The Complete List of Horse iPhone Apps

Medical & Health Horse iPhone AppsNow that I’ve organized and listed tons and tons of iPhone apps, it’s time to make sense of them all. After looking at all of the posts I decided what better than to create another list, the iPhone app list to end them all.

Here Goes

If you love horses and have an iPhone you’ve come to the right place, there are a wide variety of types and I’ve got them fairly well categorized. I’m going to keep it short because the list speaks for itself.

Donkey Apps

Donkey AppsWho doesn’t need a good donkey noise now and then. Now you can take a fun selection of donkey with you anywhere.

Donkey Apps List

Dressage Apps

Dressage AppsFor the dressage aficionados, this list is shorter, but still useful. Be sure to check out the FEI, USEA & USDA apps too!

Dressage Apps List

FEI EquiTest Apps

FEI EquiTest AppsHandy FEI EquiTest apps for your iPhone or iPod touch – covering a variety of dressage & eventing tests. They offer a free trial.

FEI Apps List

Fun Horse Apps

Fun Horse AppsNot very useful, but a whole lot of fun. This list is for you if you are looking for a horsey way to waste some time on your iPhone.

Fun Horse Apps List

Horse Games

Horse GamesA wide array of different games – from puzzles to jumping games – all with a common horse theme.

Horse Games List

iHorseRider Apps

iHorseRider AppsiHorseRider provides a set of four training apps filled with tips, advice and exercises. Geared toward the western discipline.

iHorseRider Apps List

Informative Apps

Informative AppsCarry your answers around with you. This list includes everything from breed info to show info to stud books.

Informative Apps List

Jane Savoie Apps

Jane Savoie AppsTrainer Jane Savoie gives her brand of training advice in three (& counting) handy, well laid out apps.

Jane Savoie Apps List

Medical & Health Apps

Medical & Health AppsKeep these helpful medical apps close, but your vets number closer. From acupressure points to meds to prohibited substances this is a handy list.

Medical & Health Apps List

Pony Apps

Pony AppsA list of games and apps dedicated to the horse’s shorter, rounder (& decidedly more temperamental) cousin.

Pony Apps List

Racing Apps

Racing AppsA wide array of different games – from puzzles to jumping games – all with a common horse theme.

Racing Apps List

Training Apps

Horse Training AppsA variety of helpful training styles and techniques, including groundwork, trail riding & wild horse training.

Training Apps List

Unicorn Apps

Unicorn AppsSunny day! There are quite a few magical unicorn based iPhone games and apps.

Unicorn Apps List

Useful Equestrian Apps

Useful Equestrian AppsA variety of different apps that horse people will find useful, from weight calculators to records systems to name generators.

Useful Equestrian Apps List

USEF & USDF EquiTest Apps

USEF & USDF EquiTest AppsHandy EquiTest apps for your iPhone or iPod touch – covering a variety of dressage & eventing tests.

USEF & USDF Apps List

iPhone App Obsession

Every day more come out and this list will eventually become impossible to maintain. But, I will try to keep it current so if you know of a great horse app not listed be sure to let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Jose diacono

    You can use our eventing course walking app for trail rides. CrossCountry tracks you with your iPhone gps and you can add photos or videos. It works locked in your pocket. Set the meters per minute to 1000 and it will beep every kilometer so you know how far you have ridden. It uses a google map backdrop so you can see where you are.

  2. Stefwan

    Are there any apps that I can enter my horse racing bets into and it shows graphs and things like that?

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