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horse with horse vetPerhaps one of the most essential horse careers and one that requires the most training to become. A horse veterinarian is an important job which carries the (sometimes) heavy burden of responsibility and unexpected hours.

What You Need

This is a position which benefits from attention to detail, strength of character (and stature) and a love of the outdoors. Horse doctors have their fair share of sad, scary, disgusting, painful and rewarding moments in the course of their daily work.

Required schooling & certification, a superb relationship with the equine animal and the ability to remain calm and organized under pressure are essentials for anyone persuing a career in equine veterinary medicine.

Job Description

Responsible for the overall health of each animal in their charge, including routine medical exams and procedures. A horse doctor works closely with trainers, barn managers, foreman, handlers and owners to ensure horses are being properly fed, exercised and cared for.


Establishing worming & vaccination schedules for each animal
Educating horse owners about horse care & feeding practices
Responding to emergency calls
A variety of first aid duties including stitches, lancing abscesses, cleaning wounds, etc.
Troubleshooting illness symptoms & treating problems
Troubleshooting & correcting leg soundness problems
Troubleshooting & advising the farrier on foot soundness issues and disease
Reproduction cycle from breeding all the way to foaling & routine mare checkups
Advising correction for physical deformities
Prescribing medication


This is a horse position which does require formal eduction, undergrad work as well as a four year program at a veterinary medical school. To even enter the vet programs undergrad students must pass tests meeting admission requirements. Graduates from a vet program must then obtain local licensing (which will vary from country to country & state to state) prior to practicing horse medicine.


A few places to start if you are interested in a career as a horse doctor.

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World Equine Veterinary Association
Association of Equine Veterinary Technicians
American Association of Equine Practitioners
British Equine Veterinary Association
Federation of European Equine Veterinary Associations
Equine Veterinarians Australia
South African Equine Veterinary Association

The Right Job For You?

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      if you want to find a job just go to you can find all the information you need on any career just type in the career and were you want it to be and you will have all the info you need

  1. martina

    i think there should be more about the requirements that you have to have to get into a equine vet school.

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    I don’t mind that you used my photograph from my Flickr photostream for your informational work here, but please remember that it is always respectful and kind to ask permission first.

  3. Ask a vet

    Awesome! I’ve been searching for some useful information on the subject, and thanks to your Horse Jobs – Veterinarian page I can truly fathom what it’s actually about! It’s one of those subjects where everyones an expert, but no one really knows what they’re talking about.

  4. Maddie

    Give them a break- this is to help your interest in a job, not give a full description- note the links underneath “Resources” to give you the full lowdown. Websites are high-maintenence and confusing to keep up with sometimes, so relax and enjoy what this great website has to offer.
    Thanks for the info Paige- I’m only in middle school but I still like to see what’s out there. :)

  5. anya

    i am hoping to be an equine vet but my dad told me an equine vet he knows of told him that she worked as an equine vet however there was a limited amount of work around so she was a bit stuck. im quite determind about this proffession but if i happen to finish 7years of university as an equine vet i would rather know that i will have work to do.

  6. Lauren

    Hi, I’d love to be a equine vet but I was just wondering how much money do they make. I need to do a project in school on our career choices and I was just wondering if you could give me an estimate on what they make?

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    hi i would just like to say i love horses and when i get older cause im only 11 i would pick this job.

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    The monthly/yearly salary, lifestyle implications, and just more facts should be published on the website. The majority of this website is people’s comments about it. You should add more information. Please and thank you.

  9. Averie

    Hey People!
    According to the website [American Association of Equine Practitioners] The average yearly income of an equin vet in one of the last few years was $111,304 each year. The income varies depending on where they practice and if they practice privately or for a university or the government.

  10. Morgan

    where are some various places that you work? can you run your own business in your backyard?

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