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Bloodstock AgentA bloodstock agent is a position that works closely with the animals, as well as many members within the industry they specialize. Essentially they work as a liaison between horse owners and auction houses or private sellers.

Commission Based Career

This is not generally a salaried position, agents often work for a commission or % of the purchase/ sale price of the animal. Those interested in this position should have an affinity for sales and marketing.

What You Need

This is a position which benefits from a deep knowledge of a specialized industry (usually racing), an expert understanding of pedigree and the ability to spend extended amounts of time on the road.

A highly competitive nature, a phone book full of industry contacts and an innate understanding of confirmation and horseflesh are all elements of a successful bloodstock agent.

Job Description

Bloodstock agents attend auctions and meetings, on behalf of owners, for the purchase and sale of valuable animals. Agents can also be utilized for a wide variety of services beyond just buying and selling.

Often their services are used to purchase young horses with good pedigrees to train and sell for a profit. This practice is called ‘pinhooking’. They can also be involved in sales preparation, bloodstock appraisals for insurance, consultation for breeding and marketing stallions.


Monitor the market and trends in the industry
Keeping an eye on the success rate of important studs
Representing owners at auction & private sales
Inspecting stallions, broodmares and foals
Involved in preparation of animals for sale
Bloodstock appraisals for insurance
Consultation for breeding and sales
Marketing stallions
Traveling to auctions and breeding facilities worldwide


There are no licensing or educational certificates to qualify this position. The real requirement is vast knowledge of key players in your industry and a supreme understanding of horseflesh.

Because this is a freelance position the clients will vary considerably and each one will have specific requirements for their agent. However in the end their primary concern is a quality animal for a good price and your involvement within the industry will play a large part in that outcome.

There is a great deal of money to be made in this career, however it is a highly competitive industry. The top players make very good money, but there are only a few places at the top.


Here are some quick resources to help get you started.

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Federations & Associations
Thoroughbred Owners & Breeders Association
Federation of Bloodstock Agents – GB
Federation of Bloodstock Agents – Australia

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4 Comments on “Horse Jobs – Bloodstock Agent

  1. Claire Jones

    Hi, I am currently in my 3rd year of Equine Science at Bishop Burton College and will soon be seeking a job once I have graduated this summer and waas wondering how I would go out about applying for a job as a blood stock agent, and if having my equine science degree would be beneficial?
    Thank you

  2. Stuart Ferenci

    My name is Stuart Ferenci, I would like to introduce myself to your organisation. I have a vast backround in the throroughbred industry – working as stable hands, assistant trainers and also studying equine science through the University of Queensland. I have also been involved with alot of sales and marketing positions and would love to be considered for any positions you may have available at your organisation. I can forward my cover letter and resume upon request. Kind Regards, Yours Sincerely Stuart

  3. Carl L. Strohlin

    I have been in the horse racing industry 28yr’s, My father was an Owner and taught me the basic fundmentals of handicapping and what to look for when buying a horse when I was 4yr’s old, I worked for Taylor Made Farm(Stud,breeder,and consignment) as a groom and worked my way up to Sales rep and Appraiser, Pedigree expert and Handicapper! I was a partner in a pinhooking LLC, I do have the records from very profitable pinhooking sales, I deicided to leave that part of the buisness in the past, after tipping off owners on maiden winners as private purchases that went on to become stars as well as claimers that ran for 50k tag and went on to win the BC mile the following yr for M.Wolfson as a 8yr old and was crowned turf champ and sent to Austrailia to breed.. I’m looking for a group or owner thats open minded and would like to put my knowledge to use! You can email me at, they say horse racing the sport of kings and a rich mans game! A poor man can become rich with the right wit’s, you are only as successful as the people you have playing for your team! If you love racing as much as i do and are tired of losing more then you prosper, it would be in your best intrest to contact me!

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