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Professional RiderThis is, without a doubt, the dreamiest dream horse job of all. Getting paid to ride horses is the desired job of horse people the world over. Almost every discipline employs professional riders and the job can be found everywhere from the racetrack to dude ranches.

What You Need

The main requirement for this position is keen riding skills in your chosen discipline. Good horsemanship is essential to professional riders as is solid communication skills as riders deal with any number of people in the course of their work. Pro riders can be hired for a variety of reasons, some work specifically with problem animals while others are hired to compete pricey show horses in competition.

Physical strength, a head for horseflesh and the ability to think and act quickly under stressful situations are essential in a professional rider.

Job Description

Because this job is involved in so many different parts of the industry, there isn’t really a generalized description. Professional riders are expected to excel in their field and be able to ride whatever is put in front of them, often under high-stress situations. They may also provide education and guidance to horse owners, trainers and riding instructors alike.

Responsibilities Include

Exercising and working with their charges prior to shows or competitions
Understanding equine nature and instincts
Possessing expert understanding of the practices/ rules/ methods within their discipline
Traveling with their mounts to shows and events
Working with trainers and owners for optimal results
Knowing show or event rules and courses


Requirements for pro riders will vary by location and discipline. Rodeos may be more lenient in their hiring practices than eventing trainers, for example. Many will require a high school diploma and some may ask for various types of certification. However, which this job specifically, often a track record of proven experience is worth more than any type of formal education to potential employers.


A few places to start if you are interested in a career as a professional rider.

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Professional Riders Association

The Right Job For You?

If this isn’t your dream horse job, try using the search below to find it. You can also find more horse job descriptions on our careers page.

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  1. Kennia

    I would love to have this job but their are no rising stables here in garden city , Kansas. If I would have this job would they teach how to ride or would I have to take some lessons

  2. Kasia

    Hi, I’m Kasia. I’m 19 years ago. I’m looking for a job with horses. I work with horses for 10 year. I have a experience with saddling, grooming. I work witr young horses. This is my passion. I love horse and another animals, so I wand to have this job. If you have any work to do any thing with horses i would appreciated if you would consided me. I want to live in Kopenhaga. Please, help me.
    you can contact me +48 788459162

  3. Juliet

    I would love this job and i have good experience with horses and am a good rider. I have never done rodeos but i have done dressage, cross country and show jumping. I am only 13 but i am very mature please give me a chance to be with horses for more time! Thank you

  4. K

    I met a professional rider once at an international horse show and was so jealous of her life. Lol I would like to add one job I didn’t see on here: PR person! The rider I spoke with said she actually has her own stable with several professional show horses and has her own media team. 😮

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