Pony iPhone Apps on iTunes

Pony iPhone AppsRecently I’ve been sharing all kinds of horse themed apps for your iPhone & iPod touch. In fact there are so many that they range from donkeys to unicorns and everything in between.

Ponys At Your Fingertips

Although I love horses, there is something so precious about ponies. Perhaps it’s the innate stubbornness or maybe it’s the little big man syndrome, but they tend to be 100% attitude. Here is a fun list of apps dedicated to the pony in your life, for each one I’ve provided a brief description and a link to them on the iTunes app store.


iPonyThis app is for all of those little girls who want a pony and can’t have one. iPony is interactive and responds to the movement of your phone & when you are busy iPony grazes patiently waiting for you.

iPony - iPhoneCodeTutorials.com
Created by iPhoneCodeTutorials.com

Naughty Pony

Naughty PonyLearn how to look after your cheeky pony and keep them happy and healthy. Includes an interactive storybook, 21 activities and variety of horse care educational material.

Naughty Pony - Nessy
Created by Nessy

Pony Crazy

Pony CrazyCovers all things pony, this app features over 50 pony pictures and puzzles that you can play anywhere. Once the app is downloaded an Internet connection is not required to play.

Pony Crazy - RGA Creations, Inc.
Created by RGA Creations, Inc.

Pony Lessons

Pony LessonsDeveloped to help young riders understand ponies and learn to work safely with them. Includes 14 practical horsemanship exercises geared to arm young riders with information.

Pony Lessons - Grey Horse Apps
Created by Grey Horse Apps

Pony Lessons Quiz

Pony Lessons QuizCreated by Grey Horse Apps and similar to Pony Lessons above – I think they are complimentary apps, however their descriptions are the same.

Pony Lessons Quiz - Grey Horse Apps
Created by Grey Horse Apps

PONY Magazine

PONY MagazinePONY Magazine is a teen magazine focused on the horse scene in the UK. Get tips and advice from riding celebs and keep up with the latest events and PONY publications.

PONY Magazine - Tri Active Media Ltd
Created by Tri Active Media Ltd

Pony Puzzle

Pony PuzzleThis is a simple tile puzzle game that offers users a variety of horse theme photography to slide around. Features 9 or 16 tile paying fields & beautiful high-res images.

Pony Puzzle - Decane
Created by Decane

Pony Surprise

Pony SurpriseAn adventurous pony puzzle game that tests problem solving skills and reflexes. Features over 40 levels of action, two different themes, hand-drawn graphics & 5 different boards.

Pony Surprise - Sunshine Games
Created by Sunshine Games

Pony World

Pony WorldPony World is a simple but challenging game app with bright graphics and cute sound effects. Balance the size of your ponies just right or the scales may tip too far!

Pony World - Daniel Wong
Created by Daniel Wong

Rainbow Pony

Rainbow PonyHelp Rainbow Pony find a safe path by swiping your phone – this is a simple game with 3 game modes (& more on the way). Features unique controls, colorful graphics and worldwide leader boards.

Rainbow Pony - EdisonGame
Created by EdisonGame

Talking Pony Friend

Talking Pony FriendYour very own pony friend, this is a cute little character that loves you back. Highly interactive features allow users to feed, pet and excercise their pony pet.

Talking Pony Friend - HP Studios
Created by HP Studios

Wild Pony Races

Wild Pony RacesA fun pony derby game that will keep you on your toes! A colorful western theme and cute little ponies make this a fun game for kids & adults alike.

Wild Pony Races - Burletech
Created by Burletech

Back To Horses

I’ve had fun straying from the horse apps and finding other equine for your iPhone, but next time I’ll be back to horse apps with a list of useful training apps. For not why not check out some cute unicorn apps or some cheeky donkey apps?