The Best of The Equinest 2008

The Year in Review

Image from GibZilla

In the first year of real work on The Equinest it has been interesting to see which articles readers enjoy the most. Some I expected to do well, while others surprised me (and taught me more about my online audience).

The Year in Review

Any of my longtime readers know that I try to keep my content fresh and interesting. Looking back over a year full of articles I decided to put together a list of the 12 most popular posts to share again, (in case you missed any of them the first time around).

12. Paper Horses

Origami Horses was definitely one of the surprises, I never would have guessed when I put it together that this post would be on the best of list. The artwork is amazing which made it a fun piece to research and there is more to come.

11. Horse Facts

There are at least 10 Horse Facts Every Equinest Should Know & I’ll stop to read a page of horse facts no matter where I am. I wanted these to have some impact so I added big images to illustrate. Writing this article was an eye-opening experience for me, as research for this site has taught me a great deal about horses and the people who love them.

10. Graffiti Horses

I’ve always liked good graffiti, so it was interesting to see how many graffiti artists have a thing for horses. Through my research I’ve managed to put together a huge collection of horse graffiti from all over the world, (which just keeps growing). However Pt. 2 was by far the most popular.

9. Pop Culture Horses

Horses That Look Like Celebrities was probably my favorite series of posts to put together & I looked long and hard for the right images. I started with a list of names and a few random images that gave me ideas, and ended up with 3 posts of some clever horse-celebrity look alikes. (Personally, I like parts two & three better than the first one).

8. Photoshopped Horses

There are some pretty Incredible Photoshop Horses out there & perhaps it’s true that horses bring out the artist in everyone. While the photoshopped horses were difficult to find, they are usually good for a giggle. Once I found good sources I was delighted at how many there were to choose from.

7. Drawing Horses

Ever Wanted to Draw A Horse? The number 7 post can help. This is another one that I didn’t expect to be on the list, but it seems that plenty of people are looking for horse drawing tutorials. In fact, potential artists seemed to like it so much, I put together another post with more of them.

6. Strange Horses

Funny Horse Pictures – You Don’t See That Everyday is a collection of strange and odd horse images that will give you a double take. No photoshop was harmed in the making of these pictures. Some people may disagree, but I’m pretty sure for the most part these images are the real deal.

5. More Photoshopped Horses

On the other hand, The Coolest Photoshop Horse Pictures are definitely photoshop. The real trick to these posts was filtering out the novice photoshop users and finding the images that display real editing talent. All in all, I found some really cool photoshop horse pictures.

4. Coloring Horses

Even Big Kids Like to Color Horses so I gathered a great collection of horse line drawings for coloring. More popular than drawing your own horse, this is another post I put together on a whim and how well received it was surprised me. Later I scoured the web to found another post worth of horses for coloring.

3. Horse Colors

Horse Colors Pt. 5 – The Rare Colors provides basic information about some of the rarer colors of the horse world. I’ve done quite a bit of color research for the colors section since writing this article and I’ve discovered far rarer colors (which I will continue to share with my readers).

2. Horse Celebrities

10 Sexiest Celebrities Who Love Horses was bound to be popular as it combines a number of sensational elements. It was fun to put together and interesting to see which celebrities love horses and which ones just love to pose on them.

1. Unicorns

Does The Mythical Unicorn Exist or Not? is a question I asked my readers and boy did they respond. I’m definitely blown away by how much attention this post attracted. I had no clue when I wrote it that it would spark such controversy between the believers, the non believers (and the wherewolves). People liked it, so I delved into the world of mythical creatures to find more information about unicorns to help people decide.

Bring on 2009

I have plenty more in store for the new year. So I hope to see you all back again soon. Happy New Year.