A List of Horse Movies of the 21st Century

Horse Movies from the 21st CenturyOut of everything we’ve written, it seems that the most popular post is our list of horse movies. People really seem to like it & while it’s a great list, it needed some organization. So we’ve categorized them by decade of release.

Modern Classics

Today it’s all about horse movies of the 21st Century which has some fantastic flicks to offer like animated favorite Spirit of the Cimarron, Seabiscuit the tearjerker & the inspirational Hidalgo. Each one provides a brief description with links to their IMDB, a clip of the film & where they can be purchased online. Enjoy!

All the Pretty Horses (2000)

All the Pretty HorsesTwo Texas cowboys head to Mexico in search of work, but soon find themselves in trouble with the law after one of them falls in love with a wealthy rancher’s daughter. Based on the novel by Cormac McCarthy.

All the Pretty Horses | Amazon | Amazon Video | IMDB | Movie Trailer

Horse Crazy (2001)

Horse CrazyThree horse crazy kids sneak away to Nevada in the hopes of capturing mustangs to ride home. They have an adventure which ends in outsmarting a ring of horse thieves & returning a prized stallion to his owner.

Amazon | IMDB

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (2002)

Spirit: Stallion of the CimarronSpirit is a colt who becomes leader of his herd until he is captured by humans & sold to the US army. He manages to escape with the help of a native American boy & falls for one of his tribes mares.

Amazon | Amazon Video | IMDB | Movie Trailer

Touching Wild Horses (2002)

Touching Wild HorsesTouching Wild Horses is the story of a boy who looses his family in car accident and is sent to live with his reclusive aunt who lives on an island and studies horses. They become close and together try to save an orphaned foal.

Touching Wild Horses | Amazon | IMDB | Movie Trailer

Virginia’s Run (2002)

Virginia's RunThe story of a 13 year old girl who looses her mother in a riding accident & is forbidden to ride by her father. In secret she has been visiting the animals & falls in love with a young colt named Stormy who takes to her instantly.

Amazon | IMDB | Movie Trailer

Big Spender (2003)

Big SpenderBig Spender is the story of a man who has habitual trouble with the law. He enters a program for convicts who work with horses & transforms the life of a horse named Big Spender, also transforming his own.

Amazon | IMDB | Movie Trailer

Seabiscuit (2003)

SeabiscuitThe true story of Seabiscuit, a racehorse in the US during the great depression. Not only does Seabiscuit inspire a nation of down & out citizens, he breathes new life into the man who buys him, the man who trains him & the man who rides him.

Amazon | IMDB | Movie Trailer

Straight from the Heart (2003)

Straight from the HeartA photographer finds herself disappointed with her life & current relationship. She allows herself to be set up with a horse rancher out west. It’s initially rocky, but through a love of riding they find common ground & warm to one another.

Amazon | IMDB | Clip of the film

Young Black Stallion (2003)

Young Black StallionA prequel that tells the story of Neera who is separated from her father during WWII. While lost in the desert she finds a young colt who she names Shetan. An animal who will later help to restore her grandfather as a trainer.

Young Black Stallion | Amazon | Amazon Video | IMDB | Film Clip

Hidalgo (2004)

HidalgoThe tale of an American pony express rider who travels to the Arabian desert with his mustang to race in the Ocean of Fire endurance race. During the race, the mustang shows his true colors against Arabian horses bred for this race.

Hidalgo | Amazon | Amazon Video | IMDB | Movie Trailer

The Long Shot (2004)

The Long ShotAbout a single mother who moves her family & her horse to California where she takes a job as a ranch hand at a stud farm. She decides to take a chance by entering into a competition which causes problems for her horse.

The Long Shot (2004) | Amazon | Amazon Video | IMDB | Film Clip

Dreamer: Inspired by A True Story (2005)

Dreamer: Inspired by a true storyInspired by the true story of a horse trainer with an empty barn & financial troubles. He & his daughter save a racehorse with a broken leg, believing that she deserves a second chance. As their family heals the horse she heals them too.

Amazon | IMDB | Movie Trailer

Racing Stripes (2005)

Racing StripesRacing Stripes is a story about a baby zebra, left behind by his circus & found by a former racehorse trainer. The second Stripes sees the racetrack he wants to race & starts an intense training mission with the help of his new master.

Racing Stripes | Amazon | Amazon Video | IMDB | Movie Trailer

The Colt (2005)

The ColtSet during the civil war, The Colt is the story of a foal born to a union soldier’s mare. He refuses his orders to shoot the foal because he believes it to be a symbol of hope & keeps the struggling baby alive in the world of chaos.

Amazon | IMDB | Movie Trailer

The Derby Stallion (2005)

The Derby StallionThe Derby Stallion is a movie about a 15 year old boy Patrick whose parents want him to plan his future. He falls in love with riding and dreams of winning the Grand National on his horse Rusty and trains with that goal in mind.

Amazon | Amazon Video | IMDB | Movie Trailer

Thicker Than Water (2005)

Thicker Than WaterA high-powered lawyer learns that her father had a wife before her mother and decides to learn about her fathers previous life. In doing so she meets an extended family and woman who is passionate about saving the horses on her land.

Amazon | IMDB | Clip of the film

Flicka (2006)

FlickaA remake of the 1947 film, Flicka is the story of a headstrong girl who falls for an even more headstrong filly. The horse helps her to overcome relationship troubles with her father & gives her a newfound confidence.

Flicka | Amazon | Amazon Video | IMDB | Movie Trailer

Moondance Alexander (2007)

Moondance AlexanderInspired by a true story, Moondance Alexander is about a spirited teen who is bored with summer until she discovers an escaped pinto pony. She returns the pony to its owner & convinces him the pony is special enough to compete.

Amazon | Amazon Video | IMDB | Movie Trailer

Ruffian (2007)

RuffianDetails the life of the racing sensation Ruffian. A record breaking filly who won against everything she raced until her second season when she suffered a nasty fall. The fall was tragic, not just to her racing career but to her young life.

Amazon | IMDB | Flim Clip

The Wild Horse Redemption (2007)

The Wild Horse RedemptionAt a prison in the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, hard-core criminals are given 90 days to tame wild mustang horses. Most of the inmates who volunteer for the program have never even ridden a horse. This is their story.

The Wild Horse Redemption | IMDB | Movie Trailer

Every Second Counts (2008)

Every Second CountsEvery Second Counts is the tale of a girl who is gifted with horses & has the ability to become a champion. She is faced with the tough decision of pursuing her father’s equestrian dreams or going to college & following her own heart.

Every Second Counts | Amazon | Amazon Video | IMDB | Film Clip

The Horse Boy (2009)

The Horse BoyChronicles the journey of the Isaacson family as they travel through Mongolia in search of a mysterious shaman who they believe can heal their autistic son. This film delves into the strange world of autism, horses, shamanism & Mongolia.

The Horse Boy | Amazon | Amazon Video | IMDB | Film Trailer

The Wild Stallion (2009)

The Wild StallionA story about two girls, CJ and Hanna. Hanna visits CJ at her ranch & decides to photograph wild horses for a school project. The girls become great friends & learn of a plot that might jeopardize the mustangs.

The Wild Stallion | Amazon | Amazon Video | IMDB | Film Trailer

Flicka 2 (2010)

Flicka 2Carrie is a big-city teenager whose life is turned upside down when she moves to a horse ranch in Wyoming to live with her father. Everything changes when Carrie meets Flicka, a jet-black mustang.

Flicka 2 | Amazon | Amazon Video | IMDB | Film Trailer

Horse Crazy Too (2010)

Horse Crazy TooWhen a prize foal is stolen, two young siblings & their babysitter must work together to catch the thieves before their family’s ranch goes into foreclosure. A dangerous journey lies ahead, but with a little mountain magic.

Horse Crazy Too | Amazon | Amazon Video | IMDB | Film Trailer

Secretariat (2010)

SecretariatPenny Chenery Tweedy and colleagues guide her long-shot but precocious stallion to set, in 1973, the unbeaten record for winning the Triple Crown. The story of a truly amazing racehorse.

Secretariat | Amazon | Amazon Video | IMDB | Film Trailer

The Turin Horse (2011)

The Turin HorseA Hungarian drama film about a rural farmer who is forced to confront the mortality of his faithful horse. The film is in black-and-white, shot in only 30 long takes & depicts the repetitive daily lives of the horse & its owner.

The Turin Horse | Amazon | IMDB | Film Trailer

War Horse (2011)

War HorseThis epic adventure is the tale of loyalty, hope & tenacity. Based on the Broadway play & set against the canvas of World War I, this heartfelt story begins with the remarkable friendship between a horse & his young owner.

War Horse | Amazon | Amazon Video | IMDB | Film Trailer

Flicka: Country Pride (2012)

Flicka: Country PrideToby & Flicka come to Cherry Creek Farms to serve as stable manager for a family in financial & emotional stress. Kelly is a teenager who lives on the ranch & quickly befriends the beautiful Flicka.

Flicka: Country Pride | Amazon | Amazon Video | IMDB | Film Trailer

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166 Comments on “A List of Horse Movies of the 21st Century

  1. Caroline McCasland

    Thanks so much for putting this list together.Some I knew , but I’ll be scouring the video store!

  2. Heidi

    There was a made for tv movie about a boy who’s mom dies and his father is on an oil rig…He travels on his horse to the port where his father worked. Ring any bells? I can’t remember the title.

    1. Ange

      Hello Heidi that movie is called Flash. I love that movie been trying to find a copy of it for a few years now,

      the boy ends up riding the chestnut horse across America to get to his father.

      1. banchegal

        About a year ago I was sleeping and woke to the beggining of a movie about. A girl who goes to a race and sees a horse that wont race the owner sayss that he’d sell the horse for a bag of peanuts so she gives him a bag of peanuts and then later on in the movie the girl and horse can talk to each other and the horse can race as long as he listens to music when he races I know that its a disney channel movie any ideas as to which movie it is although I know it isn’t any of the movies onthis whole page

        1. mcmm

          banchegal —-it’s called ready to run :)

          doesn’t any one know about an old show, maybe on abc family, about a kind of troubled girl who moves in with distant family or something on a farm. She is really into photography and ends up building a relationship with one of the more wild horses there. Googles been no help :(

          1. Whisper2Me

            mcmm… it’s called Caitlyn’s Way.. about a girl who goes to live with her aunt who’s a vet, and they find a buckskin horse named Bandit? I watched that show a TON when it first came out :)

          2. 1DHanson

            It is called the Wild Stallion, and I have the Movie it has Miranda Cosgrove

  3. Laekin

    I remember a movie from a long time ago that I had seen… there was a little girl and a black horse they both get hurt I think maybe in a car crash and they give the little girl the horse for her birthday and the barn catches on fire during the party… the horses name was Jett… its been so loong… does anyone know what movie this is???

    1. kallee

      thats not the name of the movie i want to see that movie if one of you can let me know the name i would really like it

      1. lilly

        i like the book but i havnt seen the movie. sounds good. i will look for it. spirit has been my favorite horse movie ever since i can remember though:)

    2. Amber

      I’m pretty sure that one is the horse whisperer. He tries to get the horse and the girl over the fear.

  4. Trisha

    Hi Laekin, Maybe its this movie..Dark Horse is a 1992 American drama film

    The plot focuses on new-girl-in-town Allison Mills, a teenager who recently lost her mother. When she hangs out with the wrong crowd, she gets into trouble and is sentenced to community service at a local stable. There she comes to love spending time with the animals until an auto mobile accident cripples her and her favourite horse Jet. The wheelchair-bound girl learns to overcome her handicap through the indomitable spirit of the steed, who overcomes the odds and runs again.

    1. Suzi

      Thanks so much for that Trisha! I have been wondering about the name of that movie for months now, and finally decided to get off my butt and go looking for it.
      Used to be one of my favorite films as a teenager, and was hoping to share it with my girls who are almost the same age as i was when i watched it! (Scary lol)

      Thanks again!

  5. Daisy

    Of course, we knew that there would eventually be a feature film about the great Secretariat! And it’s really good!

  6. sophie

    hi i am looking for the name of a film because i cant remember it, the film is about a girl who goes out riding in the snow and comes onto the road an a lorry comes and her freinds dies, her horse is injured and she dont want to ride again, her mum trys to get her horse re-trained and rideable so takes him to a horse trainer but the girl dont want anything to do with it but she ends up getting back on it.

    thanks :)

    1. Cassie

      I believe the movie is called horse whisperer with scarlett johanson… srry for the spelling :)
      hope that was the movie you were looking for!
      It’s one of my favorites

    1. isabel trujiilo

      Hi im tring to find a movie about this girl who gets separated from her father and is sent to a little farm with her uncle. And her uncle gives her a little donkey as a present. And the middle of the movie her brother and uncle gets into a plane crash and the donkey comes and save her. So what is the movie called?

  7. Lora

    Does anyone remember a 1990’s movie where both a black horse and young brown-haired girl break their legs? It is Autumn and a truck is pulling the horse trailer. The driver looses control of the truck and the horse trailer rolls down a hill. Horse survives, but is in critical condition. The horse has broken legs. The young girl has broken legs. The girl has casts placed on each leg, while the horse is attached to a sling set up in the barn. The girl looks out her bedroom window towards the barn and longs to be with the horse, but can no longer walk. Father comes into her bedroom and is angry that the girl is not trying to do physical therapy. Her bones are beginning to set. If she does not start physical therapy soon she will never walk again. Girl sees the family farm tracker (without driver) crash into barn were horse is. She wobbles outside and into barn to find horse alive, but down. She talks to the horse, encouraging it to walk. With the girl holding onto the lead rope, the horse stands up, pulling girl to her feet, and dragging her from the barn. Horse is healed from its injuries and can walk/run again. This gives hope and encouragement for the girl to make a full recovery too. At end of movie, both horse and girl can walk/ride again. What is the title of this movie?

    1. UNKNOWN

      The movie you are thinking about is called “Dark Horse”. I do not remember what year it was. Also another good movie is coyote Summer. Beautiful friesan in that movie as gorgeous as the friesan in Ladyhawke.

  8. Lora


    Thank you for replying to my post. I am so glad that you knew the title of the movie I was looking for. I researched “Dark Horse” and the original movie was maded in 1992. I knew that the movie was an early 1990’s movie; I just did not know the exact year. Thanks to your posted information, I now do. Again, thank you for the title.

  9. horse loverrrr

    I just wanna say that I love this lists they are great!!!

    everyone have to see the movies, the long shot and mondance alexander!!!

    I’ve seen them a thousend times and everytime I have to cry again !!!

    Thanks for the list xx horseloverrr

  10. gillian shelper

    The film I am trying to identify is of a horse called Pie and a girl who had to pretend to be a boy in order to be able to ride the horse.

    1. crissie

      hey the movie you have recalled about the girl who gets a finnished race horse for a bag of peanuts is called THUNDER BOLT its a disney movie im just not quite sure when it was filmed. hope you are able to find a copy

    2. Davandra

      The movie you are looking for is called “National Velvet” starring Elizabeth Taylor and Mickey Rooney.

  11. TSL

    “The film I am trying to identify is of a horse called Pie and a girl who had to pretend to be a boy in order to be able to ride the horse.”

    —National Velvet (a classic) :)

  12. Lora

    gillian shelper,

    The movie you are trying to identify is called “National Velvet” (1945).

    In the English coastal village of Sewels in Sussex, twelve-year-old Velvet Brown and her older sisters, Edwina and Malvolia, happily finish their last day of school before summer vacation. While walking home, Velvet meets young drifter Mi Taylor and strikes up a conversation with him. As the horse-crazy girl is talking to Mi, she sees a beautiful, rambunctious gelding being chased by its owner, farmer Ede, and is awestruck. When Ede then questions Mi about his business in Sewels in Sussex, Velvet, who is impressed by Mi’s knowledge of horses, insists that he has been invited to dine with her family. That evening at dinner, Mrs. Brown asks Mi, whom she has never before met, about an address book with her name written in it, and he reveals that it belonged to his now-deceased father. Although Mrs. Brown is deliberately secretive about her relationship with Mi’s father, she does invite Mi to spend the night in the stable. Velvet then tries in vain to convince her father Herbert, a butcher who prides himself on his thrift and self-control, to hire Mi as a delivery boy. When he and his wife discuss the matter later, however, the wise, persuasive Mrs. Brown easily changes his mind. Later, Velvet confesses to her mother that she has “fallen in love” with The Pie and asks her about Mi’s father. Mrs. Brown, a former swimmer, reveals that when she was twenty, Mi’s father was her devoted trainer and inspired her to swim the English Channel, a feat never before accomplished by a woman. Mrs. Brown adds that she declined to tell the obviously embittered Mi about his father because she felt that it was not the proper time to do so. Unaware that he has just stolen all of her mother’s savings from the kitchen, Velvet rushes to tell Mi the news about his new job and home. Mi covers up his theft and accepts the job, then, chagrined, sneaks back to the kitchen to return the money. Later, Velvet coaxes Mi into taking her on a delivery to farmer Ede’s, and on the way, Mi states that he was once thrown by a horse and now hates them. As they are watching The Pie in the field, the horse jumps Ede’s wall and dashes off toward town. After estimating the length of the horse’s jump, the astounded Mi mutters that The Pie could jump “Beecher’s Brook.” The Pie’s subsequent rampage through the village leads Ede to decide to raffle off the horse. Mr. Brown at first refuses to allow Velvet to participate in the raffle, but when Mi proudly announces that he has bought tickets for all of the children, Mr. Brown relents. Although Velvet confidently proclaims that her number, 62, is going to be selected, another number is drawn, and Velvet collapses with disappointment. Later, however, Velvet learns that when the winning number was not claimed, a second number, 62, was drawn, and she is awarded The Pie. Velvet then asks Mi about “Beecher’s Brook” and he reluctantly reveals that it is a difficult jump at the Grand National Steeplechase course. Velvet spends her first day with The Pie racing through the countryside, but her joy is cut short when her father insists that the horse earn his keep by pulling the delivery cart. As soon as he is hitched, however, The Pie bolts and destroys the cart, causing Mr. Brown to denounce Mi as a meddler. Later, Velvet reveals to Mi that she wrote away to the Aintree race course for entrance papers to the Grand National Steeplechase. Although Mi tries to discourage her, Velvet asks her mother for permission to enter the race, which includes a 100-pound entrance fee. After Mi admits that The Pie is good enough to win, Mrs. Brown gives Velvet the 100 pounds she earned for her Channel swim, which she has been saving in anticipation of a “breath-taking piece of folly” like The Pie. Mrs. Brown and Velvet then entrust Mi to deliver the money to Aintree, and although he is tempted to abscond with it while in London, Mi carries out his assignment, impressing even Mr. Brown. When Mi tells Velvet that he was unable to find a jockey or a trainer in London, she persuades him to train the horse by promising him one-half of any Grand National winnings. Over the next several months, Velvet and Mi, a former jockey, rigorously train The Pie. During the winter, The Pie becomes seriously ill, and the entire Brown family worries as Mi struggles to save him. The Pie survives, and come spring, Velvet and Mi leave for Aintree. There they meet with Ivan Taski, a Latvian jockey whom Mi hired through the mail. Taski’s lackluster attitude toward the race convinces both Velvet and Mi that they cannot win with him, and on the eve of the contest, they find themselves with no jockey. Velvet then tries to convince Mi to ride The Pie, but he tearfully refuses, explaining that during a race in Manchester, he pushed his horse too hard and caused a collision that resulted in the death of another jockey. Later, however, when Mi is alone with The Pie, he realizes he must challenge his fears in order to make Velvet’s dream come true. After riding The Pie around the track, Mi rushes to tell Velvet that he wants to race, but discovers that she has donned jockey clothes and is determined to ride the race herself. Although Mi tells her that she will be disqualified, Velvet insists that Mi cut her hair and help her with her impersonation. Claiming not to speak English, Velvet convinces the officials that she is Taski and undertakes the arduous race, with The Pie at one-hundred-to-one odds. As horse after horse drops out, Velvet steadily gains ground and wins the race, cheered on by a joyful Mi. Just after finishing, however, Velvet collapses from exhaustion, and the track doctor soon discovers her true sex. As predicted, The Pie is disqualified, but Velvet is nonetheless heralded as a hero throughout England and earns the nickname “National Velvet.” Later, back in Sewels in Sussex, Velvet is besieged by lucrative job offers, including one from a Hollywood film studio. Velvet is tempted by the offer until she learns that the studio also wants The Pie. Fearing that The Pie would be made into a sideshow, Velvet tells her father she is not interested. Mr. Brown is angered by Velvet’s decision until Mrs. Brown explains that Velvet knows intuitively that her time in the limelight must be brief and dignified. Soon after, as Mi is packing to go, Mr. Brown admits that he always mistrusted him, but is now proud to have known him. Mi leaves the Brown home without saying goodbye, but a grateful Velvet races after him, sure that the proper time has come to tell him about his father.


  13. Amanda

    Also forgotten made for tv movie Bluegrass. It was a two-part TV movie that resurrected virtually every “racetrack” cliche known to man. Widowed Cheryl Ladd heads to Kentucky to start up a horse farm. Her wicked neighbor is Wayne Rogers who seeks Ladd’s downfall. Faithful farm manager Brian Kerwin won’t let Rogers stand in the way of Ladd’s dream. Anthony Andrews hangs around as a Harlequin romance-style Irish rake with a Dark Secret. And what would a horse-farm movie be without Mickey Rooney? Part One of Bluegrass raised a stir upon its February 28, 1988 debut, with a brief shot of horses mating. But it was the foaling sequence in Part Two that really made the headlines. All tangled plotlines knot together in the second half of Bluegrass. Part Two, first telecast on Leap Year day in 1988, Ladd literally bets the ranch on the Kentucky Derby, while mysterious Irish stranger Anthony Andrews reveals his (gasp!) terrible secret. One of the film’s highlights was the genuine birth of a foal. The poor animal looked so shaky that the network issued an official statement insisting that the newborn horse survived. When the truth came out (the foal didn’t make it), the producers were heartily condemned by animal activist groups–which may be why all current films bear the closing disclaimer about no animals being injured during shooting. Bluegrass was directed by Simon Wincer, who later helmed the epic miniseries Lonesome Dove.

  14. bill

    theres also a movie called pharlap based on a true story,an australian horse back in the 1920s i think i could be wrong on that .good movie,

    1. horse lover

      yes that was an awsome movie. He was meant to be the fastest racer in history, Sad how he got poisoned:( i cryed.

  15. laura

    Has anyone ever watched Ready to Run its a Disney channel movie, but its also pretty good and i didn’t see it on here.

  16. Rizel Gil

    hey thse movies are amazing i’ve seen most of them but yuor forgetting the newest 1 it’s secretariat it’s an amazing movie at always keeps you on the edge of your seat.

  17. horse lover

    hey i have a 12 year old daughter who is pretty obsessed with her horses just as much as i am.
    we have been watchin horse movies but have run out on our list :( any suggestions?????

    1. Sandra

      Check webshop.incitus.no
      They have a few titles youd probably not heard of. I bought them to my daughter (13) for xmas, they are good (but expensive), and she liked them.

  18. miles

    Wild Hearts Can’t be broken is a great movie about a girl who runs away from home…who gets a job diving horses…than goes blind and continues to dive!!!

  19. Katie

    I have watched most of these movies and they are awesome… but i was wondering if anyone knew of any other childrens horse movies, like Spirit? My daughter is 2 and after the ba-gillion-enth time of watching spirit i finally decided watch flicka with her. She absolutly loved it, until the lion attacked and she saw the horse on the ground bleeding :/ she cried herself to sleep, it was pittiful. needless to say, i have decided to stick to cartoon movies, but now i have to watch spirit all hours of the day. can anyone help lol?

    1. lilly

      ohmigosh. i am 13 and love that movie but my bros and sis’s think it is a stupid movie so i don’t watch it that much but i think it is time to get it out again

  20. Josephine

    What about series about horses like
    Trainer a BBC series
    Snowy River
    Star Runner and series about a trotter.

    1. lilly

      i love the movie man from snowy river and return to snowy river. great movies but they could have chosen a better actress for the girl.

      1. Davandra

        I think Igrid Thornton was perfect for the role. It was an Australian movie and they hired Australian actors. I own both Man from Snowy River and return to Snowy River. Tom Burlinson was the perfect male lead for the role too.

  21. Adele Berg

    Looking for a movie about a young unhappy teen who goes to stay at his Granpa’s ranch. Because the boy has such a bad attitude, his Grandpa takes him on a horse trip in the country. Along the way the boy starts “growing up”, and finds Grandpa has a fatal illness and dies on the journey. The Grandson completes to journey to the coast. Does any one know the name of this film?

  22. cristian

    looking for a movie about a kid was taken to a farm where he finds a horse that only he can ride it…… thats all i remember……and a african american name houston

    1. Lora


      The movie you are looking for is called: “The Derby Stallion” starring Zac Efron as fifteen-year-old Patrick McCardle and Bill Cobbs as horse trainer Houston Jones.

      A very, VERY good movie. Enjoy!


      cristian says:
      January 22, 2011 at 7:15 am

      looking for a movie about a kid was taken to a farm where he finds a horse that only he can ride it…… thats all i remember……and a african american name houston

  23. Mary

    Looking for a movie where a young girl’s mom was killed in an accident. She blamed her father. She became out of control and her father sent her to spend time with her grandfather on a working horse ranch. Her grandfather was not a real loving man at first and in his effort to ‘tame his granddaughter’ put her to work with all the other ranch hands. After time both she and grandpa warmed up to each and she became a lovely young lady who loved horses. Saw it on TV last year. Would love to buy the DVD. Thanks for any info.

    1. Kristien

      The movie is called All Roads Lead Home i bought it from target for 5 bucks it was okay

  24. Alex

    Hi there,
    I am looking for a film I saw in the 1990’s about a black horse called Jet. I believe he was a jumper and there was an accident of some sort but I cant remember the name of the film. Does anyone know?
    Many thanks,

    1. Lora


      The movie you are looking for is called: “Dark Horse” 1992.



      Alex says:
      January 25, 2011 at 8:56 am

      Hi there,
      I am looking for a film I saw in the 1990′s about a black horse called Jet. I believe he was a jumper and there was an accident of some sort but I cant remember the name of the film. Does anyone know?
      Many thanks,

  25. Aingeal

    I’m looking for a film about a trustfund kid thats in law school but not taking anything serious so his father send him to live with his aunt and cousin on their wyoming ranch for the summer.

    The other film was a recent TV movie about a show jumper whos horse bowed a tendon and bulked at the fence, throwing her. She got a spine injury that threatened to paralyzed her but she fought hard to be able to walk again.

    other great horse movies;
    The Wild Stallion
    Wind Dancer
    Wild Hearts
    Into the West (Irish Boys and their horse)

    Does anyone know if they came out with the second Spirit movie? I heard at one time they were suppose to.

    1. DixeHorsey

      Hi the movie you are looking for its called Horse Sense with the law student being sent to his aunt

  26. Kelli

    I’m looking for a movie about a young girl who becomes paralyzed. She was riding on top of trailer load of square bales and her father wrecks the trailer. I think it was a made for TV movie. I thought the title was “The sun always rises”? Does this sound familiar to anyone?

    1. Lora


      The movie you are looking for is called: “Everything that Rises” 1998 starring Dennis Quaid as Jim Clay, Mare Winningham as wife Kyle, and Ryan Merriman as their teenage son Nathan.

      There is no girl who becomes paralyzed. Nathan, the son, is who becomes paralyzed.

      “Everything That Rises” came out originally as a TNT TV movie and was produced by Warner Brothers.



      Kelli says:
      February 1, 2011 at 4:11 pm

      I’m looking for a movie about a young girl who becomes paralyzed. She was riding on top of trailer load of square bales and her father wrecks the trailer. I think it was a made for TV movie. I thought the title was “The sun always rises”? Does this sound familiar to anyone?

  27. Susan Lantz

    You need to add Secretariat to the list. I just watched it and I feel it is great. I remember watching the real race on TV. The post scripts about the real people I also enjoy.

  28. Jo-Ann

    thankyou thankyou..found the tilte of the Dressage movie ( DarkHorse)that I have been looking for ..Now just to find it on DVD???..great website

  29. Lora

    Is “Gallant Bess” and “Adventures of Gallant Bess” the same movie or is “Adventures of Gallant Bess” a remake? Thanks!

  30. Lora

    Does anyone remember the movie entitled: “Alexander” 2004 starring Colin Farrell as Alexander, Angelina Jolie as Olympias, Val Kilmer as Philip, and Anthony Hopkins as Old Ptolemy?

    Anyway, Alexander rides this BEAUTIFUL big, black Friesian horse called Bucephalus all throughout the movie.

    There is an AWEsome scene where the horse rares up against an elephant!

    At the end of the movie, the people make a stone statue of Alexander riding Bucephalus in remembrance of them.

    Personally, I feel that the movie was more about the horse than Alexander.

  31. Sherrel S.

    International Velvet is a modern day sequel and carry on from National Velvet. Big time tear jerker scene at the end, moreso if you’ve seen National Velvet.
    Good read

  32. Sherrel S.

    Oh.. forgot, there’s a series called Wildfire on http://www.hulu.com Quite a few episodes of a girl and her horse. More modern day on a ranch that has racehorses and ranch horses. Horse accuracy leaves a bit to the imagination but it’s a good watch for horse lovers.

  33. Maria

    Aingeal – I think you may be thinking of “Horse Sense” (1999) which was a Disney Channel movie featuring the Lawrence brothers.

  34. Ashton

    I’ve been looking for the movie ‘Horses and Champions’ (1994) to buy or watch online however I cant find it anywhere. Can anyone help me?

  35. Sophia

    I really liked the movie Secretariat! If anyone is looking for a movie about a racing horse Secretariat is great!

  36. Camilyah

    umm i believe you had a typo in the description about the Long Shot. You said it was a racehorse but really it is a dressage horse. just thought id let you know.

  37. Jackie

    I remember this movie from when I was very little about a boy and his sister who go to some island to be with their grandparents, and there were wild horses there. I think they tamed one and rode it in a race at the end….it was a long time ago…lol

    1. HunterJumper87

      That movie is based on the book by Marguerite Henry called “Misty of the Chincoteague”. Wonderful book and good movie too.

    1. Mark

      Secretariat was OK, but it wasn’t nearly as good as Sea Biscuit. Honestly we like Flicka Country Pride better.

  38. Logan

    hi im looking for a movie where a young girl mabey between the ages of 10-13 but she goes to a farm and watches wild horses and she finds one black horse that she really likes, do you know what movie im talking about?? Sorry its not very discriptive but I havent seen it in year.
    p.s the movie reminds me of flick but with a younger girl

    1. Leez

      Logan, i think the movie u r looking for might be The Wild Stallion, does the girl enjoy Photogaphy coz then thats the one for u :)

  39. Cassandra


  40. alicia

    thanks for the list… my 2 year old is stuck on horse. when we wake up its his horse movie spirit and then it black stallion and filcka 2 and then spirit again and so on all day long… needless to say itll be great to change it up with new movies. thanks so much for the list. its a big help

  41. Samantha

    hi im trying to figure out the name of a movie about a girl who gets sent to a house, and the house has a really long driveway with a pikit fence on both sides of it, and i think when she looks out the window she sees horses running along side of the fence. its not very much but i haven’t seen the move in a very long time

  42. Gabby

    yout missing the horse whisperer and flicka 2 AND SECRETARIAT those are the movies that you NEED to put up ive seen all of them and there AMAZING n ppl need to see

  43. Ellie

    Hahahaha, the description for “The Long Shot” Cracks me up. I’ll write my own description for that is far off xP

    A recently made single mother of one travels to California with her expensive dressage gelding, Tolo. Working for a high class stable (as a groom) Tolo goes blind after qualifying for a large show. Her boss lends her a horse, who is later crippled by her ex. Being forced to use Tolo to compete in the competition to pay off her debt.

  44. austin lubbe

    i have a 8 year old daughter that is crazy about horses,she comes home from school and acts like a horse,and even whinnies like one.i am not worried i just wanna know where i can go to get more horse movies.if anyone has some old ones they would wanna sell.please call me.my # is 1-850-260-4764.and i have to wonder if i have a horse fanatic on my hands.but what she wants is what i’m giving her.more horses.thank you
    Austin Lubbe

  45. Rose

    I am big in horses and I LOVE the movie FLASH. It’s about a young boy who is determined to meet his father as he returns home from the NAVY ship and rides his horse (Flash) accorss like 5 states inorder to greet his father.

  46. Arijana

    Hi, just want to say thanks for the list it will come in handy!! Do you know wich horse broked his leg in the Durban July 2011 race?

  47. Natalie

    Just recently checked out Horse Crazy 2 from the local library. My 5 yr old really liked it

  48. Lucy

    Hey, really good website, I liked all of the movies that were on here and was surprised that I had never even heard of them before.

  49. Ally

    I’m trying to find a movie i watched like 4 years ago. It’s set around the moonlanding but produced during 20–.It starts with a boy watching the moonlanding with his mother. then they get a letter saying that the boys father has died. the boys joins a gang, but his mother takes him to a ranch where he meets other kids who have problems. i think one of them had just found out she was adopted. Anyway, a horse dies and then another one escapes. The owner is injured and can’t look for it, but some of the kids team up and go into the wilderness to look for it. They almost get attacked my wolves, but find the horse in the end. the movie ends happily but i can’t remember the title. Please Help!!!!

  50. Cassandra

    I am trying to get the name of the Movie where a little girl who has a special gift (true story) her mother moves her to a farm where she learn the horses to move around farm thru a gate The Movie won an Oscar i believe last year. Can anyone help me?

  51. Cora

    Just watched Secretariat, absolutely amazing! A truly brilliant film for an outstanding horse

  52. Leez


  53. horsin' around

    There was a book similar to that, Called Tall and Proud…Did they make it into a movie?

  54. DeltaJoy

    I’m looking for a movie I saw on tv about a boy who rides his horse across America to get to a big race. His adventures and dangers along the way are really exciting and memorable.

  55. LeRoy

    Hi all. I am looking for an older movie, maybe from the 40’s or 50’s. This young boy is working to buy a horse or colt from this older gentleman for Sulky racing. He eventually races either the Mother or his cold (I can’t remember). He gets cut-off by “the syndicate” and after the race, he goes and kicks the other driver’s butt. In the meantime, his horse goes blind, but he races her anyway and wins. It is sort of like “April Love”, which is one of my favorites that didn’t make the list, but that isn’t it. If anyone know what I am talking about, it would be GREATLY APPRECIATED. Its driving me nuts. Thanks in advance.

  56. tanya

    there is also a series called heartland its really good, all about horses. there is about four seasons in total x

  57. vicky hutton

    Hey I was just looking at all the films and I noticed that some of the horses racing films are what inspired me to create a blog. Please have a look. I challenged myself to draw all the famous race horses in history. I know I probably have not included all of them but I welcome anyone’s favourites to join my list all the drawings are up at the side of it and I also draw pets for people. It takes about a week but I love it and always try and take as little time as possible. Thanks


  58. ChwaraeTeg

    Firstly, what a fabulous website you have. I have saved it to favourites :)
    Secondly, the latest best horse film has to be Warhorse (2011) based on a 1982 Michael Morpurgo childrens book. Directed by Steven Speilberg, it’s a real tearjerker .There is plenty about it on the net.
    Thank-you for all the time and effort you have put in to make this such a great place to visit.
    Best Regards,

  59. skerpiej

    it’s a great list. but how about the serie heartland and dr. quinn medicine woman. i don’t know why but i love movies with horses. in my fantasy i want a horse but i can’t it’s to expensive and in NL they don’t live in the wild. a question? is there an country where they still live in the wild?

    i sure hope so

    well i’m gonna go to sleep now. and i’m sorry for my bad English.


  60. Shauni

    im looking for a movie i have seen once , i don’t remember much , but is was about a wild mustang and a girl tries to ride that horse, in the movie the horse also get attaked by a tiger or something like that …

  61. Anonymous

    Hey Shauni, I think the movie you’re looking for is Flicka where Flicka is attacked by a mustang. Awesome movie!

  62. Confused

    Hi, does anyone remember a movie that had a scene where there is a circus (i think and there is s carousel and all the horses come to life and jump off of it. Also a movie where there is a black horse (stallion) warmblood type and a child on a boat, the boat goes up in flames and the horse and child become stranded on a beach the horse kills a snake to save the child?

  63. Emilie

    hey guys, when i was younger there used to be a video where there were horses that could talk. they lived on a farm and i think there were either 3 or 4?? anyone know what it was called as really want to find it!!
    thanks, Emilie

  64. rhyan

    I know this is not a movie its a book but its really good. Its called gunner hurricane horse

  65. rhyan

    There is a movie I forgot the name of and its about a black horse that is blind and the lady does dressage and has to use a sorrel horse named red but her ex-husband hits red with a shovel in the leg then ends up showing her blind horse.
    Does anyone know the name of that movie?

  66. Stephanie

    Hi, you missed a movie
    called war horse its from 2011 or 2012, I can’t real remember.

    But its about at poor family, where the father of the family, buys a horse for working. But the horse he had brought, is to weak. And it is young.
    But the son of the family, is a fighter, and he is training with the horse, so the family can use the horse as a worker.

    But the war is off, and the military, want all the horses of the town. The horse is sent with the military, as a young, strong horse.
    The movie is about that the horse is surviving trough the war, and if you watch the movie you will find out, if he returns to his home. (-:

    War horse; is very good.
    such as “the horse whisper“

  67. Casey

    I’m looking for a movie i think is called The dark horse…
    Its pretty new but i cant find it anywhere. do you know what i is called?

  68. Julie

    Hi. I remember watching a movie a long time ago. I think it had a boy or girl that was paralied and in a wheelchair, and they didn’t want to be at a ranch and they were and the guy made him feed the animals in the rain in his wheelchair. Does anyone remember this? It would help alot it’s driving me crazy!

  69. Amanda

    I saw a movie when I was a kid I cant remember all of it but I know the horse was born durring a lightening storm and its mom died and the little girls dad gets her to feed the horse and take care of it. And im pretty sure he goes to sell it when its older caused they cant afford it and the girl is too attached and enters a race to win money so she can keep him. Anyone know which one im talking about? I think I saw it on the family channel like 8 yrs ago.

  70. Karen Kirk

    Horse Movies
    Harley’s Hill –2011 Kirstin Dorn Family Rated
    Something to Talk About –1995 Julie Roberts and Haley Aull Rated probably PG-13

  71. Mellissa

    There was a movie i remember watching with my mother, when I was a child, I dont know its name but the father owned a ranch the mother had died years ago, his daughter had a brilliant bond with a young black colt, they had bred themselves. I think throughtout the movie the family runs into financial difficulty and could lose the ranch. The horse gets sold to pay outstanding debts and that is all I remember. I am sure it ends well, but really would like to watch this movie with my daughter. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP :-)

  72. Brandy

    You missed some, if they were mentioned I’m sorry

    The Bluegrass Special
    The Horse with the Flying Tail
    The Greening of Whitney Brown
    All Roads Lead Home
    Tommy and the Cool Mule
    Lost Stallions: The Journey Home
    Summer of the Colt
    Wild Heart’s Can’t be Broken
    Peter Lundy and the Medicine Hat Stallion
    The Winter Stallion
    Lightining, the White Stallion
    A Horse for Danny
    Cutting Horse
    American Black Beauty

    I’m sure there are more…but these are the ones I have.

  73. Horse lover

    I have a question…
    The movie “Adventures on Grizzly Mountain” has the story of the movie “Horse Crazy” and “Horse Crazy Too” in it. So… the parents’ farm is threatened to be taken away by the bank (foreclosure like in “Horse Crazy Too”). Meanwhile, the parent’s friend tells a story about how they set out to capture mustangs, they caught someones prized paint stallion, The General, they return him to the owner (like in the movie “Horse Crazy”) then they capture the horse thieves who are trying to steal The General’s only colt, a prized colt called Prince (like in the movie “Horse Crazy Too”, except i don’t know if there were any thieves in “Horse Crazy Too”, or if the colt’s name was Price).
    Help? I’m really confused now…

  74. Claire

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew this movie – I never watched it in full because I forget the name but I remember the parts I have watched –
    It’s about this girl and her mother who move from her house in the city to her mother’s parent’s ranch. The girl, who is in her teens is a goth and is quite rude and when they get into her mother’s home town she stops for food in a resturant where she meets someone she knew a long time ago, (I can’t remember who), but I think he was a retired sheriff and his grandson, who is the girls age.

    The town is in the middle of a drought and nothing is going too well for her grandparents because (I think) their land is wanted by some weathy man who wants to build a casino but the refuse to sell it.

    Anyway, thats as much as I remember, I’m not entirily sure when I watched this either or if it’s like two different movies together but yeah. Thanks anyway.

  75. Patty

    “Wild Horse, Wild Ride” (2012) should be on the list. It is a documentary about the mustang 100 day challenge.

  76. Sara

    I’m looking for a movie with a race horse, 2 old men, and a child. At some point the horse is stolen. One of the men is sick and has a close relationship with the horse. Sorry-pretty vague. Any ideas?

  77. Liz Hulslander

    Does anyone know a movie where bad guy steals a breeding book and the mans daughter in order to squire his prized stallion. I also remember them covering a grey with oil trying to pass it off as the stallion… I can’t place it!!

  78. meme

    am looking for a movie about a California teen who is looking for her cowboy father.. she saw a picture of him however when she is on his ranch she fell in love with a wild stallion…i only saw a small clip and i cant place it

  79. katrina

    I saw a movie when I was younger. I cant remember much about the script but I remember there was a girl that was being difficult (maybe an orphan sent to a family members’ house?) There was a black horse in it and the name was something like Raising Arizona. Saving Arizona. Something….Arizona I believe… any ideas? Sorry for the lack of info. I do remember it was a grainy old movie about the same video quality of the orignal “flicka/misty/national velvet” era. Kinda had an old western feel to it.

  80. kay southern

    hello I don’t know if everyone could help me but I looking for a horse movie about “a girl goes to live on her uncle farm/ranch after her parent died in a accident and find her love for horses.

  81. kay southern

    hello I don’t know if everyone could help me but I looking for a horse movie about “a girl goes to live on her uncle farm/ranch after her parent died in a accident and find her love for horses. if you do know please message me back

  82. tracy

    Im not sure if I am remembering this correctly but I recall a movie about a young girl that had her leg amputated by some kind of farm machine and after training and reconditioning with the help of a young boy she was able to ride a horse again I watched this on television it was years ago . I watched the horse whisperer thinking that was the movie and was disappointed to find it was not the movie though I did enjoy that film . Hope you can help me.. Thank you :)

  83. Beau

    Im looking for a movie to, about a girl and she has to go to a riding school in the summer and there is a guy and his name wad Beau and she liked the boy eventhough she said she didnt like him, but I cant remember the movie..

  84. Bonnie O'Connell

    I saw a movie as a child either in the 40’s or 50’s where this race horse wants to win so badly, does, and dies on the finishing line having won the race…so sad! Does anyone know the name of this movie?

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