Horse Breeds From Hungary

Hungary FlagIt’s Friday and a good day to visit another exotic location and learn about the unique horse breeds it’s given rise to. Looking at each breed in the context of their origins is an interesting ride, today a peek at the breeds from Hungary.

Arabian Influence

There is a huge Arabian influence in the horses of Hungary. If it wasn’t in the breed’s bloodlines, it was probably added for refinement along the way somewhere. In fact, there isn’t a coldblooded horse native to the country and their one draft breed was brought to the area.

Hungarian Influence

The Hungarian Horse itself came with the original settlers of the Carpathian Basin. They were descendants of the Huns and carried with them an established horse culture. These animals were then crossed with larger draft-types for size and Arabian and Iberian animals for flair. The Second World War wrecked havoc on the breed, however thanks to a few dedicated people the breeds records were preserved and the breed continues to persist.

Hungarian Horse

Hungarian Horse Breeds

Dahoman Horse
Hungarian Draft
Hungarian Dun
Hungarian Horse
Kisber Halfbred
Leutstetten Horse
Mexohegyes Sport Horse
Nonius Horse
Shagya Arabian

Horses of the World

There is a whole worlds worth of countries to visit, so be sure to keep yourself updated. Please let me know in the comments below if I’m missing any horses of the Hungary & check back next week for the breeds of India.