List of Far Out Horse Movies of the 1970s

Horse Movies from the 1970'sHorse movies of the 1970’s, which happened to be a big decade for equine film. Lucky for us the age of disco spawned timeless favorites like The Black Stallion & International Velvet.

Each one provides a brief description with links to their IMDB & where they can be purchased online. Enjoy!

Justin Morgan Had a Horse (1972)

Justin Morgan Had a HorseA story about the foundation sire for the Morgan breed, a runt named Little Bub. Joel knows the animal is special & is given the task of breaking him. To everyone’s surprise, Little Bub proves to be quite a horse.

Gus (1976)

GusGus the mule starts out as the mascot for a loosing American football team called the Atoms. Later it is learned that Gus kicks a mean field goal, so he is moved from mascot to team member and helps to turn the teams luck around.

Blue Fire Lady (1977)

Blue Fire LadyAbout a girl who dreams of working with horses despite the fact that her mother died in a horse-related accident. Defying her father she moves to the city, takes a job at the racetrack & promptly falls in love with a troubled horse.

Danny (1977)

DannyDanny is about a girl who loves horses & works in a stable for a wealthy man. The man buys a horse named troubled animal named Danny for showing. The young girl has faith in this horse & knows she can prove he is a good horse.

The Littlest Horse Thieves (1977)

The Littlest Horse ThievesAbout a coal mine who decides to mechanize their process and destroy their pit ponies. Three young children steal the horses to save them, but their plan is foiled. The mine owners must decide the right course of action.

Casey’s Shadow (1978)

Casey's ShadowThe tale of a grumpy racehorse trainer & his three sons. The oldest son returns from auction with a pregnant mare & convinces his father that she is worth keeping. As the youngster grows he becomes a potential champion.

International Velvet (1978)

International VelvetThe tale of an American girl who becomes orphaned & is sent to England to live with her Aunt. She saves a young foal who she later take on to compete for Britain in the Olympic three-day event.

The Black Stallion (1979)

The Black StallionAbout a boy named Alec traveling by boat with his father. The boat goes down and only the boy and an Arabian stallion are stranded on an island. They grow close & when Alec returns home he brings his horse with him.

The Electric Horseman (1979)

The Electric HorsemanAbout a washed up cowboy named Sonny who winds up on stage in Vegas performing on horseback wearing a neon suit. When he realizes the animal is being drugged, he rides off into the desert followed by a journalist looking for the story.

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120 Comments on “List of Far Out Horse Movies of the 1970s

  1. Irena

    I am looking for a movie about horses from the first world war that are orderes to be killed by the American government but taken by 3 or 4 solders who escape with hundreds to Canada based on a true story.
    If you can help please let me know.
    Many thanks,
    Irena Clarke.

    1. Barbara Gambill

      I think the movie you are looking for is called “Pursuit of Honor”. I just looked it up and did have it as of about 20 minutes ago. I hope this helps. Good luck.

  2. kryss

    I was about 9 years old (1988) and watching a movie about a little girl and a horse in school. There were too many rowdy kids that they shut it off and I never got to finish it and I still to this day want to see it lol. It was something like Lost or The Lost. Can anyone help me? You can reply to Thanks!

  3. Star

    Looking for a movie I watche don Disney as a girl about a stallion, something to do with latin america maybe, a banana leaf poultice, the desert and a little boy, also hiding in the ruins of some cliffs or mountains….. Any ideas? I am 34 and it would ahve been between the ages of 4 and 8. Also, are you familiar with alot of horse books? Missing a youg adult fiction I read about a little girl learning dressage in vermont.

  4. Flamur Hoxha

    When I was young, I remeber a film with a kid and a horse. The kid did not speake but making companion with a horse he started to speak. I dont rember the title of that film, but I remeber the word the kid spoke for the first time “wake philip”, philip was the name of the horse

    1. Sandra A Caruana

      It’s a film with mark lester as the child who doesn’t speak. the film you want is RUN WILD.

      1. Lora

        It’s “Run Wild Run Free” starring Mark Lester and Gordon Jackson. The kids also get lost riding on the moors in the fog.
        Another horse film, what about “Black Beauty” starring Mark Lester and Walter Slezack (around 1971).

  5. Dave

    I also would love to know the name of the movie. Is it the same one where the horse is stuck in the mours of england or somewhere and the kid has to speak to get the horse out. I thought maybe the movie was called Fury but I can not find it anywhere. Did you ever get an answer to what the movie was called?

  6. Barbara Gambill

    I have been searching all over the internet for two movies that I had but they were destroyed recently. One is called >”Smoky the story of a Cow Pony” with Fred MacMurray I believe. The other one was about a boy and a team of mules called> “Scudda Ho Scudda Hay” I can’t remember the lead actors name BUT Marilyn Monroe was in the movie. Any help would be deeply appreciated.

  7. Kayla

    There was a movie i watched a while ago now, the old 12 noon movies.
    anyways the only part i remeber is the bit where a guy tries to taake a shovel to the horses leg, i think the horse was a jumper or a galloper. any help is great ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Pennylane

      I think you’re looking for “The long shot” :) In that movie a man tries to cripple a horse with a shovel just before a tournament.

  8. Barbara Gambill

    I have found both of these movies that I was looking for. I have them ordered and on their way. Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay! was the one I was most concerned about and thanks to my twin sister I was able to find it.I have always been a “Horsey” person and finding some of the old Horse movies can be quite challenging. Thank you.

  9. Shelley

    looking for the name of a movie where a child rides a black horse to and from school. the horse meets her at school every day. family sells horse due to need for money. buyer takes horse like 500 miles away. horse escapes and makes it way home to child. in the end the family is able to keep the horse after all. dying to remember the name. if anyone can help would greatly appreciate it….

  10. attrax

    Hi, iam looking for an old movie(thriller) about galloping horses,conspiracy,murder.I cant remember what the title was but it conveyed deep impression to me.Please let me know if someone had any info about it.

  11. Barbara Gambill

    Kayla the movie you are referring to I beleive is called “The Long Shot” starring Julie Benz, Marsha Mason,& Paul Le Mat.I just bought and watched it this past weekend . Yes, The horse is a dressage horse and the main character’s Estranged deserting husband tries to cripple the horse she is supposed to ride in a large Dressage contest and she has to revert back to HER own horse instead of the one she was supposed to use for the test. Her horse is totally blind but they win the contest and the prize money and her husband is arrested.Great movie and based on a true story. Hope this helps.

  12. attrax

    Thanks Dana Lear but it isn’t that I mean.I saw this crime movie for 30 years about galopping race horses,betting and I remember one moment in a hospital when someone was killed during sleeping and being in treatment(blood and infusion). I was a child but I think it was a British thriller made between 1975-1982.In Hungary the title of this movie was:Sure tip or dead tip.

  13. akbar

    i saw one movie about horse long time ago i remember story , about horse in that movie only horse are actor
    no human was there in the film i hope that u willfind this movie name. it was dam good movie better than…
    thanx plz send me the movie name plz.

    1. Kristen

      I too am looking for this movie with horses as the actors. I remember watching in the late 70’s early 80’s. Nothing I’ve searched seems to resemble???

  14. Kris

    I am looking for a movie about a young rich guy who get’s sent to his aunt’s ranch as a punishment by his father. This city boy doesn’t know anything about ranching but digs his heels in and when his aunt loses her ranch and everything is auctioned the city boy help save her ranch.. does anyone know which movies I am referring to? Help please

  15. Amanda

    Kris, The movie is a 1999 Disney called Horse Sense. Has Joey Lawrence and his brother in it. Hope it’s the one your thinking of.

  16. Orin Schmitt

    Question. There was a movie I watched as a kid in the 70’s and the name of the horse was Shoshone. Does anyone know the name of that movie?

    1. Susan

      Orin, I too am looking for the name of this movie. We saw several about the same time at the movies; they were Namu, Brothers of the Wind and this one about the mustang Shoshone, with an Indian and a white guy. Don’t recall anything else. Another movie I saw around the same time in my life was My Side of the Mountain.

  17. Hal

    I’m looking for a movie about a native american who finds an abandoned spanish horse and tries to ride it, there is no talking in the movie, just narration. He has never seen a horse before. It starts off with the native american hearing the jingling of harness but can’t see anything because the horse is behind a hillock. It is factually incorrect but a beautiful film.

    1. BrianG

      Please let me know if you found an answer to your question as I am also trying to find the name of that movie… very moving and memorable story.

      1. Rosey W.

        I also have seen the movie about an Indian’s first encounter with a horse. Would love to know the name of it. I don’t remember much, but I remember this wonderful movie on TV.

    2. Natasha

      Did you ever find the name of the film you were looking for? I remember it to, so beautiful!, and have wanted to find it again. I thought it was called “Conquistador,” but my searches haven’t come up with anything.

  18. dickv

    @hal – I am looking for the same movie about the first encounter between native and horse. I remember there was fog and great music.

    1. Greg

      Just came across your question and realized you’re looking for information on the same movie that has obsessed me for years. I saw the movie as a young man and it has stayed with me since. Did you ever get a reply to your request. I’d like to know the answer myself.

      1. Mary Carol

        Loved and wondered about this film for years. I just found out that it’s called ‘Conquista’.

        1. bronte

          Ive been looking for info on this film for years too. saw it as a child and it had huge impact on me but never been able to find anyone who knew more about it. Thanks a mil everyone, now the hunt is on to try and get a copy! ha!

  19. Andrea

    HI, many years ago i saw a foreign horse movie on tv that was really beautiful and i’ve been trying to find it since with no luck. i would guess that the movie was made in the 70s or the 80s (maybe early 90s) and its about a couple of children that are spending there summer on the countryside visiting their grandparents. one of the children has a wild horse that he is trying to tame (but fails) and one of the other children secretly starts visiting the horse and manages to ride him.. the language spoken in the movie is either spanish or portuguese and movie takes place in spain or argentina.

    1. Horselover14

      The movie you are looking for is called “Summer of the Colt”. One of my favorite movies as a child!! :) Hope this helps!

  20. John L.

    I am looking for a BARREL RACING MOVIE from the late 1970’s or early 1980’s of a young girl who learns to barrel race and wins a competition.

  21. John L.

    Actually, I am looking for the NAME of the movie featuring a young girl who learns to barrel race and wins a competition. I think it was a made for TV movie. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    1. borntoridesarafina

      the movie you are thinking of i think is called second chances in the beginning she is in a car accident and has a hurt knee the horse is named ginger and also had a hurt leg and the little girl bought her 4 4 dollers and she learns to ride and barrel races

  22. Josh

    I saw a horse movie as a kid, but can’t remember much about it, especially the title. I know the main character was a blonde girl and she rode horses, and she kept having either visions or premonitions about a black horse. I think there may have been a ghost involved? I feel like it was a Disney tv film but maybe not. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  23. Kika

    i cant find this movie about a little girl in the later days that wanted to be o horse diver or something but becomes blind and is told she cant dive anymore. but she does and it goes great

  24. sandy

    I’m looking for the name of a movie…..the teenage girl also use to be in a sitcomb. Her mother dies and after getting into trouble ..she has to work on a horse ranch. She has an accident and is in a wheelchair, but the working with the horse helps her and she learns to walk again.

    1. Kereskiita

      Sandy Dark Horse i think is yours. About a race horse named Jet (hes a black horse). On the way to his race the trailer breaks and rolls down the cliff. Jet is injured as well as Ali (the girl who got into trouble) injured from the waist down. In the end they help each other walk again.

  25. Margi

    I’m looking for a movie where at the end of the race, the horse wins, but then drops dead. I believe there were 2 children in it, too. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

  26. shannon

    there was also Hacksaw about a cowboy from canada that catches a wild outlaw (mustang) and trains him to pull a four in hand chuckwagon team for the calgary stampede. Great old disney movie

  27. Karen

    I am looking for a horse movie about a trotter who was sold because he kept breaking his trot and eventually ended up as policehorse

  28. Will

    What was the original title of “Escape from the Dark” AKA “The Littlest Horse Thieves” by Disney. Also, please let me know the ending if you remember it. I was very young, but remember it as being the first time I cried at a movie. I think a pony died, and that’s why I cried. Thanks.

    1. Marc Landsberg

      Will, thats so funny i came on here to find this film and me too, it was the first time i remember crying in a film i mustve been about 6 or 7 and i remember a pony dies at the end down a coal mine and it affected me really badly!!

  29. samantha

    I have been looking for about two years for a horse and was wondering if you could help me. It’s about a young boy and a chestnut horse and he helps the owners take care of it but they are going to sell the horse so he runs away with it and everyone tries to find them both. can you tell me what the movie is called please

    1. Kereskiita

      Samantha I think the movie you are thinking about is Dark Horse. About a race horse named Jet (hes a black horse). On the way to his race the trailer breaks and rolls down the cliff. Jet is injured as well as Ali (the girl who got into trouble). In the end they help each other walk again. Hope that what movie you are thinking of.

    2. Kereskiita

      Sorry Samantha i replied to the wrong one Dark Horse was for someone else I believe Flash is yours a Disney movie. He gets FLash before his father leaves on a ship his grandmother dies so to get her a nice casket he sells his horse to a rich family who he is somewhat friends with. He starts to work for them to have a place to live and so he can help the rich boy ride Flash. But because the rich boy didnt win something he takes his frustrations out on the horse and whips him so the original owner steals Flash away and makes a long journey to New York to meet his dad and set things right.

  30. JD

    I saw a horse movie sometime from 73-77. It was filmed in KY, I recall a scene of them driving down North Broadway in Lexington. One line I can remember was, “A lame colt is a useless colt, you want him? You can have him.” They put a staple in one of its knees, and after rehab and lots of training, began racing it, and winning. The original owner then wanted the horse back and tried stealing it. During one theft attempt, one of the thieves was knocked over a rail and the sedative he was carrying was administered in his butt by one of the good guys. Im sure its out of print, but if anyone recalls this movie, I’d like to know the name of it.

  31. brian vaughan

    i am looking for a movie it has a man chasing a black horse , has a bear and a dog that goes with him please help.

  32. Jennifer

    I am looking for the name of a movie that I watched when I was a kid (1970). What I remember of the movie it is about an old man with a rottweiler dog traveling on horse back with an indian boy. There is also a grizzly bear. In the movie they come across a wild horse I believe his name was Shoshone. The dog also get killed by the bear in a river and also attacks the old man. The dog wears a spiked collar and was cut off his neck by the grizzlies claws…If you know what the name of this movie is please let me know.

  33. Carol

    I have been looking for a movie about a wild horse who is very smart. An old man and I believe his grandson are trying to capture him. They run him towards a box canyon after they rope him. The horse rears up scraping the rope on the side of the canyon til the rope snaps. While they are tracking him, he back tracks on his own hoof prints. I keep thinking the horse’s name is Cheyene, but not sure. I think I saw this movie sometime in the 80’s.

  34. Trish

    tries to save a herd of mustangs from horse slaughter any one remember this movie’s title? Also, about a girl who saves a herd of mustangs and herds them into Canada to save them. These were around the late 70’s early 80’s so probably only found on vhs if available.

    I remember it’s color. It’s a girl who saves thousands of mustangs over rough terrain and she was followed by the slaughter company hired people to try to stop her from saving the horses and she had to get them to save territory to save them.

    Anyone please someone get back to me on this movie title I”ve been searching for it forever!!

  35. rosemary

    Looking for a black beauty movie I saw in the 80’s. Not the 2 more popular ones nor the series. I remember the man riding in a buggy and black beauty trotting down the fence line after him with a young african american boy running after the horse. Any ideas which Black Beauty this was?



  37. Caory Sullivan

    I am looking for a movie that I watched when I was young, 1970’s or 80’s. It is about a young girl saving a herd of wild horses and driving them toward a preserve. She is almost there and the highway is hard to cross and a bunch of truckers block the road so she can get the horses across…Does anyone know the name of this movie. I would love to watch it again.

  38. borntoridesarafina


  39. angie

    im looking for the name of an old horse movie dont remeber to much but its something about a man having to give his two prize black stallions over to someone else,and that guy abuses them leaves them in filthy corrals and they look horriable thier previous owner come to check on them and sees thier condition takes them away from him and rehabilates them if anyone knows what im talking about please let me know.thanks angie

  40. Nav

    Hi, does anyone know of a movie in which a horse falls in love with another horse but her father ( a black horse) does not like their relationship, then eventually they have a fight…cant remember the rest but the father finally lets her go with him…
    please let me if you know its name.

  41. aleksandar

    HELP ME!!!!!!!

    My english akcent and writing are bad… but i’ll try to tell you what I’m looking for. This movie starts a long time ago (I watched it
    in 1993). I don’t know even production of this movie, neither spoken language in it.
    On the beginning of the movie, one black haired boy (maybe about 14 years old – I will call him “bad boy”) and horse (I think black horse) were on grass. Boy was resting. He was tired, or something. Beside boy, there was a mini-radio on batteries. Than music starts on radio, and horse disturbed. He started to jump. “Bad boy” tried to calm horse down. But, he couldn’t. He told him (something like that): ,,Do you like music?” But, the horse suddenly jumped away, and throw down his owner. He had no rope now, he was free! Horse ran away. “Bad boy” was calling horse, but… (Come back here! – he said this)
    Nothing happened.
    Afted a while…. another boy, maybe about 13 years old (“our hero” because I don’t know his name) and his mother were on horse racing. A lot of people was there. Everybody could to make a bet on each horse. Of course, everyhing depends of money. “Our hero” wanted it too, but his mother says: ,,We don’t have a money.”
    “Our hero” was in a very bad confilct with a “bad boy”. I don’t know how everything started, but… One day, “bad boy” had pierced tire on bicycle of “our hero”. “Our hero” couldn’t drive the bicycle. He had to run. And after this… They fought! In the horse stable. “Our hero” told to “bad boy”: ,,You pierced tire on my bike!” ,,Bad boy” just said (something like that): ,,Really?”
    ,,Our hero” had pushed ,,bad boy” and he felled in the bathing tub.
    ,,Bad boy” was all wet!
    Mother and son (,,our hero”) now were in the yard. “Our hero” was worried. Mother asked him what is it about. “Our hero” answered (something like that): ,,I beated with one chief (main) boy.”
    But… what happened after? ,,Bad boy” was in the stable and cutted the saddle (not the whole, just the part saddle under the horse). When “our hero” took that cutten saddle… and had putted it on horse…. After a long trip, saddle had broke up. “Our hero” felled down. Horse ran away again…
    I don’t remember how everyhing ends.
    If anybody knows title of this movie… i will be very thankful.

  42. LNoble

    I was reading something about Sargent Reckless and was reminded of a movie I saw in the theater during the seventies. It was of a chestnut/red horse going to war, wwII or Korea I think. The main character in this movie befriended said horse, I belive he had a horse at home that this particular horse reminded him of. Just curious if this rings a bell to anyone.

  43. Derek Hateley

    I’m looking for a film – it was similar to war horse. I watched it on TV a few christmases ago. Haven’t seen the play or new film, but my mom saw the play when it first came out, and I remembered the film.
    The horse starts out life belonging to a lad. It then goes off to war. I remember one part is when the horse is sold to a landlord to pay for food and drink for some of the soldiers. The last part is that the horse has been sold for carrying coal and the grown up boy recognises him and buys him back.
    Because of War horse I can’t find it when I google. Could any one help

  44. Linda

    I am looking for a movie from the 70’s about a lame horse and a boy who takes the horse up to some healing water in the mountains to try heal this horse. Lots of pretty scenery in this movie. I remember this horse limped all the way up the mountain with the boy and finally was healed from the water.

    1. Jamey

      Linda, I think we are looking for the same movie. Here is what I remember. An Indian boy lives in a city and is forced to go to visor hours grandfather, also an Indian, on his ranch. He doesn’t want to go and is not proud of his Indian heritage. His grandfather gives him a lame horse and he heals it in this pool of water. The he embraces his Indian heritage and ends up saving his father’s ranch from some bad people.

  45. brittany

    The Hump Backed Horse(1977) is a good one also, if you can find it in English. If not, you have to learn Russian ๐Ÿ˜› (Konjek-Gorbunok in Russian).

  46. Barbara

    Karen, the movie you are looking for is “The tattooed Police Horse” and I have been looking for years myself with no luck.
    Gems as old as these are locked in Disney’s vaults and will never see the light of day.

  47. carlos orellano

    Hola, Ojalรก que alguien pueda ayudarme con esta pelรญcula, resulta que la vi hace aรฑos y no recuerdo el nombre.
    Se trata de un indio, un soldado confederado y un caballo salvaje. El indio querรญa domar al caballo y el caballo era indomable, hasta que llegaron los soldados confederados y tomaron preso al indio junto al caballo, uno de los militares se hizo amigo del indio. al final el coronel o capitรกn iban a matar al caballo, y el indio se puso entre el militar y el caballo, entonces iba a matar a los dos entonces el soldado amigo del indio se interpuso entre el indio y el otro soldado… La historia de la pelรญcula esta basada en 1860 mรกs o menos. Es antigua la hicieron como 1950 o 60′.
    Si alguien la conoce… por favor dรญganme como se llama desde ya gracias.

  48. Ashley Mclovin

    I am looking for a movie that has a family of 5-6 children. The eldest son goes blind from playing with a gun with a friend. The dad is a retired soldier who collects guns. The mom is a women who is friendly and lets a black maid deliver her first born child.

  49. Speechless

    I saw a movie years ago, and as far as I know, it was only on TV that one time. It’s about a father who is writing or talking about his Daugherty who dies while she’s riding a horse. He knows she would say that he was crazy because she never gets thrown from a horse. I THINK her name was Mary, but I can’t be sure, and I cannot remember the title. I’m dying to find that movie, and I don’t even know for sure if it was in the ’70s but I know it wasn’t the ’80s… could have been the late ’60s too.

  50. Rae

    I am looking for a true story
    movie about a horse trainer. He personally is the main character. He starts in North Carolina and travels west. Don’t think it was a very old movie.

  51. FranciL

    I’m looking for a black and white film I saw on 16mm in the 1970s. As I recall, it dealt with horses galloping along a sea coast and there was a lot of slow motion and music, but I don’t recall any dialogue. Does anyone remember this film and its title? Thank you, FranciL

  52. Alana

    I am looking for a movie that I watched when I was little all I remember of it was a unicorn mare and a unicorn foal owned by a family they had 2 kids a boy and girl not sure but that’s all I remember plz help it was unicorn something

  53. Mel

    I’m wondering if Anyone knows of a Disney show about a white pony and 2 kids are fighting over who owns it. A little disabled girl or a little boy. I saw it about 25 years ago. Thanks.

    1. Wanda

      I feel awful I have this movie and cannot find it! IT is set in Australia and a poor boy owns the horse and the horse gets away and the crippled girl takes it and trains it to pull a cart….they end up going to court and the girl loses the pony because it went to the boy but he shares the pony with her.. She is wealthy he is poor. maybe Ride The Wild Pony? I think thats right…

  54. Tessa

    Hi I am trying to find the name of a horse movie I saw when I was young. I can’t remember much, it was about a women who has a horse that is a show jumper. At the end of the movie she had a big comp and their is a really high jump that she has to clear. I think it may have been a tv movie made in the 70’s or 80’s

    Any ideas??

  55. lucio santos lima

    por favor me ajudem preciso achar filme de um cavalo castanHO,ACHO QUE TINHA UM INDIO ,CRIANร‡A E NOME DO CAVALO ACHO QUE ERa tonka. me AJUDEM SOU MUITO GRATO.

  56. Debbie

    Here is another Disney film about a gaited horse,โ€œCristobalito, The Calypso Colt.โ€ Filmed in Puerto Rico about Paso Fino horses and their smooth gaits!
    And what about Run, Appaloosa, Run? Another Disney movie about an Indian girl who races this horse! Both are good movies!

  57. keith

    i have been looking for the movie Cristobalito for years now. it seems most people don’t know what i am talking about. i had all but forgotten about it. i was surprised when i saw a comment about this movie. thanks for sparking a good old memory. a quick search and there it was. available for download.

  58. Kelley

    Looking for the movie about 2 girls riding horses and 1 hit by a semi and 1 in a wheelchair who learns to ride again

  59. andi

    This movie I am searching for is about a female pregnant horse taken by train
    from USA to somewhere in the middle east.While on train she gives birth to a
    foal,male…after reaching middle east, the foal&mother are separated for a brief time,the stable boy loves the foal,wants to own it, but the rich kid son of
    owner of the place gets the foal, the poor boy will only be allowed to care for the foal,in the mean time a fight between foals mother and another horse evolves & the mare (mother of foal) dies,leaving the foal to fin for itself. I did not get to see the remainder of the movie, I am trying to find out the name of it.
    Do you know the movie? help

      1. ianpenfold

        king of the wind is a film. I’ve got it on vhs. it has been on cinema too. horse as a foal is recognised as having mark of allah or something like. gets shipped to UK or us. stable boy goes with him for whole trip and he becomes a race horse.

  60. Angie woodward

    Does anyone remember a movie called “Racing Blood?” If I remember it was about a twin foals born. The runt was ordered to be destroyed but a young boy and stable hand hid the foal and raised it up and I believe switched it in a race. I would love to have this movie!

  61. Patrick Premo

    Does anyone know the name of the Standardbred race horse star in Disney’s BORN TO RUN movie?

  62. DEE

    I have little detail of my horse movie memory but here is some info i am hoping will help find the movie i am looking for. .I was in middle school. Late 70’s to early 80’s. We were punished during school and no longer able to watch Mulligan Stew so our teachers made us watch another film. It was a man stuck in a terrible storm with a horse. He was screaming somethings. I belirve he was screaming at the horse. They may have been stuck in the mud/ I do not know any more than this. Wish I could give more.

  63. Cassy

    Okay, this movie might have been a TV movie. But it was a movie about a black horse was kept in the dark and was abused and this girl kept saying “we have to take it” blah blah blah and they finally got it, and it had scars everywhere on that horse and it was wild and hated people and they put it in one of the high wall circle pens things. (Sorry if I get names for stuff wrong, I’m not a horse person) and they finally tamed it by rubbing the harness on the horse’s neck after pinning it down to let the horse know the harness and tacking them up wasn’t gonna hurt him. They washed him and he was this beautiful black horse. It’s a great movie and I want to watch it again but don’t remember the title.

  64. Michelle Seguin

    Hello all,

    My mother is looking for a 70’s (she believes) romance movie with a beautiful Appaloosa horse in it. A young white woman falls in love with a young native man and his horse after some sort of conflict that leaves her in the wilderness.

    Sadly, my mother doesn’t remember any actors names’ only the breed of horse and that the romance is short lived but beautiful. They both part ways at the end but she sees her young lover riding on the beloved horse.

    Any help is appreciated and Thank You in advance,

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