owners in their search and to help them through legal paperwork.

UK Horse Watch Alliance
They are a collection of horsewatch groups from all over the country who work together to provide a network of information and support to combat equine crime.

UK National Equine Database
Here you can register your horse in the UK and create a passport for your mount. This helps to prevent paperwork errors & helps to recover lost or missing horses.

World of Horses Stolen Message Board
A horse classified website with a large section for people to post info & images about missing or stolen animals.

Good Luck!

If you’ve run across this post for the worst reason, I wish you the best of luck in your search and hope this list is helpful.