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Horses Jump Wheelie Bins

Click to see VideoShow course designers are always looking for interesting ways & materials to create jumps or course. This is a perfect example of that, as these teams have an interesting barrier in their path.

It’s All About Perspective

Our American readers will instantly be impressed or even horrified at the idea of using wheelie bins as jumps until they watch the video. Things (including trash receptacles) are much larger in the states & this was clearly not filmed there (it was filmed in the UK).
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A Day in the Life of a Field Officer

Click to see VideoWhenever we find videos that discuss horse jobs we always bookmark it to share with our readers. This film is a quick look into the life of horse career.

Speaking for Those Who Can’t

Chief Field Officer David Boyd discusses how World Horse Welfare Field Officers investigate horse welfare concerns in the UK. In this video, David visits a field in Derbyshire where the weight of the ponies is a concern. This is a tough position, but one not without it’s rewards.
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The Horse’s Foot and How it Goes Wrong

Click to see VideoNo matter what kind or breed of horse you ride, you have probably dealt with a foot problem of some sort. This short video shows a bit about the causes of laminitis in horses.

Feed Them Well

Professor Derek Knottenbelt from the University of Liverpool discusses the effects of laminitis on horses feet. Throughly demonstrating how insulin resistance can lead to the rotation of the pedal bone.
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2014 Course Fly Thru – Badminton Horse Trials

Click to see VideoThe Badminton Horse Trials is a rather prestigious event in equine circles, a true test of horse & rider endurance. The show starts this weekend (May 6th – 11th) so, be sure to check out the course first!


Take a quick fly through look at the 2014 cross country course. With the help of computer graphics & animation the course comes alive in a way that only technology can show you.
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