Name That Horse Breed Quiz

Name That Horse Breed QuizJust how different are the horse breeds? Most equestrians pride themselves on their vast knowledge of horseflesh. Some horse breeds have obvious confirmation traits, while others have been diversified into different ‘types’.

How Much do You Know?

So we put together a little horse breed quiz, so you can test yourself & see how well you know your horse breeds. Don’t worry, it’s not an easy one, we looked for animals that weren’t as obvious to make it challenging. In our opinion, horse people usually know their stuff!

Name That Breed

Here are 15 conformation shots of different horses, take a look at each one & see how many different breeds you can name. Good Luck! (psst, the answers are at the bottom of the page if you get stumped).

Can you recognize these breeds?

Horse #1

Horse Breed Quiz

Image from PreciousTeStep
Horse #2

Horse Breed Quiz

Image from parkham
Horse #3

Horse Breed Quiz

Horse #4

Lusitano Horse

Image from Kersti_Nebelsiek
Horse #5

Horse Breed Quiz

Horse #6

Horse Breed Quiz

Horse #7

Horse Breed Quiz

Image fromndizo
Horse #8

Horse Breed Quiz

Horse #9

Horse Breed Quiz

Image from Equine Now
Horse #10

Horse Breed Quiz

Image from: Charl888
Horse #11

Horse Breed Quiz

Image from: Ikluft
Horse #12

Horse Breed Quiz

Image from: Kerri-Jo
Horse #13

Horse Breed Quiz

Horse #14

Horse Breed Quiz

Image from: quiet
Horse #15

Horse Breed Quiz

Image from: Soltera

Well, how many did you get?


1. Quarter Horse 2. Morgan 3. Shire 4. Lusitano 5. Arabian Horse 6. Marwari Horse 7. Friesian Horse 8. Australian Stock Horse 9. Hackney Horse 10. Holsteiner 11. Mustang 12. Akhal Teke 13. Percheron 14. Icelandic Horse 15. Paso Fino

46 Comments on “Name That Horse Breed Quiz

  1. Paige

    If I didn’t know the answers, I probably wouldn’t get that many correct.

    I did try to make it a challenge, nothing easy is ever worth it. πŸ˜‰

  2. Equine

    I got quite a few of them right. I missed Shire (Thought it was a Gypsy Vanner). Marwari is a rare american indian breed of horse that I’m not too familiar with. Australian Stock Horse threw me for a loop. Akhal Teke is a rare russian breed and most horses I’ve seen from that breed seemed a little more refined. The Spanish Mustang threw me cause he was grey.

    1. Sefra

      @Equine: Marwari is an Indian breed not American Indian.
      I got almost all of them, but the marwari being pinto kinda threw me off. I like the fact that you put in Spanish Mustang (I got that one right of the bat!)The only ones I missed were Peruvian Paso, Marwari and Holsteiner. I like the quiz, well done! Difficult enough, but not too challenging.

    2. sam

      marwari is not american its a horse from india. they are so rare there banned from leaving india. theres only 5 of them in the US.

  3. Paige

    I tried to make the quiz challenging, sounds like you did alright equine.

    The Marwari horse is actually from India, and yes, the example I choose does not have ideal confirmation for the breed.

  4. natasha

    i got ost of them right. the Marwari Horse, Peruvian Paso, and Australian Stock Horse.the rest was easy!!!!!!

  5. Paige

    Nice job Natasha. I think the Marwari horse threw everyone, would have thrown me if I hadn’t made the quiz.

    Which breed to you prefer?

  6. Nikki

    Pretty good! i got just about everything with the exception of the Australian Stock and Marwari. You might want to use horses that fit some of the breeds standards better if you want to make it easier for your readers… or were you trying to trick us lol πŸ˜‰

  7. Lauren

    i got dem all right i know my horses and my dogs i have 4 horses myself all american paint horses called blue max dani crystal and ruby and they are very looked after

  8. Keely

    I Love Marawaris! I got that one right immediately! My favorite breeds of horse are Marawaris and Barbs! Here is a list of horse breeds I think some of them are:Spanish Mustang,Rocky Mountain Horse? Shire, Arabian, Marawari,Fresian or Dales pony,a paint Aklah Teke,Holstein?

  9. Sierra

    Here are the ones i got: Welsh Pony, Clydesdale, Percheron, Arabian, Frame Overo, Freisian, Pinto, AMS, and Hackney.

  10. Rachel berry

    The ones that I got are: 1. Quarter Horse 2. Morgan 3. Shire 4. Lusitano 5. Arabian Horse 6. Marwari Horse 7. Friesian Horse 8. Australian Stock Horse 9. Hackney Horse 10. Holsteiner 11. Spanish Mustang 12. Akhal Teke 13. Percheron 14. Icelandic Horse 15. Peruvian Paso

  11. flamethrower

    I got 9/15 correct. I knew the Quarter Horse, Morgan, Arabian, Marwari, Friesian, Akhal Teke, Percheron, and Peruvian Paso for sure, and I had Hackney as one of my two guesses for the Hackney. πŸ˜€ The Marwari is pretty easy if you just look at the ears.

  12. Jayne

    I am Australian and have jst started to research and learn about horses. I didn’t know any of these.Copy and pasted all horses and names so I can learn there features. Great quiz! lol

  13. Lexi

    The Friesan looked quite small, so I thought it might be a Fell pony. The mustang looks like a thoroughbred as I’m not familiar with them, and most Morgans I’ve seen pictures of are more attractive :( that’s a very beautiful Arab, but the stock horse looked much like a standardbred.. It was a good quiz though, just shows how varying the breeds can be :)

  14. *Kasey*

    I got 8 right, Heres what I got right :Quarter horse,Morgan,Shire,Arabian,Frisian,Austrlain stock,Hackney,Mustang,Percheron. I love this game thanx :) :) πŸ˜‰

  15. JeanAnn

    This proves I’m not a horse person. I could only name 3 for sure. Number 14 I thought was a pony? But it really does matter because I have always found horse people very friendly and patient, especially with me. God Bless the rider with the wind in their hair, a war cry that can’t be contained, wings of straight pulsating thru their veins and bathed in joy like the sun so bright. (Did I say I like to ride?)

  16. justine

    wow that was hood pics i got quater horse shire arab fresian mustang and paso fino right but was still a great quiz

  17. Meagan

    Good, fun little test! I found most of them easy, but the Marwari totally threw me off. I expected it to be an Arabian or Saddlebred based on face shape, but I couldn’t see the ears. :( OH WERLL, IT WAS FUN!

  18. superhowrse

    I know DOG breeds better than HORSE breeds even though I am a total horse lower! I HAVE A HOWRSE ACCOUNT! my username is: superhowrse111!

  19. vetgirl

    Hi guys!~ I was looking for rare’s, and came across this. I don’t really think that the breeds are all that rare though, I heard of most of them already. But I enjoyed taking the quiz. Hope you do too!

  20. sam

    i got them mosly wrong
    1. austrailian stck horse wrong
    2. waler, Quarter Horse wrong
    3. shire, clydsdale
    4. andalusian wrong
    5. ? i fugured arab but then i though no
    6. marwari, kathawari
    7. friesian
    8. ?
    9. ?
    10. ?
    11. mustang
    12. ? polo pony wrong
    13. perch
    14. ? dartmoorwrong
    15. alte-real wrong but close

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