Lady and Gentleman in a Carriage - George Stubbs

Today’s horse poetry is by Thomas Hood and I’m not sure when it was published but he lived from 1789-1845.


I had a gig-horse, and I called him Pleasure
Because on Sundays for a little jaunt
He was so fast and showy, quite a treasure;
Although he sometimes kicked and shied aslant.
I had a chaise, and christened it enjoyment,
With yellow body and the wheels of red,
Because it was only used for one employment,
Namely, to go wherever pleasure led.
I had a wife, her nickname was Delight:
A son called Frolic, who was never still:
Alas! how often dark succeeds to bright!
Delight was thrown, and Frolic had a spill,
Enjoyment was upset and shattered quite,
And Pleasure fell a splitter on Paine’s Hill.

Sweet Dreams

This is a fun poem and an obvious example of allegory in prose. Be sure to also check out some more cheerful rhymes in the horse poetry section.