A List of General Horse Blogs Worth Following

General Horse BlogsOver the past few weeks I’ve been sharing some of the equine blogs I follow and today is one of my favorites. The general horse blogs…written by horse people for horse people.

The General Blogs

The term general hardly does them justice, many of these blogs are highly specialized within the equine niche. Some provide advice, some provide essential info and still others will just put a smile on a horse lovers face. In the end I’ve been following a large percentage of these blogs for quite some time.

I have tried to limit it to more active blogs and if I’m forgetting anyone my apologies – do speak up in the comments if I should be following your blog & I will!

General Horse Blogs
.:EQUUS:. Posts a variety of informational content about equine employment.
A Good Horse The personal blog of a lifelong horse lover.
About Horses Kathy Blocksdorf posts a variety of info, quizzes, advice & reader images.
Athlete Rider This blog posts helpful tips & exercises for riders and a variety of horse news.
Behind the Bit Stacey Kimmel keeps me entertained with her horse world findings & info.
Desert Equine Balance Patti’s personal blog where she discusses equine nutrition – helpful articles.
Enlightened Horsemanship Through Touch Kimberly posts a variety of equine information & funnies.
Equine Epiphanies Jen’s personal blog where she posts entertaining anecdotes.
EQUINE Ink Where Liz Goldsmith posts a great variety of online horse findings.
Equitrekking They offer several different blogs, including Darley Newman’s travel blog.
Eventing Safety Post consist primarily of radio episodes about eventing.
Far & Ride They post a variety of delicious horse riding holidays.
Fran Jurga’s Hoof Blog Where Fran writes about industry events & news with regards to the farrier industry.
Fugly Horse of the Day An entertaining blog where poor ethics in the equine industry are ripped to shreds.
Global Horse Culture An interesting blog that posts about equine culture around the globe.
Haha Horses If you like funny horse pics, they post them every couple of days.
Historical Horse Fantastic articles about horse people of days past.
Horse Bloggers A great place to keep an eye out for new horse blogs.
Horsey.net Where Sophie posts all the things she loves about horses.
Horse Marketing Book Keeping readers up to date about horse industry news and marketing advice.
Horse Sense and Cents Smart horse training ideas and cost-effective care solutions.
Horses & Heels Raquel keeps one stiletto on the city streets and one cowboy boot firmly in the stirrup.
Life in the Mane Stream They post some really informative articles about life with horses.
My Horse Chat! Posts a lot of fun and informative horse information and news.
No Biz Like Horse Biz Where Lisa Kemp post helpful info for marketing in the equestrian industry.
Regarding Horses Jackie Baker keeps us updated with the latest in the horse industry.
Riders4Helmets They post reader articles about how helmets save lives, great stories.
Riding Aside Julie Size keeps us informed about the world of sidesaddle.
Sage By Nature Eleanor Van Natta keeps us informed about her pretty palomino Sage & natural horse health.
Science Daily: Horse News You’ll find interesting & informative scientific equine articles.
Tacky Tack of the Day An entertaining look at some serious tack store atrocities.
The Anti-AQHA Blog Quarter Horse lovers who despise the AQHA – a real eye-opener.
The Horsepedia Posts a wide variety of equine and equestrian info, pics & videos.
The Jurga Report Where Fran Jurga posts horse health headlines and information.
The Literary Horse Features several authors and covers a variety of horse info.
The Stable Scoop Radio Show Where they post their radio episodes.
Troton TV Blog Keep up with the latest goings on over at Troton TV, plus a variety of news & informative articles.
Whitebrook Farm Honest horse book reviews with a little sass thrown in courtesy of Mara.
Whitebrook Farm Honest horse book reviews with a little sass thrown in courtesy of Mara.

The Never Ending List

Let’s face it, this list could go on forever. There are literally thousands of horse blogs out there. Most of these I found via social media or other horse industry online communities. If you write a horse blog (or if there is one you love) I’d love to hear about it in the comments below. Be sure to check out some horse association and magazine blogs too.

6 Comments on “A List of General Horse Blogs Worth Following

  1. Lisa Kemp

    Paige, I’m so honored to be included in your list, and that No Biz Like Horsebiz is a blog you’d recommend YOUR readers check out! Plus, this is excellent company to be in.

    I’m looking forward to checking out the blogs I’m not yet familiar with. Thanks for all you do to help us know more about our favorite creatures.

  2. MyJiminyCricket

    What about familyofbarbaro.blogspot.com? It follows Barbaro’s younger full brothers. 2 of 4 are racing, and 1 is in training to start this fall. If you are a fan of Barbaro you should follow the blog :)

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