Horse Breeds From Egypt

Egypt FlagIt’s Friday, time to visit another country of the world and all of the fascinating horse breeds it has given rise to. Looking at each breed in the context of their origins is truly an interesting ride. Today a look at the breeds from Egypt.

Chariots of Fire

Horses have been an integral part of Egyptian civilization for thousands of years. The chariot a tool that gave them military might and control over neighboring nations for centuries. Although these animals have contributed so much the resulting modern breeds are strangely polarized. From the mongrel that is the Baladi Horse horse to the fine strains of Egyptian Arabian.

Arabian History

The Arabian horse has long been associated with Egypt and their bloodlines have been carefully crossed there for 3500 years. The breeding of ancient Arabian strains has always been taken seriously, whether it’s done in Egyptian farms or nomadic Bedouin tribes. More recently in the 19th century the ruling families of Egypt hand selected horses from the Arabian desert and brought them to Egypt to establish rigorous breeding programs. The resulting animal is the Egyptian Arabian we know today.

Egyptian Arabian Horse

Image from Trescastillos

Egyptian Horse Breeds

Baladi Horse
Egyptian Arabian

Horses of the World

There is a whole worlds worth of countries to visit, so be sure to keep yourself updated. Please let me know in the comments below if I’m missing any horses of the Egypt & check back next week for the breeds of Estonia.

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