A Huge List of Horse Movies

Lists of horse movies by the decade they were released.

Thanks to everyone who makes suggestions & shares their faves in the comments. We’ll be adding them all but it takes time. Keep checking back for updates!

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  1. ann charlesworth

    I’m looking for a movie a friend and her horse was in. It was a Lassie Production called “Little Jim, The Racing Pony”. Any idea how I could get a hold of one?? She would love to show her grand kids. Thanks, Ann

    1. Louis Cortez

      I’m looking for the title/or series horror short about a horse who kidnaps and holds a man captive in a barn and gives him a choice between a phone call to his wife or a bowl of meat which the meat is his dismembered friend.The horse gets even with him. Does anyone have possible leads

    2. sara

      hi im looking for a horse movie but i don’t know what the movie is called but some details are a female horse is trained to run with a male horse but one day she broke her leg.

        1. Amy

          Hi I’m looking for a horse movie. I can only remember I think the end of the film though. A woman spends time at a ranch and falls in love with this man. At the end the man shows his love for this girl by bringing a pony to her workplace, in the lift and giving it as a gift and he asks her to marry him. Sorry I know it’s not a great explanation but would love to find it

  2. kaleb

    i am trying to find this movie where there is a girl who is the only one that can ride a certain black stallion i don’t know the name but i realy want to watch it

    1. Brumby girl

      I think you would be looking for ‘Midnight Stallion’ about a girl who’s father finds a wild stallion and his daughter rides Midnight in a race to save their farm.

  3. pennie

    hi i am so glad i found this!! i have been wanting to find this film for ages!! i cant remember much though, it was about a wee girl and it was set in the wild west or something and her father tells her stories about a black horse and she one day she sees this horse and she eventually tames it but she is the only one that can ride it. can someone help??

  4. cynthia

    ssooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ccccccccccccccooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll horse moviessssssssssssssssssssssssss……………………….

  5. terra

    there is a series world of horses that it really good, world of horse is tell about all the different horses and what they do its good. Heartland is awesome i just love it. its about this family in Canada. Amy and Lou are two of the main people who are on the ranch there is about 4 others but, Amy and Lou’s mother was killed in a car accident. Amy and Lou continue to keep their mother’s dream alive by healing abused and neglected horses. its great. then there’s wildfire its about a race horse and a ex-con and the race horse. and Chris the ex-con she is offered this job at a Thoroughbred racing farm were the buy wildfire the horse it is really good. Those are the best TV show i can think of then there’s heartland the book series that’s really good

  6. Whitney

    Im looking for a movie/show ( aninamated) i remember if from when i was little late 80’s early 90’s
    I cant remember much about it except there was a girl and a horse, i think the girl would either go to the barn at night or she would dream and go there or something…

    Keep in mind its animated/cartoon (it is not the rainbow one) I know this description is really bad but i was like 3-5 and then the movie just disapered i suspect my brothers had something to do with it so they wouldnt have to watch it anymore lol!!


    1. Lanney

      Have you ever read the books?? The Show is compeltly off kilter with from the book minus they way they do things and kinda the story line (Like there in kentucky and they do english not a cattle farm and tim is already married and buys amy a jumper (Spartan is also sold but I like the show becuase she keeps sparta ) but I have to say I am hooked on both!!!!!!

    2. Ions

      omg im trying to find this aswell.
      I remember the girl could trick ride. she was sort of Barbie looking in a way. desperate to watch it again!

  7. Jamie

    Ive been looking everywhere for a movie and I can only remember one scene. They’re driving on a dirt road with a horse in a trailer and the trailer starts to go off the edge I cannot remember if it falls or not but I’m pretty sure there’s a young girl in the movie if anyone can help me from driving myself insane I’d be very great full.

    1. Kathryn

      i think its called dark horse? i have seen that movie but im not sure, havent seen it in awhile

  8. John


    I am looking for a movie which was telecasted in Hall mark channel during 98/99/2000. A girl with a horse . The girl shows a lot of cleavage. Released in 1980. Couldn’t remember the story too. Anyone knows the movie name.

  9. Alta

    Help! Looking for a movie about a girl who works for a cattle ranch – a stallion is brought in and she trains it and competes in eventing/jumping. I think the horse’s name was lightning but don’t remember for sure…..
    Can anyone tell me what movies this is?

  10. Alex Meers

    Hi im wondering if you could please help me find out what this movie is about i watched this on tv when i was young about late 90s – a family had sold their ranch over a battle they had lost and also selling 2 loved horses (female and male) – this is were the story begins to show what happens to the horses, both horses are used in hard labor killing one of the horses (female horse) leaving the male horse sad but still living in hard conditions after a while the owner becomes poor and is forced to sell the horse, when the horse is in auction the original owner is their searching around for a new horse (original owner of the ranch) he then walks past the horse not knowing this is the horse he used to own at the ranch, the horse recognizes him then makes a distinctive noise and head movement when the man sees this he then starts to cry naming the horse and remembering the times he had with the horse… Please Help!

    1. Bam

      everything you say reminds me of black beauty , but the guy didn’t own or run a ranch, he was a stable boy who loved the horse more than everyone else. can’t think of any other movie that could match with that story. =)

  11. Jessi

    I watched this movie when I was 4-6 so I think it is a 1990’s movie. All I remember is it starts out with brother and sister sneaking out and going for a night ride (the sister begs her brother in to going cuz he doesn’t want to go), the brother falls of his horse and dies. The sister feels guilty. They were teenagers. That is all I remember, sorry that there isn’t much detail.

  12. sydney

    i watched a movie with my mom a while ago about this troubled boy who is forced by his mom to go live in montana (i think) with his grandpa and his grandpa makes him ride back to california with him on horseback. and part of the way through the trip his grandpa dies and he has to burry him out in the country, then he continues to california by himself. it was such a good movie but i cant remember the name of it. anyone have any idea?

  13. shroudedheart

    Okay, so FX on demand is making me crazy right now. Whilst my son is watching Space Chimps, about halfway through, they switch to a minute long clip of a girl riding a horse through the woods. It then switches to a school bus, where kids are watching her ride the horse and when the school bus backfires, the girl riding the horse has to jump over a tree that’s fallen in the path. The kids in the bus talk about how the girl doesn’t jump horses anymore and blah blah so on and so forth. When the girl gets back to her place, it turns out her family looks after these horses for other people. Anyways, for some unknown reason It’s driving me crazy that they don’t mention the name of the movie (if it is even a movie… At this point I’m sure it’s FX’s way of annoying me lol) or give any info whatsoever on it at all. Any help you can give me on solving this mystery would be much appreciated.

        1. monique howell

          noooo its heartland, remember when Amy is riding the horse she’s training? and the young owner defends herself by telling everyone that Amy’ll be in sooo much trouble? the horse is iter grey or bay?
          Monique h

    1. Stephanie Myers

      We watched Space Chimps today – and they showed the same preview. It’s actually called Flicka 3: Country Pride.

    2. emily

      I think that movie is Flicka: country pride, its the only thing that reminds me of ! I remember her running beside a bus with a horse so maybe ?

  14. Ellie

    Can anyone tell me the movie about a dressage horse that goes blind he is black, with a blonde girl riding it. Before one of the competitions the ex hits him with a shovel or something but she still competes with him.?? Havnt seen it in ages and forgot the name.

  15. Gail

    I am looking for a movie, I think it is titled, Smokey or Old Smokey and I think Fred McMurry was the main actor. Does any one remember that film?

    1. K . Bartlett

      It’s called ” Smokey ” Fred McMurry did star in one version of the movie . Fess Parker also starred in a version. Will James was the author of the story .

  16. Karen

    Has anyone heard of a horse movie called “Scott a hoo Scott a hay”. I am not even sure if that is how you spell it. Thanks!

    1. scharl

      the name of your movie is “Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay!”
      1948 It’s about 2 mules/June Haver, Walter Brennan, Anne Revere- (remember the mom in “National Velvet?), Natalie Wood.

  17. Jordan

    Remember a film no one I know does it about a little girl and she rides in the dark one stormy night and the horses rears with her and falls backwards and lands on her I always thought the film was called second chances x

    1. Jade

      it could be flick1 the scene is around the end. and second chances shows a girl and her family in a car accident then her and her mom move to a trailer park when she finds a barrel racing farm behind the park and she ride a horse in the rain but its not dark and she falls off

  18. Eva

    Hi everyone!
    I have been searching the internet all night trying to find a movie I watched when I was very young, maybe 15-18 years ago… I only remember one scene, but even now when I think about it, it breaks my heart. There is a horse and a girl who are obviously very good friends, but are being separated. I don’t remember if it’s the girl on a train, or if the horse is being taken away, but they are together just before it leaves, and the girl is crying and the horse also has tears running down his/her face. I think it was a dark horse… If anyone can help I would really appreciate it!!!

  19. Lucie

    Hi, I am looking for a horse movie, set in the 1900’s. I think it’s from 1960-2000’s.
    It’s about a girl whose runs away, but one day she is the horses paddock, he/she comes cantering back home. The girl then enters competitions and in one, a cross country event, she falls off her horse and badly hurts her arm. When she finish’s the event and jumps from her horse, she collapses. There is also a boy involved, she likes him and he likes her. I think the girl lived with her grandparents. Also, I think the movie was set in Ireland, if not, it was probably England or Scotland.

  20. deanna

    Help !!! I’m looking for a movie I saw on TV some 12 to 15 years ago where a girls father owns race horses and has a stable boy by the name of Caz.The girl and boy are friends and there is a scene where they kiss after he pretended to fall off a clift. She later goes off to collage and returns six years later with her fiance who is some city slick guy.Something happens where they have to sell off the horses to pay off a dept. In the end the city slicker leaves when he realizes the girl still loves Caz. In the end the girl and Caz marry. The girls name started with a J” I think. Anyone have any ideas??? I,ve always wondered what the name of the movie was. Thanks!

  21. sarah

    im trying to remember a horse movie i watched when i was younger. all i can remember is a boat sinks and the horse rescues a young boy. i think they get stranded on an island or something???

    1. monique howell

      the black thallion the father dies on the baot then the boy retrnes homw with (the black) and an old guy helps them win a race.

  22. neil

    im wondering if any one can help me i watched this film about a young girl whos mother died,a few days after her death she finds a wandering horse on the beach but i think its her mother who has come back reincarnated im not sure what u call it but i havent seen it in years,hope yas can help me

  23. Alexis

    I am trying to find a movie and i dont remember what its called. A woman finds and trains a horse. And her origonal horse goes blind and she has to end up competeing with the blind horse because a man or ex i think it was almost cripples her new horse with a shovel right before a big compatition. Please help thanks !

  24. monique howell

    hi im looking for a movie i only remember one ceene, it’s about this girl and she helps a mare give birth but the mare dies and the foal lives i thiink. it might have heart in the name”

  25. kim

    I’m looking for this movie it’s like second chances but it is older. Please help dont remember who.was in it.

  26. GENE

    One series that I think most of you would like is called ” Mcleods Daughters”.
    you will find it on ” Netflix. ” It”s about two sisters who run a ranch. Filmed
    entirely in South Australia. Ran for 8 seasons, so theres plenty to watch. Check
    it out I know you will like it.

  27. alicia

    Hello, i am trying to find a movies, its about a horse and a girl and she watched the horse be born and she gets the horse for her birthday and a saddle and a locket. she got hurt on the horse. its a really old movies and its kinda like black beauty. i think she names the horse beauty. i watched this like 13 years old and it was on VHS….Can some HELP me find it???

  28. Nancy

    I am looking for a title of an older movie maybe came out in 1980’s or so. The first scene starts out with a horse dying in the field. The owner is present with a young boy. The young boy being upset asks his grandfather? to help the horse. He said no, he earned it. Then the owner started telling the life story of the horse and all he has been thru. At the end the boy understood.

  29. Makayla

    I am looking for a horse movie I know that when the horse goes in a competition it freaks out.but the girls name was Katie I watched that last weekend.after she get on the horse she runs off with the horse.at night a mountain lion came out and attacked the horse.can anyone help me find this movie

  30. wendy

    im looking for a movie about a girl in her teens that moves a herd of horses to a reservation to save them from pochers and one of the sceans she has to cross a highway in a mountian pass and the last young horse almost gets hit by a tractor trailert

  31. Sarah

    hey, a friend of mine watched a movie some years ago about a boy who’s parents are going through divorce. he’s corresponding with his grandfather with letters and drawings, and decides to go and travel to him. he buys a horse and passes by a beach where a woman is giving birth, there is also a festival going there at the same time. there is also a scene where the boy and the horse go on a boat to cross some river.
    the father is also looking for his son through the entire movie.

    if anyone has any idea which movie this could be, please contact by mail.
    much thanks in advance


  32. chels

    Can any one help.me i rember watching a movie whn i was younger but i only rember a young boy or girl harnised thea horse up to a car and saved some one and the horsea ripd it self open savng them

  33. kaelyn

    I’m looking for some really good horse movie particular newer ( no later THEN 1965)

  34. Wonderyou

    hello! I’ve been looking for a film for ages but can not think of what it’s called! I do not remember much about it but I remember there was a girl who had been in prison, and then she came to a stall where there was a black horse. ago so I reduced that she ride on the horse chased by cops and helicopters.

    1. Wolfofsin

      That sounds more like the TV series Wildfire, the main character is a ex-con who used to work in rehabilitation during her stint inside riding horses/learning horsemanship and when she gets out she saves the horse from being sold to a meatworks and is on the run chased by local police and helicopters. really good series

    2. sara

      im looking for a horse movie i don’t
      know the name of it but the details are a female is trained to ride with male horses but one day she fall and breaks her front leg

  35. Kate

    I’m looking for a movie where a horse named red is going into a big competition but the riders old x-boyfriend cripples him and a blind black horse competes instead and wins

    1. James

      I’m looking for this movie too. The blind horse won the trophy at the end. No one knew the horse were blind. It were so passionate. What
      is the name of this movie?


    When i was a little girl i remember watching a movie with a bling girl in it and a unicorn but the unicorn also turned into a pretty nastly looking dragon at some points and i cannot remember the name of it. Does anyonw have any ideas of what im talking about?

  37. Lisa

    the movie I’m looking for is about a girl that hides in the truck with the horse that she loves and got sold. I thought it was called Rare Breed but I keep getting results for a movie from 1966…the movie I’m looking for is from the late 70’s or 80’s. one of the lines in the movie is ” keep that up & I’m gonna cut your oats in half”. does anyone know what the name of this movie is?

  38. tiffany mrrtz

    I’m looking for a movie at the beginnings a horse is giving birth in middle of the knight it bodies n is sent to a glue factor. They bring in a pony to raise the foal as it gETs bigger like girl starts training it to race. I also remember in a scene she’s talking to a boy that’s whips his horse to make it run faster and she says shed never do that….the last scene she goes to run the horse before warming him up and does something to his leg n becomes lame I’ve been looking along time for this movie please help!!!

  39. angie

    im looking for a movie about this girl who goes blind kinda in the end by ridding this horse into dirty water and opens her eyes for a show. at the end she decides to continue to do the dangerous staunt even doe she is blind and its kinda of a slide she goes down with this horse into water. its a very old movie but dont remember what its called. PLEASE HELP I LOVE THIS MOVIE AS A CHILD

  40. Jessica

    I’m trying to find this movie it’s about a girl who wants to keep this horse she found but as her farther drives out of the gate the horse rears up and knocked its self out on the over hanging ranch sign he sells his horses to keep his ranch open her horse she ends up buying the horse back I think and on the way back the trailer comes off the road and it’s a struggle to get it back on

  41. Jaz

    Well, there is a few movies id like to know but I cant remember. Theres one were they came and they go to a grave and the girl sleeps on the couch and all that stuff but I cant remember. the second one is were theres wild horses and theres a river or one that there trying to build and theres this guy who trys to shoot them. I would LOVE to find the names of these films!

  42. Elizabeth

    I am looking for a show set in England,. A boarding school for girls and their horses. I think it was in the 1960s. And they sang this song, “We’re 3 little lambs and we’re lost at…. (something or other).. bah.. bah.. bah.” They would say stuff like “Throw your heart over the jump”
    I don’t know if it was a show or a movie.
    Any ideas? Thanks guys!!

  43. Elizabeth

    I am looking for a show, I dont know if it’s a movie or a show.
    It was about a girls boarding school in England where the learn to ride and they have their horses w/ them.
    They sang a song, “We;re 3 little lambs and we’re lost at (something or other).. bah, bah, bah”
    Any ideas?

  44. HELP!

    I’m trying to find a movie fro the 80’s or 90’s- it’s about a girl driving a herd of wild horses, her horse falls and breaks its leg and she has to shoot it :( She then ends up riding one of the wild horses- that’s all I really remember. Does anybody know the name of this movie? I’m pretty sure I watched it on HBO as a kid. Thanks for the help

  45. Horsesrule!

    Hi I need to know the name of this movie It has the word Angel in it like Angels and……… (I don’t know the rest) anyway all I can remember is that its of a young girl who’s father passed away and her mother won’t tell her anything of her father but one day the young girl finds out that her father was a horse rider in rodeos. She soon finds this group of girls who are very talented horse riders and they do lots of tricks on their horses like stand on their horses while riding them. In the end the young girl performed in the rodeo and she stood on her horse whilst riding. Thats all I can remembers pls find out the name!

    1. sharleen

      I think this may be the same film I’m looking for, though the Angels part doesn’t ring a bell. That counts for nothing though as I could be wring. Did u ever find out the name?

  46. Drau

    Hi! I’m looking for this movie about a young girl & her elder brother who go horse riding. The brother is thrown off his horse & dies. The mother is totally totally devastated & she neglects the young girl, who is actually dealing with guilt, because she had cajoled her brother to ride with her, though he didn’t really want to. In the end someone tells the mother to realize that she has a young daughter who needs her love & understanding. (I think the daughter plays a violin & the mother makes an effort to bond with her.)

    1. Elle

      I’ve been trying to think of the name of this movie for years. This has been driving me nuts! Anyone know it?

  47. sharleen

    I’m trying to remember the name of a film I saw a couple of years ago. It was about a group of girls who performed acrobatics and stuff while on horseback. If I remember right, the title of the film was whatever the group were called (might be wrong though). I can’t remember much about it unfortunately and would love to find it so I can watch it again.

  48. Becky

    Ok description of the movie was about a young girl that had the dream to rodeo and she got this little Appaloosa pony and it was a awesome barrel horse. Does anyone remember this movie ? Would have been around the same years of “Justin Morgan Had a Horse” which was around the 70’s

  49. Nicole

    I’m trying to find a movie i watched like 10 years ago about a girl who got sent to her aunts or someones farm for the summer, and meets a trainer and a black horse that can’t be trained, and someone was trying to steal the horse or something so they stole it and hid it in the mountains.

  50. Shirley

    Looking for a horse movie from 80’s 90’s. Set on a western ranch, like Texas. Older teen girl has a wealthy boyfriend but she starts to like the stable hand who I think was working off some time for a crime? Sound familiar? Thank you.

  51. guillermo rubio

    i’am searching for the same movie as described by # 12 amy meers posted
    august 12i will appreciate any assistance in finding this special movie

  52. Maryse

    Hi i am looking for a movie it’s about a teenage girl who has to move in the country because her dad lost his job and they had money and at one part she rides a horse to her school formal and her friends had betrayed her

  53. james

    I am looking for a movie about the first american indian on the plains who sees a horse which escaped from Spanish conquistadores. He follows and eventually rides the horse. Thank you.

  54. Angela Perry

    Hi I’m looking for a hourse movie i watched as a kid in early nineties and it was about a black stalion and he helps a crippled boy who I think got his leg hurt by a hourse. An he was being bullied

  55. thehotlittlecowgirl

    I love horse movies. My faves are Black Beauty, The Black Stallion, Wind Dancer, National and International Velvet, Flicka, and some others I can’t remember the names of. 2 of the few mentioned above were on a CD my horse trainer lent me last year for my birthday sleepover.

  56. amy

    hi i am looking for a film call flicka or something like that. all i know about it is this horse getting attacked by a wild cat. i know confusing but when i watched it last there was a black horse and it go attacked by a big cat

  57. kirra

    hi theres a movie I watched a while ago and theres a girl whos rich and spent all her perants money so they have to move to the country and the girl dosent have any phone reseption and she gets annoyed and the horse ends up tredding on it but she ends up friends with the horse

  58. cassie

    Hi can anyone help me I’m looking for a film about a young girl who thinks she’s a horse so her parents sent her to a doctor to help her and he tells her he thought he was king kong. The other scene I can remember is when shes grown up she ends up at a place where a vet places a container of horse sperm on the roof of her car and she drives off with it not knowingg . The owner tracks her down to get it back and she’s frozen it and put it in his drink lol. In another one she’s helping him pick a stallion to breed is made to cause she keeps attacking the vet every time. Please let my know if you know this film its doing my head in. Thank you

    1. Tarz

      Was that an Aussie movie? The girl was addicted to eating apples, I think the movie was called daydream believer?!? A very early 90’s Miranda Otto movie

  59. Annie

    Hello! I’m looking for a movie about a girl who moves in her uncle’s house and he didn’t let her go in the woods because there were some bad people there. In the end of the movie there were some white horses (or unicorns i don’t remember well) that saved her when she jumped off a cliff, or something like that. Can someone tell me the title of this movie?

  60. horselover


    I’m looking for a movie. One girl trained gymnstic and in the end she became blind and with her horse starts to show jumping. Can’t remember so if you can tell me.

    Thank you all

  61. Coralyn

    Hey I really like the movie Storm rider it’s about a girl who’s dad is in jail so she goes to live with her uncle and she has to sell her horse but gets a mule or donkey as a present (her uncle isn’t very nice) and trains him like a horse. Then her uncle’s plane crashes and stormy saves them. She also falls in love with a country boy and her uncle gets married in the end.

  62. Jessie

    I need help finding a movie set in the 90’s I think. But I only remember one scene where the girl goes out of the cabin and some guy comes over and says something like girls cant work on a ranch and pushes her in a truck and trys to rape her but some other guy comes out and gets him off of her and that’s all I remember. But I know I liked the rest of the movie. Thanks

  63. Lynze

    Okay I’ve been trying to think of this movie I saw when I was younger it about a handicap girl who goes to a horse farm for therapy. In one science she has to go out into a rain storm in a wheelchair in mud and feed and water them. The therapist won’t help because she wants her to do it on her own but the father wants its to stop but the therapist won’t let him help her. Does anyone have an idea and I know it isn’t dark horse

  64. Rae

    Looking for made-for-tv movie from the 80’s or 90’s. This family is training a horse for some kind of dressage competition but are unable to find a rider the horse likes. The person he does like and that also wants to do it is untrained. It is a dark haired girl. She trains and wins and ends up marrying the main guy. In the voice over at the end her last line is the name of the movie. I think it aired on animal planet or something like it.

  65. Evelyn

    Hi Im wondering if anyone can help me with the name of a movie. This student hears about a troubled horse no one can work with. He hears about this guy out west who is some kind of horse whisperer. He gets permission to take the horse to this guy, who ends making him discover himself on the way to helping the horse. One of the things he does is to walk in the desert, and also to stay out in the round yard with the horse without eye contact till the horse comes to him.

  66. Chloe Williams

    Hi guys.
    Im cant think of the name of a film I used to watch when I was younger. I only remember a little of the film. Basically this young girl used to help out this woman with her horse (which aas for sale) one day the girl went to this ladys house to find the horse had been sold. When the girl got home she found out her mother had bought her the horse. Then im sure they went to shows. And I think they went competing abroad as I seem to remember the horse travelling on an aeroplane.
    Thanks in advance!:)

  67. Marissa

    Can you help me find the horse movie all I remember was the white horse was killed by a black horse and then the baby horse ran into the desert or someting and became friends with some type of goat thingy ?

  68. ashley

    I cant remember what this movie is called but its about how a girl dances and she shows her coach her new dance and she hurts her ankle or something. she goes to the doctor and he says that she cant dance anymore. she tries and tries to dance but she cant so she goes to this horse farm for therapy and her therapist is a boy. well at the end of the movie they fall in love and she competes in this horse competition thing. I love this movie so much. can someone please tell me what it is called???

  69. Annie

    Looking for a movie perhaps a movie from the 90s I recall with girl and horse about courage and perseverance. A lot of people mentioned ‘wild hearts can’t be broken’ I truly think that’s not it. A scene I remember or even the cover of the movie is a girl with a riders mask, riding the horse up a ramp. The cover of the movie was a snap shot of that. Either the horse or girl was either blind or crippled . Can anyone help???

  70. nikki

    i have been looking for this love/romantic movie i cant remember much due to i was pretty young when i watched it, i remember this lady i think she had blonde hair went to visit a friend who i think might have had cancer or something but she falls in love with this guy and something happens and she leaves while gone she went riding on a horse and fell off and hit her head on a rock and was crippled then she opened out a thing for like crippled people and he comes to find her and finds out what had happened and at first dont know how to handle it… would really love to watch this again

  71. nikki

    hello im looking for a love/romantic movie i remember a lady going to visit her friend after something happened between her and her boyfriend who might have been i news reporter if im correct, while she is there she falls in love with a man but when he finds out about her ex something didnt work out so she went back home and waas riding a horse and fell off and hit her head on a rock and it crippled her so she then opened a place for people who are crippled i think then the man comes searching for her and finds out what had happened and doesnt know how to handle it. i believe the friend had died from cancer or something like that in the movie a some point thats about all i can remember really hope i can find the name would love to watch again

  72. bridget

    hey I am looking for this one horse movie. Its about a girl that does show dressage and someone tries to stop her in to going to the show so they blind her horse but she has such a bond with her horse that she still showed her horse.
    Do you know what it is called?

  73. bridget

    Hi I am looking for this movie that I can not remember the title of it. Its about this girl that does dressage I think. So when she does her big show towards at the end and someone blinds her horse but she shows that horse anyway because she has such a good bond with her horse that she still shows. Do you know the name of the movie?

  74. sanglun

    I hv been searching fo a film in which the actor name is call lil john. it’s a comedy film in which his white horse could talk too. the guy thought he kill the bad guy so goes to d train track to kill himself. and that is when his white horse started talking. pls help… anyone

  75. Chanel Schild

    Hi, im looking for a movie about a teenage girl who moves to live with her uncle i think it was, she finds a leprechaun and a beautiful white horse while she is there. Her freind the leprechaun teaches her how to ride

  76. MrDanger

    I can’t remember the name of the movie… a man is riding a horse on some open plains… and the rider encounters a fence and he looks kinda sad… like the old west is fading in front of his eyes. Later on he is at a circus or carnival, and some men are going to shoot a lamed horse, and he says he’ll take it…. and says, “Every horse is good for something”…. does anyone know the movie??

    1. Katie

      Seabiscuit. Just watched it. The scene is of Tom Smith, who ends up training Seabiscuit

  77. Katie

    I’m trying to remember what movie it is that a horse breaks its leg and they suspend it on a homemade sling from a stable stall ceiling in an effort to heal it (to keep weight off the leg). Any ideas?

  78. Katie

    What’s the movie where they suspend a horse who has a broken leg from a stable ceiling? They rig up a sling to do it in an effort to heal it’s broken leg.

  79. Jennifer

    If I remember correctly the movie I am looking for, the girls father has to go to prison for fraud or some reason, and her stepmother takes her step brother away, so she is forced to go and live on a farm with her uncle. He is used to living alone, but he and his neighbor both like each other, and in the end get together, and the girl gets her horse back at some point. Any ideas?

  80. kelsey b

    Hi I’m looking for a horse movie its not in English . A blonde girl has a black horse finds a boy and a white horse and they train for dressage . I know there’s a funny old guy. And at one part he was piaffe on the ground while the black horse beside him copied his movies. I can’t find this movie or the trailor

  81. Taofeek

    I am looking for a horse film where the actor picked the wounded horse as a project and took it to a ranch where there was a man who helped him to heal the horse. I think the film is between 2012 and 2014.

  82. sanglun

    has anyone Sen a movie set on a western ranch, like Texas. ….. a film in which the
    actor name is call lil john . it’s a comedy film in which his white
    horse could talk too.. whose parents were both kill by a cowboy gang.
    the hero work for the president and in end he found out that he’s uncle is the one that kill his father and his Indian mother

  83. Lily

    I am looking for a horse movie that has a girl in it and she moves the her grandfathers farm and she starts to like the horse that is there

  84. Carli Johnson

    Im an looking for a movie that was always played on the hall mark channel. I could tell you the whole movie i just dont know the name of it. This movie has a mom and a little girl that are left at a gas station with no money and her black horse. They find there way to a ranch and is able to get a job. Later on she tries to train the black horse to compete so she can win the prize money so the bank doesnt take him back. But the dad that left them at the gas station comes back and drags the black horse and makes him go blind, so she used the ranch owers horse call big red/ (or red cant remember for sure) and while they were at the show the dad takes a shovel and shoves it into reds food making him unable to show. so in her time of need she got her goodluck charm out the blind black horse and showes him i remember the ranch owern saying “he is her feet and she is his eyes” (meaning the black horse was her feet and she was the horses eye) i love this movie and cant find it anywhere any help would be great full! Thanks

  85. Helen

    Okay… My sister is SURE when we were little we watched a movie that, at some point, the main character (a girl?) ended up in the hospital and the horse came in the hospital to cheer her up. Anyone have any idea what movie that might be? You would solve a long long time mystery for us!
    Fun to read about all these movies!

  86. Erika

    I’m looking for a movie about a girl who moved to the country from the city and makes friends with horse then rides the horse to prom

  87. Sheri

    i remember watching a movie in the 80’s (I think) about siblings going to stay with their grandparents and there was a herd of wild horses on the beach that they were trying to save/tame. Anyone know what movie this is???

  88. Sam

    There is a movie I used to watch at my cousin’s house that had some kind of magical horse in it. I think the horse was white. It was an animated kids movie. The main character was a girl and I know at some point in the movie the other character kids turned mean or bad because of some spell or curse or something. I don’t really know but its driving me crazy and its hard to explain because I don’t remember that much about it!!

  89. Sheri

    I am trying to remember the name of a movie I watched as a kid back in the mid-80’s (I think). It was about kids tying to tame wild horses that would run through town/the beach. I think they were trying to save the horses.

  90. Charlotte Dean

    Does anyone know why horse “Flash” was named this in the movie Flash?

    The owner says why in the beginning of the movie – something about “had his feet in a flash” when born – but I don’t get it? Maybe hearing it wrong?

  91. Joe

    I am looking for a haunting, twisted, psychological movie, perhaps the 70’s, about a young man or boy who worshiped horses or at least a poster of a horse over his bed, called something like Equus or Equest. Any ideas?

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