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Horse SitterThis is perhaps one of the most flexible horse jobs of them all and also one of the most important. Often horses are just part of the deal and many animal sitters must have experience with any number of friendly pets.

Watching Other People’s Pets

This is a career which demands a lot of hands on time with the animals, as well as effective communication skills with their owners. This is a position which benefits from strength of character, a flexible attitude and the ability to think quick & be versatile.

Other than experience with animals there is no real tangible skill set for being an animal sitter. Regardless of the type of animal, each one has its own personality and own specific care requirements.

Job Description

Descriptions will vary by job and animal, which keeps things interesting. Often sitters will move into their clients home to watch their animals, others will go to boarding stables to provide care and services. They may be asked to work directly with trainers and stable staff to ensure proper care of their charges.

When it comes to caring for people’s property & animals the list of potential responsibilities is likely to be long & full of interesting requests.

Responsibilities Can Include

Feeding, cleaning (or cleaning up after) the animalsRequirements

Probably the most important requirement for being a horse sitter is experience. Not just experience with animals, but the ability to keep a cool head during an emergency and to take small problems in stride. A solid understanding of the nature of the equine animal or any formal schooling on the subject will always be a plus.

The Right Job For You?

If this isn’t your dream horse job, try using the search below to find it. You can also find more horse job descriptions on our careers page.

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  1. Kerrie Quinn

    i have been reared with horses all my life so i have a great understanding of them and their needs, phsycally, nutritionally and mentally. my parents own their own yard and i managed most activities that went on around the yard as they were usually to busy. i organised vet checks, feed and bedding supplies, organised each individual horses training regime and trained them myself. i was basically over all the decisions made and my parents would ask my opinion or advice on the horses and what was best for them as i was the only one who knew them all as idividuals. i have more than enough equine experience but i need an oppurtunity to exel with them and learn more.



  3. marissa clark

    hi i am looking for a job and i am a 12 year old farm girl who loves working with horses i have horses of my own please if interest please get back to me

  4. Savanah Holtzclaw

    Hi, i’m looking for a job and i love horses so it would be great to find a job where i could be around them! i’ll be 16 in a couple months. I’m hard working and responsible. I would love it if you considered me if you haven’t already hired someone!


  5. Jenna Smith

    Hello could anyone please help me get a horse job please. I live in Sydney NSW. I am 12.

  6. Shaina Dahya

    Hi my name is shaina and i live in Birminham. i love horses and use to ride before i had kids but i love them and love being around them.
    I am looking for a job with horses.

    plese help


  7. Faye Colwell

    hello, My name is Faye Colwell i am 14 turning 15 in a few weeks. I live in southampton and i live near a train station so im pretty flexible to where i can work. I have worked with horses for 8 years and love them and if you have any work to do any thing with horses i would appreciated if you would consided me. I am a good rider and will get stuck in with any jobs with looking after the horses as well.

    Thank you, Faye Colwell.

  8. Cheyenne

    Hello All! 😀 My name is Cheyenne Clarke and I am currently looking for a full-time horse care job! I have been around horses my entire life! They are my PASSION! <3 I stay in Pasadena, CA :) Hope to hear from someone soon!

  9. Kammie

    Hi, my name is Kammie, I am 15 years old. I have worked at other barns including Tri-B farms and Riverside Bible Camp. I am trained to muck stalls, exercise, feed, bathe, ect. I love horses and also am very good with all kinds of animals. Thank you for considering me.

  10. Mike Johnson

    Need a horse sitter for 2-3 weeks in a remote camp in northern BC. Must have some horse skills, will be required to sit in camp and watch horses graze on a rotating scedual. Will be starting July 25.

  11. Natasha Dale

    hello, i’m 16years of age, i’m looking to animal sit, either abroad or in devon, i’m more interested in looking after horses, i have alot of experience with horses as i’ve grown up witht hem since i was 3.. i have recently been exercising showjuming horses standing at 16hh and 17hh, i love being around horse so would be greatful if someone would be in touch with me x

  12. yasmin

    hi. My name is yasmin i`m 19 years old. I`m looking for job with horses and other animal i have many years of experience i was working on a big farm 4 years
    i`m not afraid of hard work. i can start working from now:)

  13. Susan Carlson

    Hi, I am interested in meeting horse owners that would like help with grooming, exercise, etc. I have references. I live in Beaverton, OR. I am 52 years old. I am checking into leasing, but want to save money more than spend it. I am open to ideas. Thanks. My email is

  14. kristie darling

    Hello my name is Kristie, I am 17 years old looking for a full time job working with horses . Hard worker and eager to learn.. you can contact me @ 818-257-4364 available immediately .

  15. Azriel Monroe

    Hello, my name is Azriel. I’m looking for a full time job working with horses. I have a little experience with saddling, grooming, and I’m pretty good on how to handle and ride. Willing to learn more and work hard. Please contact me at

  16. Kasia

    Hi, I’m Kasia. I’m 19 years ago. I’m looking for a job with horses. I work with horses for 10 year. I have a experience with saddling, grooming. I work witr young horses. This is my passion. I love horse and another animals, so I wand to have this job. If you have any work to do any thing with horses i would appreciated if you would consided me. I want to live in Kopenhaga. Please, help me.
    you can contact me +48 788459162

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