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JockeyBeing a jockey is not just about basking in the joy of the winners circle, it is a dangerous labor intensive position which requires a great deal of experience and knowledge.

What You Need

This is a position which benefits from strength of character, excellent riding skills and a firm understanding of the racing industry. Jockeys must work with a variety of people including horse owners, trainers, exercise riders and a variety of barn staff.

Extensive horse experience, a small (but strong) stature and a fearless ability to think fast are all traits of a successful jockey. With few exceptions this is perhaps one of the most dangerous horse jobs.

Job Description

In short, jockeys are responsible for taking their mount across the finish line first. Although that obviously doesn’t happen by just showing up and jumping in the saddle. Jockeys train intensively with their mounts and must work to maintain a specific body weight at all times.


Working with racing trainer to establish race strategies
Riding their mounts in training exercises
Spend time getting to know the strengths & weaknesses of each mount
Maintaining proper riding equipment
Provide feedback to trainers and owners about each mount
Study past performances of their mounts
Research & understand footing at each track they ride
Riding race horses during races


This is one of the few positions where height and weight can determine your level of employment. Racehorses carry strict weight requirements and those with smaller stature are preferred. Experience is also a huge telling factor in employment, knowing horseflesh, understanding the racing industry and experience in the saddle are essential.

Most high level jockeys will be expected to attend jockey school and acquire certification to ride in races. Certification and schooling requirements will vary from country to country (and probably even state to state).


A few places to start if you are interested in a career as a jockey.

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The Jockey Club
Professional Jockeys Association – UK
Amateur Jockeys Association of Great Britian
Australian Jockeys Association

The Right Job For You?

If this isn’t your dream horse job, try using the search below to find it. You can also find more horse job descriptions on our careers page.

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  1. Atanaska Momcheva

    Dear all,

    First of all I would want to introduce yuo myself. I am 24th years old girl from Bulgaria. At the moment I am leaving in Greece and I am working here. But my dream is to become a jockey. I understand very well that probly is too late for that but I’ll high appriciate if you give me a chance to work with you to touch my life with horses. Doesn’t meter what kind of job you could offer me if I have a chance to be closer to my dream.
    Please let me know if there is a vacation position.

    My best wishes

    1. dirk

      I read your ad (has been placed over a year ago).
      Maybe this is something right out of the blue…
      I’m looking for a preferably Bulgarian person, but able to speak and write either English or (and) French to run my manege (in Varna).
      If any interest, write me an email and I’ll explain more, to see if you are interested…

  2. thinagaran

    hai m thinagaran,m 28years old, m looking for horse rider in your place,before this i was working in auckland , im finding an experience in your place .i hope i can get a job in ur place ,thnx

  3. charlotte horsley

    hi am charlotte, i am 19years old, i only weigh 7st 10lb, my height is 5ft7″. i am very fit, and dont struggle with at all! i have worked in racing since i was 14, i have worked in 3 or 4 different yards in the uk(england)and is a very very capable rider!! i have also been to the british racing school and done my NVQ 2. i have raced over jumps as an ametuer, from 8 rides iv had 2wins and 4 seconds. iv also raced as an apprentice and had 2 rides on the flat, and have decided the flat is what i want to do. i also have had a lot of experiance with breaking horses in, and handling/riding 2year olds. i would love to come over and work in spain. look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Oukesh Kumar Joggessur

      My name is Oukesk Kumar Joggessur.
      I am 21 years old.
      I am from Mauritius Island situated in the Indian ocean.
      I am looking forward for a stable to work.
      My job here is a track rider.
      I hope you will take this into consideration.
      Thank you

  4. samantha

    hi my name is samantha, im 19 years old and i only weight 94 pounds i had an araben gelding i always rode bare back and when i first bot him my friend had an EX race horse and we disided to race it was a mile run and i took the lead and won by two yerds. and i usto jump him and barrel race him i would love to race agan i injoy it so much plz dose anyone know were there hiring for jockeys

      1. tatenda christopher guta

        hi am a 29 year old male who has been riding as a jockey in zimbabwe and a few times in south africa since 2OO3 and have 45 winners at present in over 500 races inclusive of 6 feature races and 5 listed races please send me your fax number for a detailed cv.

      2. Ganesh Shetty

        looking to get into horse profession i am 24 no experience as jockey but would like learn and train myself any job offered towards becoming a jockey is accepted.

  5. Shelby

    Hi I have been wanting to be a jockey for the longest time I am 14 terning 15 this year weigh around 120lbs and going down I am berly 5 foot I have five horses a morgen a three qarter horses and a 8 yr old TB off the track I have done mounted shooting, barrel racing, took a couple months doing hunter jumping clases but it got expensive so stoped, Iv took a job at a show horse stables down the rode and groomed rode, and worked with the stud also, and much more and was hopeing to see if you think I would have a chance of becoming a jockey ever can you give me some advice

  6. jake nelson

    hello my name is jake im 21 years old i been galloping race horses in northen california.i want to be a jockey im just looking for a opening somewhere i want to get out of california i work horses,work from the gate, if you need any help in the mornings anywhere in the us contact me asap 9253537994 thank you.

  7. Matt portwood (mpw)

    Hello. I am 22 years of age currently and have been veery interested in becoming a jockey full time. I’ve been riding on and off for three years and took/take very well(easily) with any horse. I am 5″6 or shortly under and weigh in currently at 128. I understand my weight is not to par just yet but have done all I can besides working more with the horses to help train/change my body. I have gotten all my uniform including the race boots, googles, training boots and chaps and will soon inquire for a uniform when time comes. I am trying to find information or sources of employment in this field due to issues I’m facing with my owners now. We’ve went back and fourth is last year and I’m just more serious to get head first into the field. I live in Michigan but am more than willing to travel may the requirements and offers applied allow me to do so. If you could reach me back with some of the information I seek and or even other options to look at I would greatly appreciate that. Thank you for taking the time to look over this message and send feedback.

  8. Arun


    I am a Jockey in India, I am 29years old. My weight is 56 kilograms. I have ridden about 500 races and won about 95 races. I am looking for an opening abroad. If you find me suitable for the job, please mail me .


  9. AJK

    Latino,5’3″ 110 lbs…. interested in riding…You train, I ride Only for the best. contact me I live in washington state.Text phone 509-217-1229

  10. Krista

    My name is Krista. I’m 36 and live in the USA. My husband is 42 but he is very lean/thin and easily fit if need to be. He wants to become a jockey and we are looking for any owner that wants to train him to become such. We both love horses. We have 3 children who are the age where they could be trained to ride as well. They are 12, 10 and 9. Please contact me if you are an owner who may want to take a chance on a new jockey — help my husband get his license or certificates necessary to become one (by that I mean help him study, train, etc…not help financially. We live in PA but will travel to wherever you live in the USA to train!

  11. Kabil

    Hi im 22 years old im 115 pounds im 5.1 i have work with horses all mi life i know how to treat them take care of them feed them put their shoes and a little bit of vet when needed i love love horses and would dedicate mi whole life to them if int call or text 484 838 3890only serious people tu

  12. Maureen


    My name is Maureen MARTIN, I’m 21 years old, I’m 88 lbs for 1m58. I rode horses since i’m little. Very passionate and motivated, I want to discover the world of the jokey during a summer job during 2 months this year.
    I’m from Paris
    If you find me something interesting please contact me:

  13. v n vipin

    hai sir iam vipin Iam interested in horse race joky job.i am shuvare win tha races my age 25 my waight 55 please give a chance

  14. John Doolan

    Hello all of you Jockey want to be’s. I am a retired Jockey. It’s a fantastic life. But, if your Less than say 108 pounds, then forget it. That’s too light. Trainers will Not ride you as you would have to carry too much dead weight to make up the required weight the Horse has to carry in the race. And I doubt if you would be strong enough. Believe me, those 1,000 pound explosive Horses are pretty strong.

    1. John Doolan

      John Doolan again….I forgot to mention that a Jockey’s Job is very, very dangerous. About as safe as a Paper Plane in a Hurricane.

  15. Lauren

    Hello –

    My name is Lauren. I am currently 19 years old. I am 5’2′ and about 110 lbs. I have been riding horses my entire life, in all disciplines. I am looking for a jockey job in the racing world. I am a strong, confident rider. I am positive, easy to train, and a hard worker. I am looking to make it big in the industry but I need someone to give me a shot first.

  16. Brittany Jensen

    Hi my name is Brittany Jensen I am 14, I turn 15 in october, I am 98lbs and about 5*4 and i am looking to be a work rider. I show in Hunter/jumper. I am currently training a 7yr old thoroughbred gelding to do Hunter/Jumper. I have trained several horses, mainly warmbloods. I hve been riding for eight years, and have galloped a couple horses on a training track at the barn I rode at. Please let me know if anyone has any jobs, i live in San Deigo CA, so if you have a job near by please contact me. (you can see my thoroughbred im training on my youtube channel, you can click on the link above).

  17. adeel ahmad

    sir i am raider in lahore race club in pakistan. me like to horse racing and my expreance is 7 year old and i offer my services with you .kindly oblige pleas

  18. adeel ahmad

    Dear Sir/Madam:

    I am working as a rider in Lahore Race Club (Pakistan). I enjoy horse riding a lot and have 7 years

    experience in the field and already got a riding boy licence from Lahore Race Club. I have enclosed my cv

    for the post of horse rider. My winning pictures are also attached herewith.

    I would appreciate if you please consider my application against any relevant vacancy.

    i am looking forward to a positive response


    Adeel Ahmad

    mobile no +923314945031



  20. rajesh

    hi my name is rajesh and my age is 24 i want want to become a jockey and what is the age required for become a jockey

  21. Alondra

    hello ive been wanting to be a jockey since i was 3 yrs old
    im 5’2 and i weight 115 ( im doing hard core workouts to loose some more because i heard jockey apprentices have to be 105)
    im also 15
    oh and i live in california

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