A List of Wicked Horse Movies of the 1990s

Horse Movies from the 1990'sOur most popular post has to be our list of horse movies & it seems to have earned itself a bit of attention. While it’s a fantastic resource, it became cumbersome. So we’ve organized them into categories based on their decade of release.

Some Offbeat Titles

Today it’s all about horse movies of the 1990’s which gave us interesting flicks like Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken, silly humor like Hot to Trot & the long awaited Return to Snowy River. Each one provides a brief description with links to their IMDB & where they can be purchased or watched online. Enjoy!

King of the Wind (1990)

King of the WindTells the story of the original Godolphin Arabian, father to a great line of Thoroughbreds. His name was Sham & he was born with superstitious signs of both good & evil. He is given to the King of France & adored by his mute stable boy.

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Primo Baby (1990)

Primo BabyThe story of a troubled teen who is sent to live with a horse breeder. Paschal forms a friendship with a horse who has bad eyes and is destined for an untimely end. Together they prove that everyone has a champion inside.

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The Rogue Stallion (1990)

The Rogue StallionAbout a girl whose family moves back to New Zealand after her father dies. She is hoping for horses but finds unfriendly locals & a dilapidated house, until she becomes fascinated with a wild stallion that roams the countryside.

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Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken (1991)

Wild Hearts Can't Be BrokenThe tale of young Sonora during the depression. She leaves home & takes a job with a girl & horse diving act. During the act she has an accident & looses her sight, forcing her to prove to everyone she can still do her job.

Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken | Amazon | Amazon Video | Movie Trailer

Dark Horse (1992)

Dark HorseBased on a true story about a young equestrian from Canada and her misunderstood horse named Torka. This movie follows her trials as she trains her difficult horse in the hopes of making the Canadian Olympic dressage team.

Dark Horse | Amazon

The Silver Stallion: King of the Wild Brumbies (1993)

The Silver Stallion: King of the Wild BrumbiesAlso Called The Silver Brumby this movie recounts the story of a legendary silver stallion who is forced into quick adulthood. The stallion is ruthlessly hunted by a mountain man who turns to underhanded tactics to catch his prize.

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Black Beauty (1994)

Black BeautyA version of Anna Sewell’s classic story about a remarkable horse, and the owners whose lives he influences. During Beauty’s life he passes through the hands of both the kind and the cruel.

Black Beauty (1994) | Amazon | Amazon Video | IMDB | Movie Trailer

A Horse for Danny (1995)

A Horse For DannyA horse trainer facing tough competition is convinced by his daughter to put faith into an animal she is believes will be a winner. They end up in a bitter struggle with the previous owners over the animal.

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Breaking Free (1995)

Breaking FreeTells the story of a troubled youth who opts for community service at a camp for the blind to pay for his crimes. He finds friendship with a blind gymnast & together they overcome obstacles through teamwork & show jumping.

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In Pursuit Of Honor (1995)

In Pursuit Of HonorA group of cavalry men defy orders to destroy hundreds of the army’s horses & take the horses for the Canadian border to save them. Caught up in the moment, the soldiers neglect to consider the consequences of their rash & brave actions.

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Something to Talk About (1995)

Something to Talk AboutGrace is managing her father’s riding-stable & discovers that her husband is having an affair. After confronting him she goes to her sister’s house to make up her mind, thus causing a stir in her parent’s marriage, too.

Something to Talk About | Amazon | Amazon Video | IMDB | Movie Trailer

Two Bits and Pepper (1995)

Two Bits and PepperTwo Bits and Pepper tells the tale of two young children who are kidnapped by a bumbling pair of criminals for ransom. The kids manage to make fools of their captors and are rescued by a couple of talking horses.

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Amanda (1996)

AmandaThe story of a boy who lost part of his eyesight in a riding accident & becomes withdrawn. Until he meets a giant horse with a big heart named Amanda. Through this bond he overcomes his fears & finds strength in his giant friend.


Pit Pony (1997)

Pit PonySet early in 20th century Nova Scotia, Pit Pony is about 10 year old Willie, the son of a coal miner. His father is injured, so he is forced into the mines to support the family. His bond with a pit pony helps him make it through the tough time.

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The Princess Stallion (1997)

The Princess StallionAbout a young girl named Sarah who looses her mother & is sent to live with her father in the Scottish highlands. She befriends a strange hermit who saves animals & is convinced she sees a white horse in the mist hunted by poachers.

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Flash (1998)

FlashAbout a young boy named Connor whose idyllic small town life begins to crumble. His father leaves home to look for work & he has to sell his horse. The boy is sad to learn his horse’s new owner is cruel & must take action.

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Nico the Unicorn (1998)

Nico the UnicornBased on a novel by Frank Sacks, Nico the Unicorn is about 11 year old Billy who is hurt by a drunk driver. Later him & his mother discover a horse at a beat up circus. They save the horse, only to find out the horse has a surprise for them.

Nico the Unicorn | Amazon | IMDB | Film Clip

Return to Snowy River (1998)

Return to Snowy RiverSequel to The Man From Snowy River, when Jim comes home from herding the horses he caught he finds life different in Snowy River. His girlfriend has a new suitor and the locals are being pushed out of the high country.

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Second Chances (1998)

Second ChancesBased on a true story, Second Chances is about a young girl whose life changes after an auto accident that seriously injures her & kills her father. It takes the friendship of a lame horse named Ginger to help pull her from her sadness.

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The Horse Whisperer (1998)

The Horse WhispererThe Horse Whisperer is a movie about a girl named Grace who suffers a car accident while riding that kills her best friend and injures her & her mount. Grace’s mother enlists the help of a horse whisperer in aid in their recovery.

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The Little Unicorn (1998)

The Little UnicornAbout a young girl who looses her favorite mare to a bad pregnancy. To her surprise the mare’s foal is a unicorn that she soon falls in love with. Unfortunately the press catch wind of the secret & broadcast it.

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Running Free (1999)

Running FreeThe story of a colt born on a cargo ship en route to Africa & separated from his mother. An orphan boy looks after the colt until war breaks out & the animal flees to the desert. There he is befriended & helped by an antelope & a native girl.

Running Free | Amazon | Amazon Video | IMDB | Movie Trailer

Shergar (1999)

ShergarLoosely based on the abduction of a famous IRA racehorse named Sherger. When the Irish government refuses to pay ransom for the horse, his life hangs in the balance until a runaway stable boy helps him escape.

Shergar | Amazon | Amazon Video | IMDB | Movie Trailer

Simpatico (1999)

SimpaticoAbout a group of schemers whose horse racing gambling scam is uncovered by an official who blackmails them. 20 years into the future two of them have become successful trainers, until they realize their scam problems aren’t over.

Simpatico | Amazon | IMDB | Movie Trailer

The White Pony (1999)

The White PonyA tale about a young girl who visits her uncles ranch in Ireland. When a horse is injured while Leah is riding it she is grounded & befriended by a leprechaun who speaks only to her & confirms her suspicions that she’s seen a unicorn.

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116 Comments on “A List of Wicked Horse Movies of the 1990s

    1. Rhi

      i got mine form jb hi fi in aus or yu can downloa it via torrents =]btw i had to order it in -]

    1. Pam

      I have the video “King of the wind”, check on ebay as one may eventually show up. Thats where I found a copy. Good luck.

  1. Sofie

    First: methinks you are doing a wonderful job with these lists – these movies have spared me many a boring evening this winter. ^^

    But of course I’m missing one of my absolute favourites. Namely; Into the West (1992).
    It’s about two boys in Dublin who recieve a white horse from their grandfather. At first they keep it in their flat.. but soon enough they set out on an adventure. Returning to the mythical land of Tir Na Nog.
    The swedish title was “The horse from the sea” or something suchlike. Add it! XD

  2. Lucy

    When i was a kid a use to hire a VHS i cant remeber the name but can remeber the main story line if you know it i would love to find it. It is about a teen girl who heards brubys to a new grasing area that is in a national park. would be great if you could help me out.
    thankyou :)

    1. Tracy

      The movie is called Wild Horse Hank. Her horse gets loose and ends up at a lot where wild horses are being held for slaughter. She gets her horse back and releases all the horses and takes them to safety

  3. Fionn

    Your Shergar quote is poor. He WAS NOT an IRA horse!
    The IMDB movie description is better. Shergar is based on the true story of a champion race horse, abducted by IRA terrorists, then rescued by an orphaned boy.

    Nevertheless, this movie is still divorced from reality as Shergar was never rescued, and never found.

  4. Colin

    I’m wondering if someone can help me identify this horse movie… It’s about this boy whose dad is over seas fighting in the military or something, and he’s left with this young colt.

    For some reason, this boy and the colt have to travel across the United States together performing in shows and performances in order to make money for the trip home.

    I don’t remember any of the actors that were in the movie, and I haven’t been able to find the name of it anywhere. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Kadi

      Hei Colin

      Movie is called Flash (1997 or 1998)
      Been trying to download it myself but havent found any place yet :(

  5. Hannah

    The Horse Whisperer is the saddest and greatest movie ever. I defiantly recommend it to anybody. Made me cry and i am not like that.

  6. Lassy10

    Ok so im trying to find a horse movie…I cant find the name of it but Its about a wild black big horse either a friesian cladales i dont know. But its about a young girl who get sent to a family memebers house in the canyons because she misbehaves. There see discovers a wild black horse within the canyons and is be captured to be killed but rustlers because its to wild…i believe the horses name i kya? something like that. anyways the girl steals it before they put the horse to sleeps and takes it somewhere in the canyons to train it. with the help of an indian boy…anybody know the name?

    1. Paige Post author

      You are absolutely right ghdksky, Hot to Trot was made in ’88. My mistake and I’ve added it to the 80’s page where it belongs.

  7. Felice

    I am still waiting for so,many of the Disney movies to be released. I especially want the Horse With The High Flying Tail. The tattooed Police horse and there was another movie about a poor boy in Puerto Rico, I think, and his love of a neighbors Paso Fino? Does anyone know the title and more importantly where to get any of these?

  8. Kasii

    I am looking for a movie that I saw when I was young. It could have been produced in the 80’s or 90’s. First off, it is NOT the Horse Whisperer. I don’t remember the whole movie, but I remember part of the beginning. The plot is about a girl who travelled to a horse show (hunter/jumper I believe) with one parent (can’t remember exactly if it was the mother or father), but one didn’t go to the show and the other did, but I think it may have been they wanted to skip that show because of bad weather. If I remember correctly, the girl was disapointed that the one parent didn’t show. Anyways, it starts to storm on their way home and a boulder breaks loose from a cliff wall, and the parent driving swerves to avoid the boulder. This caused the horse trailer to jackknife and hang precariously on the edge of the cliff on the other side of the road. The girl climes into the trailer to try and calm her horse, but the trailers balance is thrown off and it goes tumbling down the cliff. If I remember correctly, the horse did not survive and maybe not the parent either, but I definitely remember the girl did and she spent time in the hospital. When she gets home, she is so emotionally hurt she ripps all her horse ribbons, posters, etc. off the walls, and takes her trophys and horse models and throws it all away. She leaves nothing to remind her of horses. Somehow, later in the movie, she ends up back at the barn and befriends an injured horse that is hanging in a special sling to help reduce the weight lode on the legs. They end up helping each other heal physically and emotionally together.

    Does anybody else remember seeing this movie? I have been searching for it for years, but can’t remember the tital which would greatly help my search. Please email me at bridlesnroses@hotmail.com with any titles. Thank you for any help in advance.

    1. Lora


      I believe the title of the movie you are looking for is called: “Dark Horse” 1992.


      A truck is pulling the horse trailer. The driver looses control of the truck and the horse trailer rolls down a hill, but there is no storm.

      Both the horse and girl end up with broken legs, but the horse does not die. Horse survives, but is in critical condition.

      The girl is in a wheelchair with casts placed on each leg, while the horse is attached to a sling set up in the barn.

      The girl looks out her bedroom window towards the barn and longs to be with the horse, but can no longer walk. This is when the girl rips all of her horse ribbons, posters, etc. off the walls, and takes her trophies and horse models and throws it all away. She leaves nothing to remind her of horses.

      Father comes into her bedroom and is angry that the girl is not trying to do physical therapy. Her bones are beginning to set. If she does not start physical therapy soon she will never walk again.

      The girl looks out her bedroom window and sees the family farm tracker (without driver) crash into barn were horse is. She wobbles outside and into barn to find horse alive, but down. She talks to the horse, encouraging it to walk. With the girl holding onto the lead rope, the horse stands up, pulling girl to her feet, and dragging her from the barn. Horse is healed from its injuries and can walk/run again. This gives hope and encouragement for the girl to make a full recovery too. At end of movie, both horse and girl can walk/ride again.

      1. caity

        yes it is on netflix and it was a emotinal movie but an amazing one not so great for famlies with animal lovers or i guss it woould but i have horses and they will cry i did for the rest of the movie after the crash

  9. barclay gregs

    Hey guys! just watched the likkle clip of pit pony! thought it was a ‘bit’ pony! LOL

    Great watch, just ordered the film of amazon, this message goes out to all my horse lovers! yo yo 2k11,
    love Sherger and friends. x x x

  10. connie

    I’m looking for a horse movie about a girl that drives wild horses to where they will be free and she goes across a big highway.

  11. Lora

    “The Last Winter” 1990 starring Gerard Parkes as Grampa Jack, Joshua Murry as William Jamison, David Ferry as Ross Jamison, and Wanda Cannon as Audrey Jamison has a beautiful white horse in it.

    A warm, humorous and inspiring feature film, tells the story of a young man’s struggle to keep his world from changing. Placed in the rural setting of the mid-1950’s, it revolves around William Jamison and his colorful old Grampa Jack. Since Will was born they have shared the same bed and often the same dreams. William is a boy of great imagination who stumbles between fantasy and reality and who, with the gentle guidance of Grampa Jack, discovers they can be one in the same.

    The family farm, on a rolling piece of spacious countryside is William’s favorite spot on the face of the earth. He is devastated to learn of this family’s decision to move to the city, far away from his friends and the love of his life, his cousin Kate. He revolts at the threat of being uprooted and desperately fights to hold on to the only life he has known…childhood.

    “The Last Winter” is a family adventure and acclaimed award winner about innocence, hope, family, and change.


  12. Melinda

    I am also interested in the title of the Disney movie about a poor boy in Puerto Rico, I think, and his love of a neighbors Paso Fino?

  13. Kamilla

    Do anyone know this movie?
    (I’m from Denmark, so my english isn’t that good)
    But its about a young boy who lives on a farm, and he’s going on holiday to a bigcity, problably New York. But.. his vissiting his cousin, but the cousin is much older and have a girlfriend and so on (a real cityboy)- and he’s totally ignoring the little boy.
    After some time, the older kid is going to live on the farm with his little cousin and his family as an excuse because he ignored him. and.. it’s tough work on the farm, but after a while, they become friends again, and they see some wild mustangs, and then the older boy falls in love in the place, and tries to stop his girlfriend and her dad’s horseracebuisness. and then the young boy’s family is about to lose their farm, but because of the older boy they keep it.. please help

    1. Rain


      The move you are looking for is Horse Sense. It’s an old disney movie. I love the movie.

  14. Nick

    i need some help figuring out this movie please..
    ok there is a boy named conner i think 12 or 13 he gets this horse. and his dad works out of state fishing or something. so this boy lives with his grandma. and she dies so he takes his horse across country to look for his dad… thats about all i remember from the movie can anyone help me and tel me the name please

  15. Gloria

    you missing good movie from your list.It call Wild Horse Hank 1979.Unless I miss some how.It’s about a girl who help a herd of mustang get the refuge for wild horses.Al Waxman stars the man trying to stop her he want to send them to the dogplace.

  16. Sabine

    Hey! Need help! I saw a movie when I was a kid. I think it was foreign made. I thought it was called the Wrangler but I have looked everywhere and can’t find it. I remember it is about an Australian girl whos family has fallen on hard times and sells their black stallion (Barbicon) to an American (can not remember who played him but he had the bluest eyes and dark hair) she hates him but ends up realizing that he is trying to help her family and the horses. There was some kind of showdown at the end because she had a deal with the army to supply horses and he helped her do it. It was not Man from Snowy River or Return to Snowy river. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail me the answer if you know it. kca1223@yahoo.com Thanks a lot!!!!

  17. Murdock

    Don’t know if these have been added or mentioned, but there’s “Run Wild, Run Free” and “Ride A Wild Pony”.

  18. Nicole

    Hey! I have been looking for years for this movie and i remember it clearly but cant seem to find it anywhere! Or the name.

    A younge boy wants this horse realy bad and his father surprises him and buys the horse. The boy creates a strong bond with the horse when his dad has to go across the states for work. So the boy stays with his grandma when she dies he runs away to keep his horse when he runs into a farm that boards horses. He sells his horse to them to get work and food and stuff as long as he can see his horse. When he is the only one able to touch the horse the people that bought him are going to shoot the horse so the boy once again runs away on his horse. At this point he has cops looking for him. He rides across many states when his horse gets hurt and he leaves it with this wise old man(i think hes old) who takes care of his horse. Then the boy finds his father at work and he goes back to get his horse. Alll ends well.

    I LOVE this movie! If anyone can find it you will get loads of thanks from me!

  19. Ruth

    I have looked a long time to find this horse movie. It was on tv once and is about a boy who rides across America to race in the Derby. It was such a great movie I thought, but I have never seen anything about it before or since.

  20. Adeera

    Hey im pretty sure this movie came out in the 90’s but i dont see it here. i cant remember the name for my life but the plot is a mother and her daughter move from home to a ranch. the mother is a dressage rider. She owns a black dressage horse. somehow the horse becomes blind so it cant be used anymore. she keeps him anyway and gets a chestnut. A rival rider injures the chestnut right before a big show and the mother is forced to use the blind horse and it turns out really well. Has anyone seen that before and knows what it is called?

  21. Vicky

    I’m trying to find a movie about a horse called ‘Kytech’ (or something very similar). It was on TV in the mid 90’s. I think it was a black horse that had been stolen or sold to ‘baddies’, and there were a couple of kids trying to rescue it. Any ideas?

  22. kitten

    Can someone help me find a movie with a fresian/andalusian horse named Kaia-that’s about all I remember from the movie, late 80’s early 90s i think.

  23. kitten

    Also trying to find a movie about 2 girls competing, one of the horses was named Steele, the girl who owns him does not warm up, and the horse gets injured.

  24. Dorothy

    There was a movie that I watched once about a boy who gets in a car accident which puts him in a wheelchair and his father, a rancher determines that he will ride again. I want to say it had Dennis Quaid in it but I could be wrong. Anyway the boy gets in the accident because he is riding on the back of the truck while the dad is driving. This is pretty vague but that’s all I really remember.

  25. kate

    I’m searching for a horse film – 1980’s-1990’s, but don’t remember the name. The story is about a boy and a black horse (I thought it was Black Beauty but the stories seem different). The horse is wild and hard to train. Somehow, the boy and the horse are on a large ship that sinks. The boy and horse are stranded on the island. The part I remember most is the part where the boy and the horse become friends and the boy is able to ride the horse. The cinemaphotography is incredible. They live on this island alone, until they are saved. Then the horse is given/sold to people who train it to race. The boy gets the horse back, somehow, but I don’t remember the rest of the story, only the scenery on the deserted island. Any help would be appreciated.

  26. kate

    well, I found the film. It’s called “The Black Stallion”, directed by Francis Ford Corpola in 1979. Rent it – it is fantastic!!

  27. winter3279

    Hey so I need some help finding a movie. It is about a welsh pony that is caught a nd given to a poor boy he calls him Taffy I think. The horse gets away and is caught with some other ponies and is chosen by a young girl who has had an accident and is in a wheelchair she calls him beau and he pulls a cart. then the horse runs away back to the boy who is accused of stealing the horse the court decideds to let the horse choose who it belongs too. i think they share him in the end ??? i was little it was disney i think.

  28. Margaret

    I am looking for a movie I saw when I was younger. It is about a bunch of deliquent kids who go to a horse ranch for a summer to learn a good work ethic instead of going to juvie or jail or whatever. They come from all different kinds of backgrounds, but learn to take care of the horses and the farm while there that summer. There was one scene where the friends of one of the kids tries to steal horse drugs from the farm under the boy’s watch, but they get caught. It is a great movie and I only saw it the one time and cannot remember much about it except for what a great movie it was. If anyone knows the one I’m talking about, let me know. Thanks!

  29. Sunshine

    HEY! help me out here im looking for a movie i dont remember much the ending is the kid and his friend race the horse but the only way they get him to run is by playing a certain song the horse likes and they put headphones in the horses ears

  30. friend

    there was a movie about a girl who could talk to horses and loved to own one and enter a race competiruion.she was forbidden by her mother to do so as her father, who was a horse racer ,died in a race. once there was a horse who could not run in a race as it was taunted by other horses so the owner exchanged it with the girl for a bag of peanuts.The girl found the problem of the horse and made it race while wearing a headphone and listening to music.Please anyone can tell me the name of the movie .I have searched for it a lot.need help please.

  31. Cindy

    Hi insaw a movie a boy wanted to buy this horse and he couldn’t afford it but 3 monkeys escape from som where and he finds them . He returns them and ends up getting his horse . He also has a little sister that has bad legs and he gives up the money to help his sister. Any on know it .

  32. Cassandra

    I’m trying to find this movie but i don’t remember the name or any of the actors in it.
    Its about a guy who lives in the city, and he moves in with his relatives who live on a ranch where wild horses live free. when some reason they don’t have the money to keep the ranch. And in the end they are able to keep the ranch and save the horses.
    I think it was made in the 90s and i think its a Disney movie. I was really young when i watched it so i cant remember.
    Can anyone help me?

    1. Stephanie

      I think you are looking for Horse Sense. IT was a Disney movie with the Lawrence brothers in it.

      As Michael drives both himself and Tommy to Disneyland, he receives a call from his girlfriend, Gina, who is a drama queen and a snob. Gina asks Michael to come to the local racetrack, where she would introduce him to her father, who he had not met previously. Michael agrees, and drops Tommy off at a nearby Kiddie Zone so that he could go to the racetrack. On the way to pick Tommy up, Michael is involved in a minor car accident and gives the wrong information to the victim, Diedre White. When Michael finally arrives back at the Kiddie Zone to get Tommy, he learns from an employee that Tommy had already been picked up by Arlene. When Michael returns home, he and Tommy get into an argument. Tommy leaves the following morning, stating that if Michael ever comes to Montana, he’d like to “return the favor.” Tommy’s mother later calls Michael’s parents to inform them of how rude Michael was to Tommy during his stay. Michael’s parents then decide to punish him by sending him to his aunt Jules ranch in Montana to work for free for a month. His parents also add that if they hear any negative reports from Tommy or Jules, they won’t allow Michael to go on his trip to the French Riviera with Gina.
      When Michael arrives at the ranch, Tommy begins to exact his revenge by giving Michael complicated tasks to complete, most of which Tommy seems to know Michael will mess up in some way. After spending some time at the ranch, Michael learns that the ranch is going to be foreclosed on at the end of the month. Michael and Tommy decide that they must put their differences aside and work together in order to save the ranch from foreclosure.
      In the end, Michael, having studied the concept of land trusts in college, realizes that since his aunt’s ranch cares for wild horses, it’s eligible to be overseen by the state government and shielded against repossession. Michael also learns a valuable lesson about loyalty and love, which proves to be one of the central aspects of the movie.

  33. kimberly

    ik zoek een film waarvan ik de naam niet meer weet ik weet nog maar een klein beetje waar hij over gaat het gaat over een meisje die ergens heen ging in de midag ofzo en toen zag ze een wit paard dat een haar voorbeen bloede en rende toen weg het meisje schrok er van en verder weet ik niks meer

  34. Emily

    Hi could someone help me with a name fr a horse movie.. i remember watching in the late 80s to mid 90s on australian tv. it was set as a western movie with a boy and a big red horse who travelled toether across the western country in america in the movie men try to steal the horse from the boy who i think was looking for his father who might have been in the army of some kind.. they incounter indians and the horse safes him for a wild cat.. any help would b great thank you.

    1. manda

      I think the movie you are looking for is Flash. family goes broke, dad leaves for merchant marines, leaves boy with grandmother who dies, boy has to sell horse to bad neighbor, boy ends up taking horse and traveling across to where dad is suppose to dock.

    2. manda

      the movie i think you are looking for is called Down the Long Hills.Travelling westward by wagon train, Brown and fellow teen Lisa McFarlane find themselves the sole survivors of an Indian massacre. The two youngsters head into the wilds of Utah in the company of a magnificent red stallion. The situation is hardly idyllic: Brown and McFarlane must not only elude a pair of rustlers (Bo Hopkins and Michael Wren) who covet the horse, but also must steer clear of a huge, rampaging grizzly bear. In honor of contractual commitments, this film was originally telecast on the Disney Channel cable service. It’s a Louis L’Amour book made movie. released in 1986

  35. carlos orellano

    Hola, Ojalรก que alguien pueda ayudarme con esta pelรญcula, resulta que la vi hace aรฑos y no recuerdo el nombre.
    Se trata de un indio, un soldado confederado y un caballo salvaje. El indio querรญa domar al caballo y el caballo era indomable, hasta que llegaron los soldados confederados y tomaron preso al indio junto al caballo, uno de los militares se hizo amigo del indio. al final el coronel o capitรกn iban a matar al caballo, y el indio se puso entre el militar y el caballo, entonces iba a matar a los dos entonces el soldado amigo del indio se interpuso entre el indio y el otro soldado… La historia de la pelรญcula esta basada en 1860 mรกs o menos. Es antigua la hicieron como 1950 o 60′.
    Si alguien la conoce… por favor dรญganme como se llama desde ya gracias.

  36. Abbie123millie

    I can’t find The White Pony anywhere does anyone know where to watch it for free??? thanks x

  37. severina

    Hi to all :) i want to ask you if anyone can remember a movie for a boy and his father i think who has two horses – black and white … they go to race but the white horse dies on the road.The black horse name is Prince or something like that … I searched for this movie but i can’t find it anywhere,i can’t find even the name.I think David Carradine plays the father’s role but i can’t find this movie again … It’s old one – i think i watched in 90s .

  38. Shauni

    Hey i’m looking for a movie a have seen, i don’t remember the name but its about a mustang horse , and a girl tries to ride on that horse, at the and of the movie she does a race or something.. can’t remember more..

    1. shawna

      Sounds like Coyote Summer the girl is supposed to race but ends up barrel.racing the horse in that movie is more friesian looking

  39. Horse movie

    I am also looking for a movie. I almost think Running Free is it, only cause I recognize certain things of it, but I have watched so many horse movies its hard to tell. Anyways the movie would have been between 1990 and 2010 (I say that to be on the safe side) The only part that I can really remember is this grey/white mare with her brown or black foal. They were either on a ship that was shipwrecked or separated from humans some how. Anyways the mare with her foal wander into an area with either crumbled house(s) or a house that isnt very well put together. She goes to a tank to get a drink when this black stallion (a Fresian I believe and I am sure she was Arabian)appears and tries to claim her. Since she wont leave her foal he attacks her. I dont think she was killed or any serious injuries and I remember the tank was in this corral so she starts doing laps around it with her foal while he is bucking away in the center (showing off) and I remember that at least this part of the movie was in a desert, but thats all of the movie I can remember. Please help!! I want to see this again.

  40. Ivan

    Im looking for a movie about a man or a young man who came home from being estranged from his family because he either sold his fathers horses or lost them. He was away working trying to save up the money to repay his father. He reconnects with a girl from town and realizes that he has a son, his mother is sick, a flood comes and takes the house away with his mother in the house, in the end it shows all of them rebuilding the house. I think it’s from the 80’s to 90’s I think. I would like to find the name of this movie. Any help thanks.

  41. FInland

    Iยดm seeking a movie about a boy is working in the woods with a big horse pulling logs out of the woods and the family is in big money trouble and the boy is training his horse to pulling big stuff to make it strong to compete in horse pulling competion. He wins and the farm is saved. In the competion they shows Lumberjacks, log rolling, horse pulling, throwing axe and so on. Anybody knows the movie name? itยดs from 70ยดs to 80`s i think.

  42. Stephanie

    I am looking for a movie from the 80’s or early 90’s. A teen boy and his mom move west (maybe to Arizona, definitely the desert) in a u-haul. They move to a ranch where they encounter a wild horse. The son finally catches him and learns to ride him. I feel like he has an Irish name and goes to the high school in a near town. That’s about all I can remember. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

  43. Marina


    I’m trying to find a horse movie, made in 90’s I think. One of the main characters is called Fenella, a young and “loose” show jumper from wealthy backgrounds. I believe the movie is based on the Horse murder -scandal in the early 90’s (the “Sandman case”) and/or possibly the book called “Hot Blood”. In general the movie is about show jumping scene and the rich people in it. I read about the film from a Finnish horse magazine called “Pegasos” almost 20 years ago.

    Do you by any chance happen to know, what is the film called?

  44. Michelle

    Yes Sorry don’t know any of the movies described in previous comments/questions again sorry. I am asking if anyone remembers of another horse movie I only remember some of the movie. Desciption: They were in the desert either in the middleeast or arizon either way it is set in the era of around the first planes and the town is all made of wood and the people leave the horses locked in a corral thinking they would just die but another or all the horses come together and break free of the corral and earlier in the movie a boy is sad he has to leave a colt of his with the other horses and when he comes back as an adult he sees what happened to town and he sees a colt that looks exactly like his colt and he follows it and they come across the herd of horses that survived and find his colt is the herd leader and the grown colt defends the young colt and then they realise they know each other and then the man leaves in the plan he came in on and then the movie ends, because he realized his childhood friend is fine and doesn’t need him anymore. I saw this movie between 1997-2005 not exactly sure this is all I remember again sorry. =)

  45. Lacey

    I have found a tiny mistake. The movie you listed above as Dark Horse (1992), that movie and description should be where the 2008 movies are as thats when Dark Horse was realsed. The Dark Horse for 1992 is a movie where Allison, new in town, hates it and her new school. When she hangs with the wrong guy, and get into trouble, she is given community service at a horse stable. She comes to love being with the horses, until an auto accident cripples her and her favorite horse. Sorry, I just had to point this out.

  46. cheyenne

    hey, i am looking for a movie i dont remeber it i was little when i watched it, i think it was like heartland the shows, but i don’t exactlly remeberr, and soo i was wonderin if you could give me like some of the horse movies that have been made between 1990 – 2010 please? This is very important

    i rember only this – the girl runs away and there a mountian line and the vet comes and get it and they find the baby and they have to check on the horse because it got bit or something?

    does anyone know the movie?

  47. Horselover

    I have failed to find the title of a movie from Lilongwe ago. A very young girl (5-6?), living on a ranch, can communicate with a white pony stallion leading a band of mares. Her father (or uncle) tries to catch the stallion. Two scenes stand out in my mind: 1) During the roundup and branding, the father tells the little girl, who is very upset about it, that branding does not hurt the calves so she picks up the branding iron and starts to brand herself. The father stops her just in time and she says but you said it doesn’t hurt, did you lie to me? 2) the girl tells the father that the white stallion will come in on his own if he promises some things, one of which is to never brand him.
    At one point in the story, the child goes into a semi-coma from the anxiety of the pony being hunted down by the father.
    I have gone over each movie from every year posted as well as all the comments and have not found any reference to this tale.
    I saw the writeup on a movie titled “THE WHITE PONY” but this is nowhere near the storyline.

  48. Kristy

    Like a lot of you, I’m also trying to find the name of a movie I watched years and years ago…This is what I can remember.

    I think it was made in the ’90s. It involved a woman disguising herself as a man (well, really I think she just put the helmet on and goggles) and to go in a horse race (she, or course, wins). I THINK there was something about her falling for the guy who trains the horse or something?

    I feel like it wasn’t a very well-known film because I’ve been online looking for HOURS, and all the extensive lists don’t seem to have it!

    Help! I’M GOING CRAZY!!

  49. Nikki

    I’m trying to find this movie that was made sometime in the 90’s i think.
    It’s about a girl who was sent to her aunts for the summer. One day a black stallion was brought in and know one could train her but the girl. She meets this boy who helps train the stallion but then someone tried to steal the stallion so she hid the horse in the mountains. On the day of these races she brought the horse back and raced it.
    Its not any of the flicka’s.

  50. mya

    There’s a movie I cannot put my finger on the title nor the year; but it’s about a girl who loses her pony (like a sorrel/chestnut) with yellowish/grey-white mane. For I believe it ran away or something. It comes across this boy in a wheelchair and they claim him. The significant part I loved at the end is when they’re at a fair and the pony must decide whome he loves the most. Which he chose the handicapped boy but at the end went to the girl to show he cares some, but back to the boy. In the end, you see the boy and girl riding the pony together in a buggy.

  51. sissy

    I need help rememberingg a movie i seen it when i was younger about a girl who gets thrown off a horse n becomes paralyzed amd she needs to learn to walk again n fears getting back on a horse. She is in a wheelchair and struggles to learn to walk again but does and then faces her fears n gets back on thr horse??? Please help

  52. clare

    i need help! does anyone know where I can watch breaking free (1995) from? I d tried everywhere and I can’t find the full version on the trailer

  53. Carly


    I am looking for a movie I watched when I was 5-7 years old in the mid 90’s. The movie was about a girl who lived in the city and raced her bicycle and repeatedly got in trouble or in accidents. After a close call her mothers sends her to live with her aunt I believe on her ranch. This girl slowly makes the city to country change and ends up helping with chores and horses. There is on horse that she gets attached to and the trainer (which I think was one of the “bad guys”) was going to sell him or send him to the slaughter or something like that. The girl and a Indian man who worked at the ranch steal the horse and take him to a hidden arena where they train him to run barrels. At the end of the movie they take him to the Invitational where i believe they had to compete in two or three events. If I remember correctly, they end up winning and everyone ends up happy.

    Thank you for your help! My Meme recorded this on VHS when I was little and now I can’t find it!

  54. Hildur

    Omg. I’ve spent an hour googling and trying to remember the cast and title of the very bad movie Simpatico. Thank you so much, what a relief!

  55. Becca

    This will be a long shot, but I watched this movie (years ago) that was in a different language. (cannot remember which, just remember reading the subtitles to it.) From what I remember, a black stallion is imported for some rich/royal person. I cannot remember if the horse was too uncontrollable, or if the person just did not want this horse anymore, but it was a secretive deal, so he decided that he wanted the horse put down instead. This girl barges in at the last second before the black stallion is given the shot to be put down. She takes off, and ends up hiding this horse in an abandoned house/shack area and cares secretly for it everyday. However, her best friends ends up betraying her and the location of where she is hiding the stallion is found out. She is chased by a helicopter, who aim to shoot down the horse she is on. However, her boyfriend? arrives in a car just as the black horse falls/she falls off, with the media, so the horse is not shot.

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