Horse Jobs – Stall Cleaner

Piles of manure in front of horse stalls

Image from Arizona Shona

This is a position usually found in larger establishments with many animals to look after. It is often a starting point for someone looking to earn more hands-on experience around horses.

What You Need

Sometimes this position covers grooming, feeding and general maintenance, however their main objective is to keep the stable clean. This is a position which benefits from physical strength and endurance, a respect for the equine animal and problem solving skills.

A solid work ethic, a knack for routine and a love of the outdoors are essential elements needed to be a stall cleaner.

Job Description

Usually under the supervision of a barn manager or foreman, stall cleaners are responsible for keeping stalls cleaned, for general maintenance and at times feeding duties. A stall cleaner spends a great deal of time with each animal they clean up after, which puts them in a good position to notice (and report) problems or illness.


Adhering to a cleaning and/ or feeding schedule
Removing waste and wet bedding from stalls
Bedding stalls
Waste management
Sometimes responsible for daily feedings
Usually responsible for general and routine maintenance
Keeping stable area tidy, raking & sweeping
Can be responsible for grooming duties
Alerting stable management of problems with the animals


Some establishments may require a high school diploma for employment, however this is an entry level position which generally requires little to no formal education or training. A challenging position physically, this job is easy to learn and many potential employers will be willing to train good candidates.

The Right Job For You?

If this isn’t your dream horse job, try using the search below to find it. You can also find more horse job descriptions on our careers page.

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64 Comments on “Horse Jobs – Stall Cleaner

  1. sudhirpatel

    I am living in london. My visa catagery is student.But , i want to working with horse. I want to work in stall cleaner. I am responsible, enthusiam, hard working person.

  2. Gatis

    I’m living in Dublin, and I’m looking for a job with the horses! I hawe an expiriance work with a horses! I’m punctual and responsible person who don’t scear to do a hard job and I like horse much!

  3. luis cordero

    im looking for a stall cleaning job or enything that has to do with horses i have expiriance with horses…

  4. brahim mahloul

    > >>>>je suis un cavalier -ouvrier Maocain age de 41 ans sportif ,dynmique
    > >>>>,active ayant une grande experience des travaux des chevaux :15 ans de
    > >>>>service Armée cavalerie ,titulaire du diplome CAT2 cavalerie . je peux
    > >>>>faire le dressage ,entretien des chevaux ;des boxes et du materiel
    > >>>>harnachement , seller ,des soins ;monter ;; aide marichal ferrant ….je
    > >>>>suis disponible pour tout le temp ,jepourais travailler comme vous voudrez ,
    si possible de me faire un contrat de travaille ; je peux travaille dans un milieu equestre: : ferme- club
    > >>>>C/E ecurie ; ellevage …. pour plus d information j ai un passeport ;
    > >>>>j habite au Maroc , dont la tente de votre reponse merci
    > >>>> veillez agrée mes sincères salutations .
    > >>>>
    > >>>> a bientot
    > >>>>
    > >>>>brahim Mahloul

  5. Lily

    I’m looking for a job that has to do with taking care of horses, feedimg horses, giving them water and grooming them. I like horses very much! and even though i dont have one, my friend has one, so i often go and help her out. I am strong physically and capable of doing this kind of a job. I still go to high school so the time i could work at is after 2:30.
    If you would be interested please contact me. Thank you.

  6. christina

    hi im christina 12 years of age an was wondering if there is a job out there for me eto clean up after them and in return lessons for horse riding thankyou

  7. Rose

    I am a 20 year old, who has no former training. But i love horses, and am willing to learn. I would like to feed and care for them. I live in illinois. If you are interested, please contact me. Thank you.

  8. sandy

    I have a child that is 9 and she loves horses it would be her dream come true if she could work for you every day and ride once a week. if you are interested please contact Sandy. thanks!

  9. Jessie

    I am a 12 year old, but I’m almost thirteen. I live in Idaho Falls and I want a job taking care of horses. If someone could please let me know, thank you!


  10. karis.

    Hello i am 16 and am looking for work,so i will be punctual and hard working. i have just completed my work experience on a farm. i really ejoyed it so i am hoping to get a job that is more permanent to learn more. i live in bristol and am still at school but nights and weekends would be perfect.
    anything you want to know email me (:
    i will also start off as a vonlunteer if prefered.

    1. mikayla

      hi do you know of any one that need help because i dont know if you have a job or know some one that can give me a job or whatever but if you do thanks

  11. Anthony Reesh

    Hi im 18 years old i live in centeral new york i can’t really relocate at this time, but im willing to cleaning stalls for now and if their is anything else ill help with that as well, i have 2 years experience, a high school diploma, and a 2 year technical school certificate that certifices me as a vetrinarian assistant and has given me 2 years experience with horses.

  12. Tori Miller

    hi, my name is Tori Miller and i am looking for a job that i can care and love for animals.I have grown up around horses my whole life, i have a 2yr old horse who is able to ride already. I am a hard worker and will not stop working until i get the job done, i love getting dirty no matter what it is for, as long as the animal is happy so am i. if u can please get back to me asap that would be very apprectiated thank you.

    1. bocherlin

      Hi Tori:
      Just wanted to suggest you capitalize your “I’s” and correct your spelling on the word “appreciated”. Lastly, put a period after appreciated. And then capitalize “Thank you”.
      Best of luck,

  13. Alicia Morgan

    Hi my name is Alicia and I love horses I am 18 years old and just finished learning how to clean stalls, groom, and ride horses I would love for a job to do any of these things or even new ones I love to learn anything about them as well as work with them I live in Vero beach fl and I’m looking for any job dealing with horses thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that you consider me for a job thank you and have a nice day.

  14. marissa skelton

    hi im 21 i live in maryland and id love too work with horses cleaning the stalls taking the too there padocks u name it ill do it plz consider me thank you

  15. Dakota

    I am looking for work experence in northern utah vally Utah on a farm or ranch. I still attend High School and would be able to work start work around 2:30. I am extreamly intrested in working with livestock and looking after them, also any farm work is appreciated and will be welcomed. If you are intrested please contact me.
    Thank You

  16. mikayla

    i live in new york and i am looking for a job i work part time at a farm in new york i am strong, good at taking care of horse,i feed horses,i groom horses,ect.i am looking for a job that pays good money

  17. thelms

    im looking for a job for cleaning stables… i have to start some wear and i like animals so i wanna start with horsed since i dnt see them everyday. i get out of schools at 4:00 and like horses i cleaned shables before and im good at it.

  18. dew wetmore

    Hi my name is drew. im 15 yrs old and highly need a job/career. this imparticular job caught my eye,and it would especially help with my future career. im a very hard worker and an accomplished rider.i have a retired race horse and she is a chore, but im the only one who can control/ride her. I have been searching for a job like this in The Dalles,Oregon. please reply with a prompt response.Much is obliged .

    drew wetore

  19. Jenny Hunter

    Hi, i’m jenny and i’m 14, i love horses and always have done. my cousin use to have a horse and i often went adn helped her feed, groom and muck out the stable. i enjoy it very much and would like to do it as a hobby, im in school so it would have to about 4 in the evenings or weekends.

  20. Sunny

    I am 14 and at the moment i am very bored and have nothing to do but im looking for a stall cleaning job because i absoloutely love horses and i am a VERY clean person i clean other peoples mess lol and i am so tidy and i personally think i would be good at this job and i dont really care how much i get payed i just want something to do and i love animals and taking care of them

  21. Cassie

    I am a 20 year old who has just moved to Corfe Mullen Poole, from Basingstoke where I use to take a few riding lessons. I have always loved horses, and am willing to learn. I would like to feed, care and muck out for them. If you are interested, please contact me. Thank you.

  22. Jake

    Hello im 19 years old and im living in central illinois. i a background with horses and other livestock. Im a very hard worker. And i feel i would suit this job very well. Thank you!

  23. bethany

    I am 11 years old and I love horses and I whant this job so I can save up for a skewbald when I am older evan when I was little I loved horses I may be young but I have more energy than a 30 year old I can onlly take a job in black burn

  24. Jeremy

    Hello i was just wondering if there was any jobs in michigan near port huron at all. I also have a love for horses and i worked at Shea Stables for the past 6 years off and on. I was a stable hand out there and i love working with the horses. So im looking for a stable hand job cause i have alot of experience with that sort of job and its really hard to find one like that. Also i was wondering about learning a new horse job like being a breeding attendent. But i wasnt sure if you have to go to school for that or not. So just email me if there is any horse farm hand at all around port huron area.

    Thank You,Jeremy

  25. denise byrne

    i live in dublin and am verry intrestied in horses its my dream i grew up around horses but was to young to help i would love to work with horses as i hope i am in the future, and would love if you get bck to me tnx

  26. Regina

    I am 16.I live in wisconsin and Ilove horses. I am willing to do pretty mich anything. I would love to hear back from you!!!

  27. Nicole Kelling

    I live in Couer d’Alene, Idaho. I have TONS of experience with horses! I have had horses all of my life and know all the ropes. I am 13 years old, and am looking for a job that involves brushing, lunging, cleaning stalls, and the average ranch work(: I currently have two horses, an Arabian hot head, and a western pleasure paint. So i understand the different personalities of different breeds of horses and am always careful, and work with them well;) I don’t get frustrated easily, and I am very patient.

  28. Jessie C.

    Hi, my name is Jessie. I am 17 years old and I live in Newfane, NY.I have been trying to look for a part time job while I finish school but, I have not had the best of luck. I use to clean 6 horse stalls and only got paid $5. I stopped that because I didn’t think I was gettin paid well enough. Today I am going to be starting to clean animal stalls after school at 4 but, I don’t think it will be like a part time job and I do not beleive that the girl will have me do it on a regular basis. If any has any ideas where I could apply at or if you have stalls I could clean or something like that please contact me at or add me on facebook. Please and Thank You.
    -Jessie Curry

  29. Jessie C.

    To continue my other post:
    I am also a house cleaner, I have cleaned my grandpas house and also my neighbors house. I am a babysitter, I have baby sat my 2 younger cousins when I was 13 and I use to baby sit 2 kids down the road from me. I get home from school at 3:00pm. Please contact me if you know of any positions that I could do. Contact me at or you could add me on facebook and message me. Please and Thank You.
    -Jessie Curry

  30. Kaleigh Andrews


    My name is Kaleigh Andrews, I’m 25 years old, and have been looking for employment. I came across your ad for an opening as a farm hand, cleaning and maintaining stables. I live in Rolling Meadows, but I am willing to commute. I do have history with working with horses, cleaning the stalls as well as the horses themselves. We bridled,saddled, brushed out, washed off every horse before and after each session. We volunteered to help at a local stable helping out with not only duties at the barn itself, but also for the well being of the autistic children who were riding the horses. If hired I can guarantee I am prompt, reliable and always efficient with my work but safe. I am up for learning new and challenging tasks, and always make work fun. I also will try to send you my resume if there is a e-mail for that, I thank you for your time in reading this and look forward to hearing back from you soon.

    Kaleigh Andrews

    P.S. e-mail:
    mobile: 224 636 6374

  31. amber lewis

    i am very interested in stable cleaning, ive done it before as i had my own pony im 16, lives in bristol please get ba ck to me as i would love to clean them and get back with horses:)!x
    amber lewisx

  32. Kimberly

    Hello my name is Kimberly, i am 13 and i live in Indiana.
    I have grown up around horses almost my whole life and i love horses so much. I have lots of experience because my friend has a farm with horses and i clean her stalls. I was just wondering if anyone had somewhere i could work on their farm.
    Any questions u can add me on facebook or contact me at
    Thank You
    – Kimberly Kluevein

  33. John Macaluso

    My name is John Macaluso and I am interested in the stable job. I live in Colorado and I am not sure where the job is located. I would really like to get my foot in the door and this seems like a good opportunity.
    John Macaluso

  34. Courtney Durst

    Hello my name is Courtney I am 16 years old and I am looking for a stable job. I love being around horses I would be interested in cleaning, grooming, feeding and more. I live in Delano, Mn and I hope to find a job close by!
    Thank you for your time

  35. Jamie

    Hello, i am looking for part time work in the hamilton, Stoney or burlington area. i have expearince with stall cleaning, feeding ainmals. If you can email me with the email address above i will send you a resume.
    I do ask that you state what farm agancy or group you are with and where you are located because everyone and anyone can read this lol
    Thank you, and have a nice day :)

  36. Kristina

    I am 17 years old. Have been working with horses for 9 years. #1 stall cleaner in my barn that i ride at. I clean 21 stalls daily but not paid. Looking for a paying job either as a stall cleaner or stable hand or groom (can do forelock and tail braid plus running braids, do know how to do other braidings but not as good).

  37. Kenneth

    Dear Si/Madam,

    I would love to learn and do this job. Am 29 Living In indiana.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  38. Anami

    im living in kissimee florida 34741 i want to do this job i dont have experience, contact me
    vivi en kissimmee florida quiero hacer este trabajo, no tengo experiencia, contacteme

  39. Emily

    My names Emily im 18 and live in oakdale, MN I’m looking for a job where I can clean stables, care for horses and be close with horses.

    1. Emily


      HI. We are looking for someone to clean stalls & care for horses
      Please contact us at the email we supplied so we can give you our phone number.


  40. Aly

    I’m 14 years old and I live in Manitoba, Canada. I love working with animals especially with horses because I ride a horse myself. I was wondering if anyone wanted help in a stable cleaning, grooming or taking care of their horses. I would like to be paid in free or cheap lessons not in cash. I am still in school and am flexible in the summers.

  41. Miranda

    Hi there,
    I am a 25 year old female with a 6 year old son. I have been looking for a full-time position outside on a farm/ranch for a few years now. I am posting this response to numerous positions in hopes that someone will contact me back. I currently work in an office and it is killing me. I have come to find that everyone is looking for experienced workers. I love horses and the lifestyle that comes along with them and I have aided in cleaning stables, riding, and bathing horses. I will say that my experience is dated back to 2005/2006, for an accumulated year.

    Regardless, I learn very quickly and have and a passion for this type of work, way of life and having a lifelong bond with such beautiful animals. With a little initial direction of what I need to do, I will perform every task given to the standards expected plus some. I love animals, especially horses, and being outside. I am somewhat OCD so cleaning and organizing come second nature to me. I do have a resume, though I doubt it will pertain to the type of work I am looking for, none the less, I can send it if need be. I plan to leave the job I am at currently for this position.

    If I, in any way, meet your needs, please do not hesitate to contact me! Reply via email and leave a phone number and I will get it immediately on my phone. I live in Nashville and plan to relocate depending on where I am working.

    Thank you,

  42. Ruth West

    Hello, my name is Ruth West, I am a young lady who is looking to work in the stables part-time as a stall cleaner. I live in Los Angeles, California and I have I worked for a couple of farmers in upstate New York. I was a stall cleaner for a lady who owned a small stable that boarded nine horses. It was my responsibility to take the horses to pasture, clean their stalls, bed them with wood shavings, and prepare them with fresh water and hay. I did this for about a year, until I left to focus on college. During the summer break I worked for a hay and corn farmer. I worked as his assistant, learning how to drive his tractors, pound in new fence posts around the pastures, and I grew very strong as we often loaded hay. I worked for him for about eight months until I left to come here to California. I am a reliable worker, who is gentle yet firm around horses. If there is even the smallest opening please let me know as I would greatly like to work around the stables again.


  43. Roselee Wharton

    I am 15 and i really want to work with horses. i have a lot of stamina so i ca handle the physical requirements. I have been around horses a lot and love them. If i could get this job it would be amazing and a great opportunity for me in the future so i can have more experience for becoming a veterinarian.

  44. Karlee

    Hello. My name is Karlee Parr. I am currently sixteen living in Peoria, AZ. I am looking for a Summer job and possibly a permanent job sometime in the near future. I would love to work with horses. I used to volunteer with a rescue organization called AERO in New River, Arizona where I learned about horses and helped to take care of them. I helped get them back to health so that they could be adopted. I have a strong passion for taking care of horses and I would really love to get back into that.

  45. Olivia Davidson

    My name is Olivia, I am 17 and I have always wanted to work with horses. I have ridden and cleaned horses before but never as a paying job. I want to work part time. I live in Liberty, MO and am willing to travel 20 miles outside of Liberty.

  46. Tori Stoner

    Hello, my name is Tori.I’m looking for a stall cleaning position. I’ve been around horses 9+ years. I personally own two of my own horses. I live in Oregon. I am very reasonably priced. The last job I had I worked seven days a week. That included morning feed and turn out, plus I put on fly masks, grazing muzzles, vaccinated and wormed them. Thanks for reading. Contact me if you have any work.

  47. Olivia

    Hi im 12 and i have experience with horses if i could please get a job helping at stables in exchange for money or lessons i can do any work i am for reliable and always on time. I can work after 4 because i have school. And i live in IL. I am currently taking lessons but their quite expensive. It would help me a lot! Thank you!

  48. Rachel Hall

    I am a thirteen year old girl. I live in Mt. Pleasant , PA. I have a horse of my own and my parents don’t have all the money in the world to spend on him. So I want/need a job either grooming, cleaning stalls, etc. As long as I am around horses I’ll be fine. I can get up early, lift heavy things, do anything you need me to do. Yes, I am only thirteen, but you’d be surprised at how much I can do! Please let me know if you’re interested in helping me with a job. It can be in the afternoon or in the morning, it does not matter. Thank you! Feel free to call my mom’s house phone at 724-628-0184.

  49. Sumeera

    hi! I’m Sumeera live in Dubai. i’m looking for job what king job you have i like to do.!
    i need job, and i do my best.! thank you :)

  50. Kristina Horning

    Hi I’m looking for a job to work with horses I have a miniature horse and I would love to try to work with big horses. I lived in Lancaster but I left and moved out to Arizona. And I’m in need of a job. :)

  51. ellie

    hi im 17 years old and i go to college so im looking for a job over holidays and weekends i would love to work with horses and look after them and clean up after them

  52. Amy

    I am 13 years old and I am looking for a job that includes cleaning the stables and horses and also looking after them. I live in Manchester and I have a passion for horses. I would really like somebody to chose me for a job that will give good pay for the work that I put into the job and that I enaure you I will put my all inot the work in the stables
    Yours scincerely Amy

  53. Jenna Wright

    I am 15 and I’m looking for a cleaning job cleaning all the stables I am trust worthy and reliable I would love to get a job for cleaning stables I hope you get back to me soon

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