Web Designer – Horse Jobs

Woman on a laptop outsideThis is an entirely different horse job from almost all of the rest – namely because you don’t have to get dirty to do it. While it doesn’t provide a great deal of hands-on experience, it is a way for horse lovers to make a good living.

What You Need

These days businesses are sorely behind the times if they don’t have web capabilities and the horse industry is a surprisingly big one. While experience with horses is elemental, it isn’t as important as experience building websites or perhaps more importantly experience in the online horse industry. This job is unique in that it allows a great deal of flexibility and independence as well as an opportunity to interact with a global industry audience.

Web design skills, a firm understanding of the online horse industry and great communication skills will create a great horse web designer.

Job Description

The description for this job may vary to some degree, simply because there is a lot involved in the creation of a successful site. However, generally it will require building and maintenance of a client’s web properties and sometimes social media accounts. Web designers are useful to all disciplines and work may come from any part of the industry, from racecourses to independent 4H clubs.

Responsibilities Include

Understanding client’s specific web needs
Researching client’s niche and competition
Building web properties that suit industry standards
Maintaining web properties for clients
Creating and maintaining social profiles
Advertising and marketing
Affiliate and revenue


The requirements for web designers vary to a large degree depending on the client’s specific needs. Some will require a degree in computer science, others will want to see a portfolio of successful sites and still others will be looking for entry-level designers to train.

The Right Job For You?

If this isn’t your dream horse job, try using the search below to find it. You can also find more horse job descriptions on our careers page.

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