Horse Breeds From China

China FlagOn to another country of the world and the mighty horse breeds its given rise to. It’s fascinating to look at each breed in the context of their origins and today it’s all about breeds from China.

Mighty Terrain

China has a vast equestrian history and are credited with the invention of the stirrup. This is a huge country with a wide variety of landscapes and geographical climates and the many breeds vary accordingly.

Older Than Dirt

Most of the Chinese breeds tend to be small, hardy, incredibly sturdy and often isolated enough to be relatively pure. Some of them date back well over 3000 years, and they are often of Mongolian descent. The Datong is connected to the Dragon Horse, known for it’s exceptional powers of endurance and small bony projections on their foreheads. The Datong breed of today can be born with these projections, however today little faith is put into their legendary status.

Heihe Horse

Image from GraemeNicol

Chinese Horse Breeds

Baise Horse
Balikun Horse
Bose Pony
Buohai Horse
Chahou Post Pont
Chaidamu Pony
Datong Horse
Debao Pony
Erlunchun Horse
Guizhou Pony
Gouxia Pony
Heihe Horse
Heilongkiang Horse
Jielin Horse
Jinhong Horse
Hinzhou Horse
Lijiang Pony
Sandan Horse
Sanhe Horse
Sini Horse
Tiger Horse
Yanqi Horse
Yili HOrse
Yunnan Horse

Horses of the World

There is a whole worlds worth of countries to visit, so be sure to keep yourself updated. Please let me know in the comments below if I’m missing any horses of China & check back next week for the breeds of Colombia.