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Stunt RideThere are a wide range of professions that can employ a stunt rider position, including everything from big Hollywood films to stunt acts to traveling shows.

What You Need

A challenging job for even the most athletic horseperson, this is a position which requires a rock hard constitution and bones made of rubber. Beyond the obvious, a stunt rider needs a solid relationship with a well-trained animal and hours upon hours of practice falling off a horse.

Above all this job requires someone who is willing to go the extra mile and remain in top physical condition while continuously learning and training with their mount. Plus the obvious must be stated, this is a dangerous job and injuries are common.

Job Description

The actual job description will vary from place to place & contract to contract. Stunt riders are employed as stunt-doubles in movies, working with western stunt shows as well as traveling performing groups. Often on a contractual basis, this job has a wide variety of options.

Perhaps the main common theme among them all is an emphasis on safety, understanding the mechanics of your own & your animal’s bodies as well as their limitations. Because this is a dangerous position it’s important that each job is approached methodically with a strong emphasis on the safety of everyone (both animal and human) involved in the stunts. That said, responsibilities can be across the board, but here is an idea of some of the basics.


Remaining in top physical shape
Constant practice & training
The ability to mimic the behavior of actors
The care of animals left in their charge
Planning for & ensuring safe stunts
Choreographing & executing stunts
Consulting about potential ideas & shows


There are not any official requirements to become a stunt rider that we could find. However it will take hours and hours of tireless practice (and maybe a broken bone or two) to work in the profession. More than anything experience is probably what will matter.


Luckily there are a few places who will have more information.

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British Horse Surfing Association
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The Right Job For You?

If this isn’t your dream horse job, try using the search below to find it. You can also find more horse job descriptions on our careers page.

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  1. shaun bushby

    just wonderd if you were looking for a stunt rider ive just come out of racing as a flat jockey and have ridden for 21 years so im use to falling off from riding 2yr olds when breaking them in

    1. Zia Sanchez

      Hi my name is Zia I’m 15 I’ve been riding my whole life if you need a rider or stunt rider give me a call or text 3214390129 I plan to be a jockey have planed that my whole life.

  2. jános vida

    welcome! John Vida’m from hungary, 12 years riding akrobat , horse trainer , I’m looking for a job , if an appropriate framework to respond . thank you

  3. Lucy Berryman

    I am now 21 and have been riding at the age of one.. I have competed at Horse of the Year Show in showing and showjumping classes and this sounds like my ideal job :)!

  4. Vanessa

    hello! i have been riding my whole life and i think this would be an amazing career to pursue. please get in contact with me if you need a teenage horseback rider that is fearless! i have been riding both english and western for a long time! thank you for considering!

  5. Cynthia

    To whom this may concern,

    My name is Cynthia and i have been riding from the age of 7. I have held multiple titles in California and Southern CA. Most of the title with GSDHJA. Some include; Reserved champion of CA AAA division Gymkhana. Also Champion Hunter jumpers, Low Childrens of Southern CA for 3 years straight. I would like to put my skills to good use as either a lesson trainer or a horse trainer. My former nicknames were “horse whisperer” and “test dummy” the first is easy i am good with horses and the second is because i was the only one that anyone would put on their new horses. I was the only one who could stay on. I would really love to introduce myself in person and see your facility if you are willing to meet me. Please feel free to email me at Thank you so much.



  6. Bea

    My name is Beata and I am a student at veterinary school. I am from
    > Slovakia.I am 18 years old and I have a 14 years practice with
    horses.I have a practice with teaching horse riding, and I teach horses a special possibilities…like jumping over the fire…..going into the water and so on.
    > I have my own horses and I like this animals….I am responsible and
    reliable…If you want please answer.

  7. Gail Riordan

    Hello my name is Gail and I am 35yrs old. I have been trick riding for five years now and moved to Australia from New Zealand to pursue the dream of stunt doubling and working in movies and it is proving to be quite a challenge. I am so very very keen at taking my performing further and I also work bull whips. If you know of any persons looking for stunt doubles with trick riding it would be much appreciated. I am willing to travell as this has been a dream of mine for a very long time. Thankyou very much.
    Kind regards
    Gail Riordan

  8. Travis Locke

    Been on horses all my life . Just finished large budget film in New Orleans . SAG eligible . Best employee you’ll ever have . 40 y.o. Very good shape . Military background too .
    Thank you

  9. Lily barlow

    To anyone needing a stunt double,

    I have been riding from the age of 5 doing eventing (a sport used long ago to train horses for the war) and I have been taking lessons from pros, such as Werner Geven since the age if 10. I can jump up to 4 feet 4 in. And I have been in races before. I am 15 years old, but I look as if I am 13.

  10. Bartek

    I`m 29 years old. Since 11 years I work as a trick rider and stunt rider in Sweden, Poland, France. I`m looking for a new expirience and new options to have fun out of horse ride. My mail is

  11. Isabelle Richter

    Hi, I’m actually only 12, but this is like my dream! Do people hire people my age? I’vd been working with horses my whole life and helping train them. I show jump, barrel race, do equitation, and some cross country. I’ve fallen off a lot horses while they were in training, so I’m really not afraid of falling off. Anyways, if people do hire people my age, who?

  12. Harry Waterer

    Hi, I have been looking into doing further work involving horses in films. I hace already been in a couple of productions such as Lark Rise to Candleford and the recent production of Tess of the D’urbervilles, and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. I am 21 athletc, slim build and pretty fearless when it comes to horses and prepared to travel anywhere to find work. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Harry Waterer

  13. Sasha Erander

    im 16years old and in need of a job! I have evented to a high standard and like most riders used to falling of! I have compeated at horse of the year show and many other competetions let me know if anything comes about! Im about 5’3 blue eyes blonde hair
    let me know if anything comes about i would love to give this a go!

  14. Heather StJohn

    Im Heather and this sound like me. im always willing to go the exstra mile i bend and shape as far as my body will. im not scared to hit that ground . i have no fear in horse been riding since 8 (now 22) 224 800 4556

  15. Alina Stasik

    Hi I’m Alina I have been trick and stunt riding for nine years and it takes a lot of work and most important the right training without it you can get seriously hurt or die so before trying anything please there’s a right way to do everything and more ways to get hurt you need the right horse, training and tack. If you are interested you should look up Karen Vold at the red top ranch in Colorado she does a camp in the spring for all levels and can help you get into this kind of career

  16. Garrett Saurborn

    Hello im a professional rodeo cowboy I started riding broncs and bulls at age 12 I’m now 25 and compete on the professional level as a team roper calf roper steer wrestler and Bronc rider. I am looking to get into stunt riding and pursing an acting career as a cowboy. For videos of my roping just YouTube my name. There is videos of me training horses to rope teaching lessons and roping at rodeos. I’ve sold competition horses since I was 15 and trained them from the ground up

  17. Morgan

    I am a 5’7 slim 18yo female who has been riding her whole life and am wanting to get into this as a career. I am located in South Carolina and am willing to relocate. Please contact me if you think you would be interested in having a position for me!

    Morgan Lee

  18. Alison Pettus

    Hi my name is Alison Pettus I am looking to work with horses in the film industry I will any thing you need. I have been riding horses for 25 plus years I have competed in many disciplines of riding from 3-day eventing, rodeo events and roping events and I am currently competing in mounted shooting. I have always loved watching the horses and stunts the riders do with them, I am capable of riding any horse for any thing. Thank you
    you can contact me at

  19. Shannon Perkins

    I would love to be considered for this position, or a similar position. I have been riding for 24 years. I have experience in jumping, dressage, vaulting, barrel racing, and breaking. Extensive experience with ground work and I am about to become a farrier. I am strong and hard working! Thank you for consideration!

  20. Jimmy Flint-Smith

    I’m 22 and very experienced in hard riding, stunts, mounts, jumping, and showmanship. I’m an actor in Hollywood so I know how to work the camera. Also I’ve been riding in civil war reinactments and medievel jousting events my whole life and thus know how to use a weapon while riding. Also I have done mounted stunt work for both the History Channel and PBS. Contact me if you are in need of an experienced rider with a young look and a variety of skills.

  21. Riley Zielinski

    Hello, my name is Riley Zielinski. I am 5’7” and in great physical condition. Now 16, I have been riding all of my life. I began English riding lessons 4 years ago and am no competing in the sport of Eventing (Dressage, Cross Country, and Show Jumping) for 4 years. I am now competeing at the Training Level (3’3”) easily, and have placed many times. I am in the United States Pony Club in which I am a member of the Prairie Jumpers Pony Club in Southestern Iowa. I have wanted to be a stunt rider for many years now.
    I retrained my OTTB to be my eventer from many days of lounging and flat work all the way up to where he is now. My trainer gave me a couple project horses for the summer. Our goal was to teach them proper collection, to carry themselves, and to jump. We then took both horses to a show were they finished in 1st and 2nd.
    I have hit the ground many times and instantly stand up and laugh about it, I LOVE my job and I get along with both my animal and human friends.
    Please contact me if you are interested.

  22. vanessa

    20 year old, ridden all my life and have been trick riding for aprox 4 years. I have trained various horses things including bow, rear, lay down, sit, spanish walk, smile, buck, capriole and many more. I am willing to give anything a go and 100% dedicated. I have also done showjumping up to 1.30m. Please contact for videos etc.

  23. Kevin Dale Curtis

    I’ve been riding on and off for 25 years and I’ve been training horse for about 5 years I’ve rode rodeos and been bucked numerous times and broken numerous bones.

  24. Rayna Johansen

    Hi I’m an x jockey was riding raceday for 15yrs with 20yrs .trackwork experience. rode in 2movies one for Disney. would like to further my career. 34yrs 55kg and very fit.

  25. Oleg

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    We would like to present you the
    “Ukrainian Cossacks Horse Show“.
    We are a sole troupe in Ukraine that works in a unique genre of traditional cossacks riding. We restore heritage of our famous ancestors and present it in our displays. Ukrainian Cossacks were skilled and courageous warriors thanks for that they were widely known in Europe in 15-17 centuries.
    Our company took part in many international horse competitions, knights tournaments, festivals in Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Turkey etc.

    We invite you to visit our web-page
    Sincerely yours,
    Oleg Iurchyshyn
    Director of the “Ukrainian Cossacks Horse Show”

    Our contacts tel. :(+38067)7852963
    (+38093)7315868 (English-speaking manager Ludmila)
    Ukrainian Cossacks Horse Show
    Is Available For:
    • Film
    • Television
    • Commercials
    • Music Videos
    • Corporate Groups
    • Private Events
    • Stunt Shows


  26. Mila Iver

    I have the ability to travel the world to work as a stunt rider. Resides in Norway. Eighteen years old, been riding my whole life. Good horsemanship skills and train to “fall off” on a regular basis. My plan is to one day own and train film horses, I have to horses on my own now. Too bad films don’t usually need Icelandic horses.

    I would very much like to hear from someone – and more information can be given on email.

  27. Heather Gow

    Looking for a rodeo stunt champ? I’m your girl. Built Canadian tough and talented, I can ride, rodeo, and read a great screenplay. Contact me, you won’t be disappointed. Pictures upon request.

  28. Moria

    I’ve had 12 years experience with horses. To me they are family, my favorite thing to do is go to the barn. If you need a pre-teen/teen stunt double I’m happy to comply!

  29. Gianna

    Names Gianna. I am female and am almost 21. I’ve been in love with horses since I was very young. Working with horses is my dream and if that is entertaining humans too, I am good with that. I’ve trained with some horse trainers as well as many different types of horses. Not afraid of getting back up in the saddle after a fall. If interested please contact. Thanks.

  30. Emily Wawro

    Comfortable in any saddle- Ive been riding for 13 years, I’m a 26 year old female, based in Orange County, California, who loves horses and I’ve owned a few since I Was 13. Would love to be an extra or background horse rider in anything for film or TV. 714-402-2003

  31. Sophie Anderson

    Late teens,
    Very natural horsemanship
    Have my own horse and have loaned several others in which I have re-schooled
    Currently learning Horse Ball with my current horse
    Have had an ex race horse in the past so used to speed
    Confident with stunts such as rearing, bonking and napping
    Very good physical condition, 5ft6″
    Always looking for a challenge, will attempt anything
    Send me an email if interested, I can send video footage etc

  32. Artsiom

    A versatile and self-motivated horse rider with a lot of experience in the equine sector. I started riding when I was 3, and started participating in horse shows when I was 6.I have grown up surrounded by horses and spent all my childhood in stables. I have raised more than 20 horses and have solely managed a yard of 9 horses. I am passionate about working with horses and able to gain a connection with any horse and see their talents. Now seeking to extend existing skills with a reputable organisation which will provide me with a new challenge

    • Trick riding, bareback riding, Cossack riding, riding without snaffle
    • Jumping
    • Horse education, care and training
    • Coaching
    • Roman ride
    • Dressage, teaching tricks
    • Stable management

  33. Erin

    Hello, I’m Erin and 16 years old. I really would love to begin a career in stunt riding in the film industry (like battle scenes on horseback etc). I currently work at a riding school and am looking at decent GCSE grades. I am also a reasonably good rider (if I don’t say so myself ;]). I’m not sure how to begin or what qualifications I would need, I have done some digging but no website or person anywhere seems to be giving me a straight-forward answer. Any help would be great. Thank you

  34. Kristen Cuneo

    Hi my name is Kristen Cuneo I am 23 I have been riding and working with horses since the age of 5 and love every minute of it. I have also been competing, training in both English style and western. I would love to get any opportunity to be a stunt rider or any type of work with horses on a movie/ TV set that might come a long. I look forward from hearing from you!

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