Tikbalang – Mythical Horses


Image from Rodsan18

Beyond the every day mythical horses like the unicorn and pegasus, I thought I’d take a look at some stranger and darker horses in mythology.

Also called Tigbalang, Tigbalan, or Tikbalan, the Tikbalang is a bony half-man, half-horse humanoid said to roam the rural hinterlands of the Philippine islands.


The Tikibalang was quite the trickster and legend has it that he liked to lead outsiders deep into the remote woods of the Philippine mountains. He did this by using his special powers of shape shifting to turn himself into the loved ones of his victims, then leading them into the woods.


I put together a description of this creature so you’ll recognize it. Although should you find yourself in the Philippines and you see your grandma in the woods, don’t follow her.

Identifying the Tikbalang?

  • Tall & bony body of a muscular man
  • Head and hooves of a horse
  • Legs so long their knees hide their face when they squat
  • Mane is made of sharp spines
  • Some of the spines can be made into talismans
  • The emit an odor of burning hair and cigars

Getting Away From a Tikibalang

The legend says that to get away from this creature you have to wear your shirt inside out. I say, while in the Philippines, wear it inside out anyway, just to be sure.

8 Comments on “Tikbalang – Mythical Horses

  1. Lorraine Bretlyn

    i love your write-up and drawing. how did you come by this knowledge and what prompts your interest? i have had reports of shape-shifters here but never has anything to do with horses.

  2. Megan

    This is really amazing- love the sketch! Im really interested in mythological creatures of the darker side- especially ones that are less known. Are there more that you know of?

  3. dumbdumb

    stubid!!!!!!!!! how can a horse be half man? and wearing your shirt inside out? how will that stop this… monster from grabbing and doing what ever it is that he dose? I mean come on!!!!!!!!!!!1

    1. Bahamut

      one hes a trickster so by doing a trick he will leave you alone, and 2 he dosent do anything he dosent grab you he just leads you deep in the forest to get lost

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