List of Groovy Horse Movies of the 1960s

Horse Movies from the 1960'sHorse movies of the 1960’s including cheeky favorites like The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit to all time classics like Misty of Chincoteague.

Each one provides a brief description with links to their IMDB & where they can be purchased online. Enjoy!

Misty of Chincoteague (1961)

Misty (of Chincoteague)Based on the book by Marguerate Henry, Misty is a story about a young brother & sister who fall in love with a wild mare at the Chicoteague round up & auction. They find out later Misty has a surprise.

Miracle of the White Stallions (1963)

Miracle of the White StallionsTakes place during WWII in Austria when the Lipizzaner breed was almost demolished. Director of the Spanish Riding School appealed to General Patton to his animals. Patton agrees to help thus preserving the breed.

Run, Appaloosa, Run (1966)

Run, Appaloosa, RunRun, Appaloosa, Run is the story of a Nez Perce girl (Mary) who trains & performs on horses as a trick rider. She adopts an orphan colt until he is forced out of her hands and through several bad owners before they are reunited.

The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit (1968)

The Horse in the Gray Flannel SuitThe story of a man named Fred who manages to solve his two biggest problems in one swoop. He creates an ad campaign around a new horse for his daughter to compete with and to market his bosses product.

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72 Comments on “List of Groovy Horse Movies of the 1960s

  1. Sandra Cole

    Am looking for a movie used to show on after school specials. It was a foreign film about a little boy who loved a carousel pony. the pony was bought the boy found it in someones backyard and pony became real. It came out some time in 60s?

    1. tom

      I believe you are thinking of “The little wooden horse” 1966 which you should be able to find on youtube. The title of the picture is the Merry go round horse. I was trying to find a 60’s movie with the same idea, but I thought the one I saw was a black and white film. Maybe this is it?

        1. Sandra Cole

          Thanks Tom love ya. I remember it as black and white too. I also remember it being a bit longer and the pony being a welsh pony and the wooden horse much prettier. Oh well that was what46 years ago.

    1. Brittany

      I am wondering if someone can maybe help me out. I saw a movie when i was little and i dont remember much all i can remember is a young boy and his dad or grandfather teaching him how to take care of these three wooden carousel type horses that stayed up in this tower above this village. Its set during war times and the young boy makes friends with a soldier who is stationed at this village and at the end of the movie is killed in his car.

      1. anid123

        i’m also searching this movie for a very long time. Everytime i try to explain, seems like nobody ever heard of it. I would realy want to find it. If you ever find out please let me know.=)


    i don’t know the one you mentioned but try “MIRACLE OF THE WHITE STALLIONS” ITS A TURE STORT MY GRANDPA

    1. Suzanne Denney

      Shannon, I believe that I have this film on VHS, however, I’ve packed up a lot of those because I’m getting things in order for a move in the spring and also because my VHS player isn’t working. I will keep an eye out for it as we pack and if i find it I will contact you with the title.

  3. Mama Squirrel

    Trying to identify a film we saw at school in the early 1970’s–could have been from the ’60’s but may be older than that. Two children are trying to hide a horse from their parents–I think its name was Pal. Any ideas?

      1. kimberly

        OMG! I read that book too! I think the horse’s name was Big Boy or something like that.

  4. cher

    I saw a film at school in the ’70s about a white pony. There was almost no talking in the film. There was an introverted boy who was attracted to the pony. Toward the end of the film, the pony became stuck in a marsh. Adults could not find a way to rescue the pony and were going to leave it to die. The boy refused to give up and finally (miracle) *spoke* to call the pony. I believe he called it Philippe. The pony reponded to the boy and began to fight for his life freeing himself from the mire.
    Anyone know this film? It is NOT “White Mane” by the same director who made “The Red Balloon”. I thought i had finally tracked it down when I found “White Mane” but that’s not it :(

    1. Lora

      The white pony stuck in the mud movie is “Run Wild Run Free” starring Mark Lester (Oliver!) as Philip and Gordon Jackson. Someone mentioned it in an earlier post. Great emotional movie.

  5. Bruce

    I remember a movie/documentary, I believe by Disney, and I believe from the 1960s, about a medicine hat, it’s life growing up. No actors, just narration. One scene I remember is when the medicine hat was attacked by a mountain lion (and survived) and the female lion “scolded” the male who missed the kill. Anyone have idea of what this movie is called?

  6. Karen Cecile

    I am looking for the name of a movie about a boy I think who could talk to horses. He could hear what they were saying until he became a teenager and then he lost the gift and could not hear their thoughts anymore. Time period 60’s I think. Thanks for your help.

    1. Kevin

      Name of movie is My brother talks to horses (1949)
      On TCM channel. Great movie..especially for kids,

  7. Kathryn K

    Hi! I saw a movie when I was much younger about an orphan girl with a stutter and a red horse that she tames to save one of the priests who works at her school. If it’s any help, the only details I remember is that she had a pet snake, she played with puzzle blocks given to her by a teacher in the beginning of the movie, and the horse kicked at the stable and knocked out panels to make the shape of a cross, which is why the priest bought him.

  8. Cassie

    OK, My mom has been trying for some years now to remember the name of a movie she saw as a kid. She was born in 61 so it would have to be sometime after 65′ at least for her to remember it, I believe it was more along 70’s but IDK. It is about a girl who is driving some horses to a sanctuary? She has to drive them across highways and deserts and no one is supposted to help her….apparently when she reaches the biggest obstacle highway the trucks/semi’s park sideways across the road to block it while she drives the horses across….anyone? thanks!

  9. Mama Squirrel

    I finally found “my” movie! It’s “The Pony,” by Lawrence Cherry, 1955, produced by the National Film Board of Canada. Definitely a groovy horse movie!

  10. Barbara

    I’m looking for a film, in itially set in USA about an almost uncontrollable hore, who went on to be ridden by David Broome winning major tournaments and olympics. The horse’s name was Sunsalve.

  11. Dorothy

    Run, Appaloosa, Run was my favorite movie when I was a kid. I wanted to race horses like Mary and have always been an Appy lover since that movie.

  12. Billy

    Ok, how about the worst horse movie, if not the worst movie ever, it’s about wild horses circa 1870’s ish and they were going around kicking the %$&^@#$ out of humans. I think it was titled “1000 Horses”, and I believed it was released in the early 1960’s.

  13. Rob Sheppard

    For all of you who love paint horses, I’m trying to get info on a TV and Movie horse used in hundreds of TV westerns during the 50’s and early 60’s.Ususally ridden by the Indian Chief. Almost always showed up in any scene of a group of indians, also saw him in some of the movie westerns of the times.
    A black and white tobiano, large white blaze, and a large white slash across his left neck, behind the head. A 50/50 mix of color (looks black and white.) Who owned him and supplied him to the studios? He is probably the most noticible and famous “unknown horse” around. Help me out please!!!

  14. Daniela

    Hi there, I am desperate….im looking for an old Horse movie, I think it was in black and white: its about a boy who lives on a farm, his horse always picks him up from school, when his Dad has to sell the horse because of a drought, the horse makes his way back to the boy and the farm….just in time to pick the boy up from school and the rain to start… Any ideas?

    1. Mary Baldwin

      You are thinking about The Gypsy Colt. That was my favorite movie when I was growing up. I tried to get my horse to do some of the stuff in that movie, but alas, didn’t happen.

  15. Suzy

    O.k. this is a long shot, I’ve been searching for almost 30 years for this movie, and I swear that the new film coming out “War Horse” is a remake of a black and white 50’s or 60’s film, but supposedly it’s based on a book written in 1982…Order of events are fuzzy, but it’s a typical boy loves horse movie, at some point horse gets sick and boy/young man rigs a sling to hold him up so he won’t die and horse gets better…young man and horse get drafted into the army overseas, YM gets shot out in the jungle and whistles for horse who comes running and drags YM back to camp. YM has to be sent home because of his injuries but horse has to stay. As YM leaves the shore in huge military vessel, horse jumps the fence, races into the sea swimming behind vessel, which eventually lets down a “drawbridge” and horse climbs aboard. Happy ending! Does this sound familiar to anyone???

    1. anne

      I too remember seeing this film when i was little and has always stuck in my mind . sorry i dont know the name of this film but would love to find out, i also think that War Horse the new Steven Spielberg movie is a remake of this film,
      Can anyone help please

      1. Elvera

        This movie has had me stumped ever since I saw shorts on TV. I knew the story straight away, I’ve since seen War Horse and am certain the movie I saw years ago (can’t remember when) is the same story. I would love to know what it was called. I think it was a black and white, English film

    2. nancy

      i also watched this movie and i only remember the horse swimming. ive thought of this movie often as i raise horses now and they are my passion

  16. Janice Allen

    I have been looking for a movie since the 1960’s. It was shown at the theater in about 1958 or 1959. It wa about a girl who falls in love with this white horse, but when the ranch hands go to brand it, she won’t let it be branded because it would put a mark on the spotless white fur. I do not remember who was in the movie, but it was one of the earliest movies I went to before or right after my mother re-married.

    1. Carla

      Janice….I have been looking for this movie….the little girl picked up a branding iron and was going to brand her chest and was stopped…the name of the movie was WILDFIRE I believe….but am still looking for it.

  17. shelley

    Suzy…I, too, remember that movie as a child! And I swear it sounds like the new movie “War Horse”. I have been trying to find it on the internet…No one else seems to remember it. If you do find out, I’d love to know. Thanks.

  18. christine

    OK guys does anyone no the name of the old horse movie that yous have mentioned (Suzy and Shelley) where he goes to war. the horse swims after owner at end. i really need to know as my mum keeps mentioning it! x

  19. Rachel

    I too was reminded of this black and white film which I saw as a pony-mad child. My mum was sure that ‘War Horse’ was a remake of it, until I convinced her the book was only written in the 1980’s! I too found ‘Gallant Bess’ via another site, but it was a colour movie and we definitely had a colour TV set when I was a kid, so I’m sure that’s not it. Suzy, I too strongly remember the scene with the sling and the one where the horse is swimming out to the boat.

    In this information age, I’m sure we will track it down!

    1. Shauna

      I have also been looking for this same movie. I especially remember a jungle scene. My dad and I went to it in the theatre when I was a kid. It’s not Run Appoloosa Run, I remember that one (even had a Brayer horse named Holey Smoke. I wonder if there was a color remake of Gallent Bess?

  20. tiffany mertz

    I am looking for an older movies at the
    beginning a mother horse gives birth n
    dies is sent to glue factory while a lil girl trains the horse to compete pls let me know if u know what it is

  21. Tom

    I am looking for the name of a movie I saw when I was younger. I believe it to be a Disney movie. I may be combining movies but this one was about an indian boy (I seem to recall that he had a white bottom side) and an appaloosa horse. Any suggestions?

  22. shannon

    Could it have been the 1967 movie “Run Appaloosa Run”? About the Nez Perce breeding of Apps. and the suicide race. There is also an Australian Shepherd dog that plays an important role. Super movie!

  23. Brenda Redford

    I am looking for a film that has the song Mares eat Oats etc. I am sure it had horses in it, probably showjumping ones.
    please reply to my email address if possible.

  24. Mac Fritz

    Looking for a movie about a tiny horse, in canyons and many people are trying to get it. This is all I can remember. Plesae reply to my email address.
    Thank you.

    1. Shirl johns

      I am looking for this same movie title, and it’s driving my crazy . any know the name of the movie about the tiny little horse in the canyon s that people are trying to catch?

  25. Bob Gold

    Janice Allen wrote: “…when the ranch hands go to brand it, she won’t let it be branded because it would put a mark on the spotless white fur.” Janice, I too saw this movie and can’t remember the name. Pretty sure it was in the early ’60s and was in color. The girl tries to brand herself in protest (she is stopped – phew!) Wish I knew the title.

  26. Bob Gold

    Janice: Found the answer. The movie is Snowfire from 1958. The girl’s name is Molly. Remember it like it was yesterday.

  27. Dennis


  28. Cyndi

    Does anyone remember a 1960’s Disney movie about a palomino paso fino, the movie title I believe was “Cristobalito”?
    Another great Disney horse movie from this time period was “Tonka”, which was a true story about the army horse Comanche, the only survivor of Custer’s last stand at Little Big Horn.

    1. Ruby

      I do recall seeing a movie about a palomino named Cristobolito as a Wonderful world of Disney TV movie. All I recall is the horse in the desert and some seriously intense background music for dramatic effect. I would really like to find again.

  29. Amy Collen

    Looking for a movie – probably 1960s where in a wild stallion that no one can catch is discovered trapped in a mud pit by a boy who then ropes him and pulls him out of the mud (rescues and captures him). I can’t remember more than that and would love to see it again! I think it was black and white and was a Western.

  30. Wanda

    I remember seeing the movie with the horse in the mud pit and the horse swimming out to the boat but sorry I do not remember the names of either and I would like to know also. I have several horse movies since I have loved horses my whole life and now am 61. I owned horses for about 35 yrs and still love them to this day. I buy all I can……

  31. Hannah

    I am looking for a movie about a horse stolen from a couple, they were killed and the house burned. When the boy saw that his father’s horse has been taken away by thieves he followed the horse anywhere and one day while he was in the dessert he sung the song Home on the range just to comfort and encourage himself… he’s hopeful enough that he will see his horse again ..That movie is very heart touching and I wanted to see it again but I really forgot the title … I saw that movie if im not mistaken 15 years ago…CAN ANYBODY HELP ME PLEASE….

  32. Tracy

    Hoping you can help even though its a long shot. Sketchy details about the movie. All I can remember is it was about a girl and her horse and the horse would run faster when the girl heard a rhythm in her head. Probably from the 60’s.

  33. Amy

    I watched a film quite a long time ago I can remember most of the film I just can’t remember the name. At the beginning a women was riding a white male horse in a compotion, and the women got injerded, the husband lock the horse in a shed because he thought the horse was dangerous. Then a man with a package drove up and saw the horse and asked the man owner why the horse is lock in a shed and when the owner left the other man stole the horse and looked after the horse and called the horse ghost. The man saw a women who was blind and he got her to ride the horse. Further on in the film the proper owner (man) wanted to shoot the horse because he thought the horse was dangerous but the horse had escaped into a wood and the man went to look for the horse, he found the horse. That’s all I remember. CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE.

  34. Steve Ball

    This is driving my wife mad! It’s a song that featured a ‘milk white pony’ on a beach ‘about a hundred years ago’, these a some of the lyrics and she thinks, though she’s not sure that it appeared in a film or TV programme in the mid 1960’s.
    Please, can anyone help????


    I’m looking for 2 movies which I saw when I was little:
    – 1 is about a girl who jumps with her horse from very high into a ‘swimming pool’ and she gets blinds because of hitting the water on a bad way, the jumping with her horse is her job
    – the other movie, I cannot remember a lot, but I remember a piece where a jeep and trailer + horse fall into a ravine, then other thing I can remember is the horse being held in a ‘bag’ into her stable on a ranch to recover
    Can anybody help me with these names?

    1. sarah mc

      The movie was ” Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken” with Gabrielle Anwar from Burn Notice as the main character, Sonora.

  36. andy

    Hi I’m looking for a film that starred either micky rooney or melvyn hayes it’s about a horse called best the army land on a desert island and saw this horse and had to trade gold for the horse please could anyone let me no the name of this film I think it’s late 60s or 70s thank you can contact me on 07808229639

  37. Derek

    Hi im looking for a black an white movie about an indian seeing his first horse coming up to him and thinking its a god its one of the first spanish horses, it came riding up to him with out a rider daniel boone did the narrating

  38. Wayne

    This has been driving me slowly insane. A man (thought it was Glenn Ford, but not sure) tames a horse with a white star on its forehead. While out riding he is knocked unconscious and the horse drags him back to the ranch. The man goes off to war, and when he gets back the horse has been sold. He eventually finds the horse in poor condition trying to pull a cart and being whipped by a man, in an alley way behind a bar. Please help me!!!

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