Unicorn iPhone Apps from iTunes

Unicorn iPhone AppsLately I’ve been doing a lot of wandering around the app store and finding fun horse apps when it struck me that I should look for some unicorn apps too.

Unicorns At Your Fingertips

The horse app list is incredibly long and I’ve been sharing them one category at a time, but this week I wanted to do something a little different and appeal to the magic-lover in all of us…this week it’s all about those unicorns. For each app below I’ve provided a brief description and a link to them on the iTunes app store.

A Pet Unicorn

A Pet UnicornTake your own pet unicorn with you everywhere you go with your very own pet unicorn. High quality graphics and interactive features make this a fun gift for the youngsters – and the unicorn obsessed.

A Pet Unicorn - HP Studios
Created by HP Studios

Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards

Magical Unicorns Oracle CardsThese mobile oracle cards each feature beautiful paintings of unicorns and readings are said to help provide guidance on your spiritual path.

Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards - Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. - Oceanhouse Media
Created by Oceanhouse Media

Milk My Unicorn

Milk My UnicornPerhaps one of the strangest memory games you’v ever played Milk My Unicorn involves literally playing memory with your unicorn’s engorged teats. Hey, it’s organic.

Milk My Unicorn - Splashworks.com Inc.
Created by Splashworks.com Inc.

My Unicorn

My UnicornDesign your very own personalized unicorn on the go. My Unicorn provides a variety of colors, patterns and accessories to choose from and continually add more.

Unicorn Disco: Music and Dance Visualizer - Now Featuring Instant Music Videos - Unicorn Labs, LLC.
Created by Toy Box

Unicorn Disco

Unicorn DiscoThis is a music and dance visualization app that allows users to build characters that dance to the music in your library. Enjoy a boogie with your electronic pal!

Unicorn Disco: Music and Dance Visualizer - Now Featuring Instant Music Videos - Unicorn Labs, LLC.
Created by Unicorn Labs, LLC.

Unicorn Rainbow Munch

Unicorn Rainbow MunchA colorful little game based on the premise that the more rainbows your unicorn eats the stronger it gets. Don’t get hooked on this one!

Unicorn Rainbow Munch - Minyx Games
Created by Minyx Games

Unicorn Taps

Unicorn TapsThe perfect magical break for your day, this simple tapping game requires the user to continually tap the unicorn. Sounds easy, but each level becomes increasingly difficult.

Unicorn Taps - ksoft
Created by ksoft


YounicornA fun way to interact with your own photos, Younicorn allows you to add a unicorn horn to your horse, your dog or even your brother. They claim everyone looks better with a unicorn horn on their head.

Younicorn - mono
Created by mono

So Many Apps!

If you like these fun, time wasting type apps you are in luck, I’ve got more. Be sure to check out some more fun horse apps and even a few horse games for your iPhone before you go.