Horse Breeds From Brazil

Brazil FlagWe are heading yet further around the world to discover breeds from each different county as we go. I’ve researched a rather large list of horse breeds and it’s interesting to look at each one in the context of their origins. Today we take a look at the breeds of Belgium.

Interesting Fact

Slightly different from many of the breeds found in South America, which are descendants of Spanish Breeds. The Brazilian horses come from a foundation of Portuguese breeds, many bloodlines derive from the Lusitano and the Alter Real instead of the Andalusian. This fact alone makes these breeds slightly different from those of neighboring (Spanish speaking) countries.

The Most Interesting Profile

My favorite Brazilian breed has to be the Campolina. They are one of the larger breeds found in Brazil and they are most notable for their characteristic convex profile. This was a breed that was developed by a farmer and his black mare – her foal went on to be the flagship stud for the breed for the next 25 years.

Campolina Horse

Image from Amazona01

Brazilian Horse Breeds

Baixadeiro Horse
Brazilian Pony
Brazilian Sport Horse
Cmpeiro Horse
Courage Pony
Mangalarga Marchador
Mangalarga Pulista
Northeastern Pony
Pampas Horse
Pantaneiro Horse
Piquira Pony

Horses of the World

There is a whole worlds worth of countries to come to be sure to keep yourself updated. Please let me know in the comments below if I’m missing any horses of Brazil & check back next week for the breeds of Bulgaria.

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