Horse Job – Racetrack Judge

Racetrack Judge

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In the early racing days there were multiple racing judges used to decide the winner of each race. As can be expected, that became a matter of too many cooks in the kitchen and it was difficult to get unanimous results.

Thanks to technology and fast cameras, the judging process can be more exact and carried out by only one individual, although there are cases of disputed judge calls being overturned. This horse job does not provide a great deal of contact with the animals.

A Knowledge of Racing

This is a position which benefits from a thorough knowledge of the racing industry, firm decision making capabilities and the ability to stand by their calling, as well as a knowledge of horseflesh.

Job Description

A racetrack judge is given the sometimes unpopular task of calling the races they are charged with.


Study photo finish to call outcome of each race
Determine the finishing places of each race
Determine distance between horses at finish


This is a position which requires an ongoing accreditation to ensure that the judge is competent and capable for carrying out their duties.

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A few places to start if you are interested in a career as a racetrack judge.

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International Federation of Horseracing Authorities
Horse Racing Officials Accreditation Program
National Thoroughbred Racing Association
British Horseracing Authority

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