Donkey iPhone Apps

Donkey iPhone AppsFor the past few weeks I’ve been sharing some horsey app finds from the iTunes store. Today I wanted to stray from the horses just a little and see whats on the iPhone for donkey lovers.

Donkeys At Your Fingertips

Maybe it’s that loud bray, or those long and demonstrative ears – but donkeys are pretty cool animals. So I wasn’t surprised when I found a good list of donkey apps for your iPhone too. For each app below I’ve provided a brief description and a link to them on the iTunes app store.

Donkey Punch

Donkey PunchIn this clever app the donkey gets to do the punching – what else can he do when that silly monkey steals his food? A variety of gameplay modes make this one highly addictive.

Donkey Punch - Smooth Landon Software
Created by Smooth Landon Software

Donkey Sounds

Donkey SoundsWho hasn’t needed a donkey bray on the go? Now with the Donkey Sounds app you can take a variety of donkey sounds with you wherever you go.

Donkey Sounds - Elastic Ventures
Created by Elastic Ventures

Pin The Donkey

Pin The DonkeyTake the party with you wherever you go with this fun twist on an old game. Simple to use for just one child or pass it around to entertain a crowd.

Pin The Donkey - Half Fast Games
Created by Half Fast Games

Pin the tail on the donkey

Pin the tail on the donkeyA new and mobile way to enjoy the old classic game. Help bunny and birdie put donkey’s tail back on – just make sure you get it in the right spot or you’ll hear about it.

Pin the tail on the donkey - Tech Center Labs
Created by Tech Center Labs

Spanking the Donkey

Spanking the DonkeyThis app allows you to test your professional spanking ability…on a poor little donkey. An interactive game that allows your friends to challenge your record.

Spanking the Donkey - Ricardo Ruiz
Created by Ricardo Ruiz

Talking Donald Donkey

Talking Donald DonkeyThis app provides users a friend, Donald the Talking Donkey who responds to you and your touch on the screen. Features high quality graphics, special effects and a variety of funny noises.

Talking Donald Donkey - Kaufcom GmbH
Created by Kaufcom GmbH

The Donkey Test

The Donkey TestNot actually about donkeys, the Donkey Test is more of an intelligence game. Designed to be challenging even for trivia buffs, so only Donkey if you dare.

The Donkey Test - Soonio Productions
Created by Soonio Productions

Trick The Donkey

Trick The DonkeyWe’ve all heard about donkeys being led by a carrot on a string…now Trick The Donkey allows you hold that very string and trick the unassuming donkey.

Trick The Donkey - Den Falske Zebra
Created by Den Falske Zebra

Brutal Donkey

Is it just me or does it seem like donkeys are getting shafted in the world of apps? Poor guys are taking quite a beating, good thing someone came up with Donkey Punch. At least Donkeys can let off some steam – but then again…poor monkey. If you liked these (or if you need something a little more sunshine & rainbows) be sure to check out some sweet little unicorn iPhone apps too.