Horse of the Chinese Zodiac

Horse of the Chinese zodiacThe horse is the 7th of 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac, roughly equivalent to the Gemini sign of the western zodiac.

About the Horse

Horses are an active and energetic sign, they enjoy being out and about and do well in crowds.

Their pleasant and easy going nature makes them popular with their peers.

Generally healthy due to their positive and active outlook on life, freedom & independence are essential to the horse. A low boredom threshold means they act on impulse & can be unpredictable, although ironically enough they are quite good with money.

Young Horses

From a young age this sign is usually smartly dressed and displays a quick wit, often knowing what others are thinking before they voice it. Their need for freedom is strong and leads to rebellious tendencies and they often leave home at an early age.

Horse of the Chinese zodiac

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Their high energy also creates impatience and a hot-headed attitude although it usually benefits them in their professional life.

Romantic Horse

The horse is a highly romantic sign and gives their all to intimate relationships making them vulnerable. There is a duality to their nature which creates contradictions in their character. This strongly affects their emotions as they crave love and intimacy but easily find themselves feeling pressured & cornered.

Their mates would do well to remember that they must retain their individual spirit to be happy. It should also be noted that the horse is seldom angered, but when it happens it’s explosive in a massive way.

Horse of the Chinese zodiac

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Years of the Horse

1930 | 1942 | 1954 | 1966 | 1978 | 1990 | 2002

Horses of the 5 Elements

Metal Horses – years 1930 & 1990
Water Horses – years 1942 & 2002
Wood Horses – years 1954 & 2014
Fire Horses – years 1906 & 1966
Earth Horses – years 1918 & 1978

Are you a horse?

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