Horse Image of the Week

Bay draft foal looking at camera

Why We Like It

Images of foals require no explanation, they are just cute (especially baby drafts). While this baby isn’t very interested in the camera, it almost looks as if it’s lost in thought. This is also a fine example of a mealy mouth on a young horse. What a cutie!

We love the sweet little faint in the middle of his face. An interesting marking for this thoughtful foal.

Show Us Yours!

This is also an opportunity to reach out to our audience, who we know have some images of their own. While we’ve got tons of images to share, we want to share yours too. If you have an image you’d like us to feature on Fridays, let us know – we’d love to see it.

One Comment on “Horse Image of the Week

  1. Patricia O

    Sweet picture. I haven’t perused your site in depth but there was a feature on the BBC news (I’m a UK citizen) today that the Dartmoor ponies may be endangered. At the sales some of them end up as food for animals in the local zoos. How sad.

    However, I wanted to ask if you would mind if I used some of the facts in your article “Brief History of the Unicorn” – in my own words but I would credit your article as a source, for a shorthand reading for a class. The reader is a friend of mine and has a dearth of material to dictate. I usually look at Open Source media like Wikipedia. (I don’t make any money from the readings). I’ll probably use Wikipedia anyway but I like to try and make the readings as interesting as possible. I like horses but must admit I’m not a rider (I don’t think a donkey on the beach when I was under five counts). I might use Wikipedia for something about Arabian horses – or Red Rum who won the British Grand National three times (he was a bit like the British Seabiscuit).

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