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Racetrack PhotographerFor those who love photography and horses this is the perfect career, but beware – it’s not as easy as it looks. This is a sport that definitely requires some experience with fast-moving subjects and the high energy of the Thoroughbred.

What You Need

This is a job that requires a strong commitment to the sport, not to mention that taking pictures of moving animals takes dedication to the craft. Generally photographers work on a freelance basis, accepting contracts for racetracks, trainers and owners.

Great time management skills, a solid camera and a strong affinity for sports photography are essential for a great track photographer.

Job Description

The job will vary from by track, race and horse. Catching great action shots, winning shots and making the animal look good are top priorities. What types of pictures are taken will vary based on who holds the contract and the application of the photographs.


Behind the scenes shots
Getting shots of the gate parade
Snapping clean pictures of the race itself
Catching a clean shot of the winning moment
Taking pictures in the winner’s circle
Can be hired to photograph practice sessons
Taking portraits of stallions or winning animals


This position doesn’t have to require more than a good eye & good equipment, however it’s probably not that easy. Education & training in photography will always be useful as is experience taking high speed shots of sporting events. Because this is usually a freelance or contractual position, each job & contract will be different.


There are not a lot of resources listed online for those who want to become a Racetrack Photographer. If anyone has any more info, please leave it in the comments.

The Right Job For You?

If this isn’t your dream horse job, try using the search below to find it. You can also find more horse job descriptions on our careers page.

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11 Comments on “Racetrack Photographer – Horse Jobs

  1. Johanna Lundgren

    My name is Johanna. I am looking for a freelance photographer position here in Australia and saw your ad and I would like a contact number if possible. I have done lots of work with horses and combining that with my passion for photography would be a dream come true. I can send you a portfolio with some of my previous work if required.

    Cheers, Johanna.

  2. Victoria

    Hi! My name is Victoria. I want to become a freelance racetrack photographer!
    About me:
    I was born in Russia, but now I live in USA (San Francisco, CA). I finished the Veterinary University in Russia and I have a BA in Vet Medicine. I took photography classes at City College of San Francisco. I love horses a lot and they are my favorite models =)
    If you interested in me,please, send me an email at Vikartashova@gamil.com.
    And I can send some pictures of horses, of course.

  3. Frank Harshbarger

    Frank is the best finish line, winners circle, darkroom developer experience in all cameras and film out there. He has worked in CA, AZ and CO race tracks.
    Any questions?

  4. Kate

    I am an ameture photographer and I LOVE horses. I am a fast learner and am becoming pretty good at fast action photographing. If you have any information on how to get started on such, and where to go to school or what not. I would LOVE to hear it. THANKS!

  5. Rachael Levine

    I am an equine photographer with a specialties in sport horse photography, “Capturing the moment”.

    Please view my website and contact me if interested.

    Thank you,
    Rachael Levine

    1. Sarah

      Hi Rachael, Can I have your website name! I would love to tak a look at it! Thanks Sarah

  6. Madison Shields

    I’ve been a horse fanatic my entire life, and the racetrack has always been the cherry on top. I’ve worked with several ex-racers, and when I was finally able to get my own horse, I fell in love with an ex-racehorse whom I’ve had now for 8 years. Along with horses, I have a love of photography, and the highlight of the track comes in reviewing the beauty I’ve been able to capture that day. My dream job would be a combination of these interests, and so if anyone has any information on how to start in this industry I would be very appreciative!

  7. Auden

    Hey! I need some help! I’m in my last year of highschool and I have no clue what I want to do and i’m running out of time. I would like to have some sort of career with horses but there’s just so much to choose from. I have no idea what to do. Please help!

  8. Shawnie J. Peck

    My name is Shawnie J. Peck I’m looking for a photography opportunity in Missouri, Montana or Arizona. I take photographs of horses and landscapes. I’ currently going to be a junior in Metropolitan Community college in Kansas City, mo. I did freelance horse photography, Arabian horse shows, and recently the race tracks. I pray that I will be finding a place soon after graduation where I can capture the beauty and strength of a horse

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